13 Great Apps for Singers (iOS and Android)

Honing your vocal skills on the go is something every musician needs, but it is also not very easy to find. There are some awesome apps on the market that can help you improve your singing skills everywhere you go.

I’ve rounded up 13 super useful apps for singers. From improving your singing to collaborating with others, we’ve got you covered! If you’re a singer or want to become one, you already know that you need to practice and work on honing your skills.

These apps cover vocal warm-ups, recording functions, harmony singing, karaoke functions, learning music theory, and even improving your timing as a singer. Today, that’s possible with just your smartphone or tablet, because there are tons of music apps out there.

Here you have both Android and iOS apps, and you’ll find links under every app name mentioned here.

1. Tonaly

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When creating and performing music, it’s advantageous to know music theory. Nobody expects you to be a master of theory and different scales, but some of the basics are a must.

Tonaly is a beautiful app that’s available on iOS that allows you to learn and check different scales and different tempos quickly.

It has an excellent user interface. You can pick and choose from all sorts of different lessons and combinations of sounds, as well as share your compositions with your friends that have this app.

2. Sing Harmonies

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Singing the harmonies is one of the most complicated things for up-and-coming singers to master. It’s one thing if you’re singing alone, but performing at the same time with a couple more people?

To break through that fear and help you practice, Sing Harmonies is the app that will allow you o sing in a quartet every single time.

This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It essentially allows you to pick from their list of songs and pick and choose four singers that are performing the song at the same time in harmony. It’s an excellent practicing app, even though it won’t teach you the theory of harmonizing.

3. Tempo by Frozen Ape

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Google Play

Control over the tempo can get quite tricky, especially if you’re deep into the song.

So, to stop mishaps from happening, a metronome is just the thing. Whether you’re practicing or performing, they will give you just a steady tempo click, preventing you from falling off the track.

This app is for Android only, but it has several different options to make your life easy, both on and off the stage.

4. Singing Vocal Warm Ups—Singer’s Friend

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Warming up and practicing are crucial to any singer out there. ‘Singing Vocal Warm Ups – Singer’s Friend’ is a simple, yet extremely effective app for practicing and warming up, especially when you’re on the road.

You can choose from 16 different scales and all of the different voices, to adjust the sounds to the range of your voice.

You can also set up speed, depending on if you want to practice tones or just warm up as quickly as possible.

5. Backtrackit

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BACKTRACKIT is a great app for backtracking. If you’re looking to practice different songs and genres, this app will get you where you want to go in no time.

With it, you can choose from a vast library of songs, change key and tempo for every song to adjust to your voice range, loop pieces, and show chord patterns for guitar and piano. It’s an excellent app for any musician, not just singers.

6. 7 Minute Vocal Warm Up

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One of the best warmup apps out there is available on both iOS and Android and is truly breathtaking. It’s a simple app that will guide you through the vocal warmup exercises, giving you easy and concise advice on what to do and how long to do it.

You can choose to skip some exercises or to go full-on, but in any case, you’ll love this app 10 minutes before you have to go on stage.

7. Vocal Ease

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Google Play

This one will also take you through the process of vocal warm-up, starting with easy lip warming exercises and progressing on to the more complex stuff.

Of course, no app is going to replace your teacher, but this is a simple solution on the go.

8. VoiceJam: Vocal Looper

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When you go through all of the practice, you’ll probably want to start getting creative. From there, the next step is recording your own songs.

This app allows you to do just that by using your own voice. This app essentially mimics looper pedals and adds several different effects that you can use to mimic instruments and other sounds with just your voice.

This is a great app for demoing your ideas.

9. Smule

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One of the most popular karaoke platforms in the world, Smule is a karaoke industry giant that you probably already heard of.

This is a classic karaoke app that allows you to play solo or together with your friends and then upload your performances for the whole world to check out on the Smule platform.

Even though karaoke is not exactly the peak of singing performance, this is a good exercise for you to sing in front of the audience, but also to have some response on what you’re doing. It can also be a lot of fun, which is not a bad thing!

10. Warm Me Up for Singers

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The final app on this list is another warm-up app. Warm Me Up is a comprehensive and quality content app with more than 50 exercises for warming up your voice and getting it up to its full working potential.

You can choose the rhythm of your warm-up by how much time you have and what are you trying to achieve. When you enter the values, the app will adjust the warm-up program to fit your needs.

This app is available on both Android and iOS. It’s a great app that can be used every day but also on the road when you have to prepare at the last minute.

11. VoCo Vocal Coach

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As you can tell by the name, the VoCo app is your own personal vocal coach. With the many features this app provides, it is exactly like an actual vocal coach.

With a recording function as well as recorded voices as an example, this is the ultimate app to hone your singing skills.

The app also has an in-depth system of classic music exercises and an implemented solfege system to add to its value even more. With 30 scales and arpeggios to learn and master, with a bunch of other useful functions, you too can have a vocal coach and bring your singing up to a whole new level.

12. Pocket Pitch – The Singer App

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App Store

Pocket Pitch is a free iOS app that works best when on an iPad. It’s a fairly simple app that helps singers quickly identify a pitch, or help them become proficient in doing it on their own.

It features a piano with 6 octaves that is used to warm up your voice or to be used as a pitch identification method.

This is your own portable pitch pipe that you can carry in your pocket. A very straightforward but very useful app to have around when needed. Just honing your singing skills even further.

13. SWIFTSCALES – Vocal Trainer

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Google Play | App Store

The Vocal Trainer is an app that successfully emulates a private singing lesson you would have with a vocal coach on piano. The level of detail this app provides is simply amazing. From simple warm-up techniques to custom scale patterns, this app has a bunch of useful functions.

Vocal training is never easy and requires time, most people nowadays don’t have the time for an actual lesson and would prefer to have it on their phone. From a variety of difficulty levels, training variations, audio samples, you have it all, all for the benefit of honing your skills.


Training vocals and learning to sing better requires a lot of work and dedication. This is why technology has adopted this matter and many apps can be used to train your voice or even become better at singing. No more wasting time on YouTube trying to find some easy vocal exercises, use one of these apps and do it straight from the palm of your hand!

These top-notch apps are a great choice for singers and trainers of the most common musical instruments, such as guitarists and pianists, but also a great fit for any musician looking to improve their skills.

Brian Clark is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is passionate about practically all areas of music and he particularly enjoys writing about the music industry.

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