How To Find, Make, And Scan Spotify Codes (2024)

Spotify Codes allow you to easily share music using scannable images instead of using a web link. Whether on a desktop computer, or mobile app, Spotify Codes are very easy to use so you can make the most out of the streaming service.

Using a desktop, create codes by copying and pasting song links to the Spotify Codes website and downloading the code. On mobile, take a screenshot to save the code, then scan it or upload it to find new tracks, albums, and playlists with ease. Go have some fun and change the way you share and consume music with Spotify Codes.

1. What are Spotify Codes?

Spotify Codes are like QR codes, but for sharing and discovering music within the Spotify app. They make it easier to share tracks, albums, or playlists with others by using a unique code that represents each audio file with a distinct design. Scanning the code leads directly to the desired music, saving you the hassle of copying links or searching for specific content.

2. Spotify Codes on your desktop

To generate Spotify Codes using your desktop, follow these easy steps:

  • Open Spotify using your web browser or app, go to the desired song, album, or playlist, and click the three dots to open the options
  • Go to share and copy the song link
  • Go to the Spotify Codes website, paste the link, and click Get Spotify Code
  • A Spotify code will be generated and click the download button

3. Spotify Codes on your smartphone

To generate Spotify Codes using your phone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Spotify app, go to your desired song, album, or playlist, and tap on the three dots to open the options
  • The Spotify Code will be shown but you can’t download the code. Instead, you have to take a screenshot to save the code to your device

To scan Spotify Codes on your phone, follow these steps

  • Go to search and tap the camera icon
  • You may now scan Spotify Codes or upload a screenshot of the code


Spotify Codes are an easy and useful way to share and discover music in the Spotify app. By learning how to use this feature, you can enjoy sharing music and connecting with friends who have similar music tastes. Whether you’re promoting your own music or discovering new tunes, Spotify Codes make listening to music more fun and interactive.

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