We’ve Found The Longest Playlists On Spotify

The longest playlists on Spotify have exactly 10,000 songs, as that’s the limit. Two examples of playlists that have hit this limit are “The Longest Playlist On Spotify” and “Longest Playlist ever (+6000)”.

Some of The Longest Playlists on Spotify

These are playlists that reach the uppermost limit set by the platform, the grand total of 10,000 songs. They’re the handiwork of some truly dedicated music explorers who have ventured through the vast terrain of genres, artists, and eras to handpick every single track.

  1. Longest Playlist ever (+6000)
  2. The Longest Playlist in the World Ever!
  3. The Longest Playlists on Spotify
  4. my longest playlist

So, if you’re ready for some serious music exploration, or just want to marvel at the sheer dedication and effort these playlists represent, give these playlists a listen!

The Limitations of The 10k-Rule 

Interestingly, this rule only applies to individual playlists and not the total number of songs you can save in your Spotify library. Although each playlist has a song limit, Spotify doesn’t put any brakes on the total number of tracks you can add to your library.  

This means you can save an unlimited number of songs, just distributed across different playlists. So, the next time you’re wandering through the limitless expanse of Spotify, keep an eye out for these 10k giants. Not only do they represent the longest possible playlist on Spotify, but they also stand as a celebration of the endless love for music that Spotify so beautifully caters to. 

Whether you’re a casual listener or an ardent music enthusiast, these maxed-out playlists are sure to offer a treasure trove of musical delights. And who knows? They might even inspire you to embark on your own journey to create a 10,000-song playlist!

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

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