How to Record A Song With Background Music (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac)

This article tells you exactly what you need to know to record songs with background music on either iPhone and iPad, Android, PC, or Mac.

You can do this without buying any gear, such as by using the built-in microphone on your phone, or, if you want to get better audio quality, you can use an external microphone or (the best option) a good vocal microphone with an audio interface.

If using a laptop, you can either use a USB microphone, or for the best quality, you can get an audio interface and microphone.

1. Recording A Song with Background Music on Your Phone (Android or iPhone)

We recommend using a Karaoke app for this. A great app that we can recommend to record background music on your phone is Smule.

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This is a social singing app, and it includes millions of songs that you can record your singing over. It includes top hits, all-time favorites, and classics.

You can sing by yourself or in a group performance. The app is available on the iOS App Store, so you can get it on your iPhone or iPad or get it on the Android Google Play Store.

The easiest way to record is to just use the microphone on your phone or the built-in microphone on your headphones like the Apple in-ear headphones. A lot of the videos you see online for Smule use the small microphone on your headphone cable.

For better audio quality of your singing, a great option is to get a good quality microphone such as the Shure MV51, which will connect directly to your phone.

For EVEN better audio quality, you can get an audio interface such as the Focusrite iTrack Solo, which works great for iPads. You can then plug in a great quality condenser or dynamic microphone via XLR (the type of cable used for microphones in recording studios) to this interface.

2. Recording Songs with Background Music on PC or Mac

If you want to record your songs or background music on a PC or Mac, then there are many different options available.

For example, you can use Audacity, the free recording software. You simply just drag in a music file and then record your singing on top of this.

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You can either use a USB microphone or get an interface and hook in a standard XLR cable. 

3. Using a Fully-featured DAW Software (The best option for PC and Mac)

The best option to record your singing to background music is to use a dedicated DAW on your computer. DAW stands for Digital Audio Aorkstation and some examples are Garage Band for Mac, Ableton Logic Pro, and Pro Tools.

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Some of these cost money, but some of them are free. For example, the Reaper DAW is very cheap. If you want to get the best sound quality and actually mix the sounds in the best possible way, then we would recommend spending a bit of time learning how to use these programs.

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4. Recording A Song On Your Phone with a Dedicated Music Making App

There are plenty of dedicated music-making apps that range from casual to professional. Check out our list of the 10 Great Music Making Apps for iOS and Android for more information.

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This was a quick guide on how to record songs with background music. We hope you had great fun reading this and if you have any questions, ask in the comment section below. 

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