The 10 Best Lyrics Apps for iOS and Android

This article shows you some great song lyric apps that contain up to millions of tracks. Some of these apps have some useful features such as:

  • Karaoke mode
  • Showing lyrics with guitar chords
  • Annotations (which explore songs in more detail and give you interesting information about the song and/or artist)
  • Song detection that can tell you what song you’re listening to

However, because of how many such apps are available, it’s useful to understand the purpose of each app. Here are 10 of the best lyric apps on the market today:


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Android | iOS

Genius claims to have a library of over 1.7 million song lyrics. However, the real draw of this app is less the actual lyrics and more the fact that it also provides annotations to the lyrics.

These annotations explore the meaning behind the lyrics, often pulling from artists’ interviews and other well-researched sources. Some artists even provide verified annotations for their own songs.

A new feature also allows Genius to analyze the songs playing on your phone from another app and pull up the corresponding lyrics. This way, you can rock out to your favorite music and sing along at the same time!


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Android | iOS

This is one of the best-known music apps, which allows you to identify any song in seconds on the go.

You can then automatically add the music to your Apple Music or Spotify playlists and watch the song’s music video via Apple Music or YouTube.

It also syncs the lyrics to the song for you, so you can sing along with the lyrics appearing on your screen in real-time.


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Android | iOS

SoundHound allows you to easily identify any song playing in the background and displays both full songs and videos with real-time lyrics. One of the major features of this app is that it saves all the music and songs you use this app to explore in your history and syncs it with a personal Music Map so that you can keep track of where you first heard any song.

This app syncs up with LiveLyrics to allow you to enjoy a karaoke-style experience. It also comes with a hands-free system that allows you to interact with the app by saying “Hey SoundHound…” and follow it up with your desired command.


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Musixmatch claims to have the largest song lyric library of any music app and can be synced with multiple platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora.

What sets this app apart is that it also allows you to get translations of songs on the go. It allows you to understand a multitude of songs, with the translations appearing in time with the music.

You can also search for music using just a single line of lyrics, allowing you to find any song even when you don’t know the name of the song or the artist. The LyricsCard feature allows you to play song lyrics on a variety of customized backgrounds, and you can also listen on the go by getting lyrics automatically on your lock screen.

The premium version of the app comes with several additional features.


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QuickLyric scans your entire mobile music library and finds the lyrics for all the songs in your collection. This allows you to access the lyrics of all the songs anytime, instead of having to manually retrieve the lyrics of each song you’re listening to as you’re listening to it.

After you’ve downloaded the lyrics to a song once, you can access the lyrics offline anytime on the free version, allowing you to rock out to the song at any time, regardless of Internet access. Music players this app supports include Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Napster, Shuttle Music Player, Phonograph, and several others.

Guitar Chords and Song Lyrics Offline

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This is a great app for all the guitar players out there. It allows you to learn any song with the help of song lyrics and simple guitar chords that are easy for beginners to follow.

This app allows offline access to its 18,000+ song titles. It will also scrolls through song lyrics automatically so that you can sing along while playing the guitar without being interrupted. Furthermore, if the app’s database doesn’t have a particular guitar chord you are looking for, you can also request it.

Lyrics Library

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This lyrics app not only has an extensive database of song lyrics, but it also allows you to write and edit your own lyrics, as well as save them to the app. You can share your lyrics or add chords over them as well. You can organize your lyrics by folder and save backups for them. Essentially, Lyrics Library acts as a one-stop-shop for all your lyrics needs.

Learn Languages with Music

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This app combines language learning with music in a fun way. All you need to do is choose a song to listen to and select the right lyrics to fill in the missing words. It allows you to improve not only your listening comprehension, as well as your vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar skills.

It is available in more than ten languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, and Catalan. It also contains non-music content for variety, like movie clips, TV shows, speeches, and more. Other features include:

  • Karaoke mode
  • Bilingual dictionary
  • Integrated translation
  • Competition mode – allows you to challenge both strangers and friends.

Lyrics Mania

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This app has a song library that numbers in the millions. It allows you to listen to music on your device and instantly get the lyrics to it, with karaoke-style synchronize for the most popular songs.

It also allows you to use its MusicID functionality in order to identify any song on an external device like the radio and retrieve the artist’s details, song name, and full lyrics, making it a useful app for on-the-go users.


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This app has a library of over 7 million song lyrics. It syncs and saves lyrics automatically the first time you play a song, after which it has the capability to sync the song’s lyrics without the internet for a period of 30 days. It also allows you to edit lyrics if you think there is a mistake or register a new set of lyrics for the song.

This app works with other apps – if you are using another app, you can still have your song lyrics in front of you with the help of the Floating Lyrics functionality. Among other features, it also allows you to securely send and receive files to other devices with the help of your own 8-digit key, as well lyrics for a host of international music with both direct translations and lyric translations to English.


We hope you found this article useful, and it will help you identify the best song lyric app for your needs.

Keep in mind the extra useful features that you can find on some of these apps, such as the karaoke mode, which can synchronize with the music of a song.

If you’re just listening to music and enjoying the experience, then Genius is a really useful app to learn more about both the song and the artist.

If you play guitar, then it’s great to be able to synchronize both lyrics and guitar chords together.

Finally, if you just want to figure out what song you’re listening to, then options like SoundHound and Shazam are very useful for this.

Please write a comment below if you use any great other song lyric apps that are not on this list.

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