How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs To Playlist

Spotify is a great music streaming service, but there are times when it can be really annoying. One of the most common problems people have with Spotify is that it keeps adding songs to their playlists without their permission.

Random songs being played while listening to your playlist can be frustrating, especially if you don’t want all of those songs. Today, I will show you how to stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlists without your permission!

Why Spotify Keeps Adding Songs To Your Playlist

Spotify has a feature called “Enhance” which is basically an extension that automatically plays similar songs on your playlist. If this feature is enabled, a random track will be played every two songs, and some people might not want this.

Another reason could be that autoplay is activated. When you finish listening to a playlist, Spotify will automatically play similar songs. This feature is turned on by default, but you can easily disable it in the settings.

Spotify has also stated that if users have the free version and have less than 15 songs in their playlists, Spotify will automatically add more songs. This can be avoided by upgrading to premium or adding more of your favorite songs to the playlist.

How To Disable Autoplay

If you want to stop Spotify from randomly playing songs that are not on your playlist, you need to disable autoplay. Here’s how:

Step 1: Launch The App

Once you successfully open the app, log in to your account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Go To Settings

Click the drop-down button beside your name as seen on the image below. From there, click ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Turn Off Autoplay

Once you access your settings, look for the ‘Autoplay’ option and switch it off. You can also adjust other playback settings here such as crossfade, gapless, and more.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now you can enjoy your playlist without having to worry about Spotify adding random songs! This works on all types of devices.

Final Thoughts

You must keep in mind that Spotify updates its app regularly, so the steps may change in the future. Also, if you’re using the free version, Spotify might add songs automatically to your playlist if you have less than 15 songs.

Nevertheless, I hope that this guide was able to help you enjoy your music without any interruptions. Follow the above steps and enjoy Spotify without unnecessary songs being added automatically.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

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