Is GarageBand a Good DAW?

Garageband is a good DAW for beginners and professionals alike, but it is not as feature-rich as other paid DAWs such as logic pro or ableton Live. If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use DAW at no cost, Garageband is a good option.

It offers professional quality for Mac users at no cost, which is great for musicians who want to record music but don’t have much money to spend.

Garageband is a DAW that comes pre-installed with most Apple computers. Because it’s pre-installed, Garageband can also be found on many new Macs and used as an introduction to the digital audio workstation (DAW) world for many people who would otherwise never touch one.

Benefits of GarageBand

  • For beginners, it is free and comes included with Macs.
  • Is easy to use and has a familiar interface (similar to iMovie or other Apple apps).
  • It contains many audio effects such as filters, compressors, equalizers, reverbs, and delays.
  • Supports AU plugins (but not VST plugins). Check out our article on Garageband Plugins.
  • Can record multiple tracks at once.
  • You can choose from many different virtual instruments, which are great for writing music on the go.

Drawbacks of GarageBand

Do professionals use GarageBand?

Plenty of professionals use Garageband to produce great-quality music. It’s excellent for those looking for a simple, and easy-to-use DAW, but you may want to consider upgrading your DAW at some point in the future if you want more features.


GarageBand a good DAW for those looking for a simple workflow to create music of for those on a budget. However, if you’re looking for something more comprehensive, then check out our list of the Best DAWs around.

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