Does Spotify Have Spatial Audio?

Currently, Spotify does not offer spatial audio, a feature that improves sound quality in headphones by creating a dynamic, 3D sound space. However, some songs uploaded to Spotify are engineered to create spatial audio effects.

  • Spotify does not officially provide Spatial Audio, a feature improving surround sound experiences. But, there are more than 116 songs on the platform, offering the effects.
  • Despite other platforms like Apple Music introducing Spatial Audio, Spotify has not yet confirmed when or if it will introduce this feature.
  • While Spotify doesn’t have Spatial Audio, users can still optimize their audio experience using other features like volume normalization and high-quality streaming.
  • The Spatial Audio feature is strongly dependent on compatible hardware. Since Spotify lacks it, users must rely on their device’s built-in functionalities or external music apps for a spatial audio experience.
  • The competition among streaming platforms is pushing everyone to improve user audio experiences. Therefore, Spotify users should keep an eye out for future updates for potential inclusion of Spatial Audio.

Spotify’s Status on Spatial Audio Availability

Spotify currently does not support Spatial Audio, which is experiencing a growing trend in the music streaming industry. Other major streaming platforms, like Apple Music, have begun to adopt Spatial Audio, setting a new standard for immersive music listening experiences.

There have been no official announcements from Spotify regarding future plans to include Spatial Audio or similar features. Spotify has been focusing on other enhancements, such as its “HiFi” tier, which promises CD-quality, lossless audio.

In comparison to Apple Music, which supports spatial audio, and Dolby Atmos Music, Spotify is still catching up in terms of offering advanced sound capabilities. Spotify users looking for a more immersive audio experience similar to spatial audio could consider using hardware or software that supports Dolby Atmos, provided their Spotify subscription supports high-quality streaming.

However, there are more than 116 songs on Spotify with spatial audio effects. These songs can be found in the playlist “Made For Spatial Audio.” 

Enabling Spatial Audio on Compatible Platforms

If you’re on a platform that supports spatial audio, such as Apple Music, enabling the feature can considerably enhance your listening experience. Note, however, that this feature is only available for certain compatible devices.

To enable spatial audio, go to the settings on your device, find the music settings, and turn on Spatial Audio. You can also enable the “Automatic” setting so the feature turns on automatically.

The devices compatible with spatial audio are primarily from Apple. They include the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and certain models of the iPhone and iPad. These devices support dynamic head tracking, providing a more immersive, theater-like audio experience.

What is Spatial Audio?

Spatial Audio is an immersive sound feature providing a 3D audio experience, augmenting the overall listening quality. It adjusts the audio frequency based on the listener’s head movement, creating a dynamic, immersive sound experience akin to a live concert. 

By adding depth to the music, spatial audio enhances the quality of sound, making listeners feel they’re inside the sound, not just hearing it. Unlike traditional stereo or mono audio, which plays sound from one or two directions, spatial audio technology creates the illusion of sound coming from multiple directions, including above, below, and all around the listener.

This helps recreate the way we hear sound in the real world, where sound sources can be located in various positions.


In conclusion, while spatial audio is not currently supported on Spotify, some songs are offering the effect. Also, there are numerous ways to optimize audio on the platform.

Music lovers should recognize that spatial audio is an emerging trend that has gained significant traction in the audio industry, but it’s not a universal feature at this point. Some streaming platforms like Apple Music have begun implementing it, providing a potential benchmark that Spotify could adopt in the future.

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