The 7 Best Vocal Range Test Apps and Websites

The human voice is quite complicated to categorize. Every person has his or her own one and timbre, so unique and incomparable to others. We can make this sorting task a bit easier by looking at a person’s vocal range.

By doing so, we can figure out what are the lowest and the highest notes a person can sing to determine the category they fit into.

If you have a piano or a keyboard, you can easily test yourself (just remember that C4 is the middle C). Otherwise, you could use one of the online tools now available. Let’s talk about the best ones:

1. Range Finder


Range Finder is a very simple but effective app. You just have to sing your lowest and highest pitch while clicking on the little microphone icons. You’ll then have to leave your email address to receive the results right into your inbox.

All these apps and websites are very useful if you don’t have a piano or a keyboard. They often indicate what artists and genres are more suitable for your voice, allowing you to start building a comfortable repertoire.

2. Vocal Range Vocaberry – Android / iOS

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Get it on Android and Apple

Whether you use an Android or an Apple device, you can install Vocal Range Vocaberry, an app that identifies your vocal range and even indicates what popular singers match your vocal category. You simply have to record the lowest and the highest note you can sing on your phone, the app will do the rest.

3. My Vocal Range – Website

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My Vocal Range collects a series of low and high notes. It invites you to sing along until you can.

You then have to take note of your lowest and highest pitch and put them in the scroll-down options at the top to discover what your vocal range is and what songs and/or artists are more suitable for your voice.

4. Vocal Nebula – Website

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On Vocal Nebula, you can find an in-depth explanation of how vocal ranges work as well as a sing-along test at the bottom of the page. It is also great if you are looking for more advanced information on singing.

5. Sing Sharp – Android / iOS

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Sing Sharp App is a simple pitch detector that will indicate what notes you are singing. Simply sing close to your phone with this app open to see the notes you’re hitting. Use it along with the table provided on their website to discover your vocal type in one simple step.

6. Tuner Lite – iOS

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Tuner Lite is another pitch detector that will help you assess what notes (and in what octaves) you can sing. Refer to the vocal range descriptions above to find out what vocal category you fit in.

7. Playback FM – Website

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There is a fun section on the Playback FM website that allows you to discover your vocal range in an interactive way. Go to, start the video, and sing along with it. Choose the lowest and the highest notes you can hit and see the results. The algorithm will tell you what singer has the most similar vocal range to yours.

What are the 6 types of voices?

There are six different common types of vocal range. Moving from the lowest to the highest notes a person can sing, male voices can fall under one of these categories: bass, baritone, or tenor; female voices can fall under these other categories: alto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano.

The lowest singing range, the bass category, usually goes from E2 to E4, although some singers can reach as low as a C2 and as high as a G4. Johnny Cash, for example, could fit in this category.

Baritones can usually sing in the range between A2 and A4, but some of them can get as low as F2 or as high as C5. As it spans from such an end to another, the baritone voice is usually the most common among men, and that’s why many popular singers, such as Michael Bublé or Elvis Presley fit in this category.

What is the highest vocal range?

The highest range for male vocals, the tenor range, is usually between C3 and C5. Some tenors can go beyond C5 and, in opera, they can even sing a female’s part (usually in the alto range). These singers are usually categorized as countertenors, a sort of additional category.

As for female voices, the lowest singing range for women, the alto range, can be between F3 and F5, while mezzo-sopranos can usually hit any note between A3 and A5.

What singers have the most octaves?

Axl Rose is the singer with the widest vocal range known, from F1 to A6. Mariah Carey is also well-known for her astonishing range, from F2 to an incredible G7. After all, she is very good at performing a flawless whistle register.

Freddie Mercury could sing any note between F2 and F6, spanning from a bass to a mezzo-soprano category.

Sopranos have the highest singing range, being able to sing from C4 to C6 and even beyond. Mariah Carey and Celine Dion are two perfect soprano examples.

On the other hand, some famous altos include Cher and Amy Winehouse, while Beyonce is an excellent mezzo-soprano. Finally, obviously, some people might fit into different categories, having a wider or smaller vocal range.

Some popular singers have such a wide range they could fit more than two categories at once!


It’s never been easier to test your vocal range. Even if you don’t know much about music theory, using the apps and websites listed above can help you figure out your range. We also provided some great information to help you understand more about vocal ranges and some famous singers that have shown outstanding ranges.

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