How to Make LED Lights Beat With Music

LED lights can totally change how you listen to music. By making your LED lights beat with the music, you’ll be able to see a visual representation of your beats, which can be spectacular.

Led lights make everything more interesting. When throwing a party, the strips will pulsate with the music to ensure that you and your friends have a good time. They can be used for gaming as well, they will increase the excitement for many children by synchronizing the bright lights with the music from the game. The strips pulsate to the slow rhythm when you turn on soft music as well.

How to Make LED Lights Beat With Music

Setting up LED lights to make them beat with music is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Power Up the Lights

Unlike other lights in your house, you can’t connect LED lights directly to a power outlet at your home. Regular light bulbs use 120V/240V AC source, while LED strip lights require a 12V current. 

Your best bet is to use a step-down transformer to convert 120V/240V AC current to 12V.

Hang Them Up

Hanging up the LED lights at home is a form of art. To create a beautiful scenic environment, try hanging the strips behind beds, chairs, and within the grooves of hanging ceilings. 

Connect the Controller

Now that you’ve hung up the strips, you need to connect them to the controller for them to work. Most controllers have a port for connecting the transformer and a four-pin connector for the LED light strip.

Start Playing Music

Most modern LED lights have built-in mics that capture the sound of your music and sync to it. There are several ways to control the lights, too. 

You can either download the manufacturer’s app to your phone and set up the scenes and patterns with it over Wi-Fi or use the physical remote control that comes with the lights. 

On the remote control, look for a button that says “mic” to make the lights react to any music playing in the room. Some LED light remote controls may have a “music” button that does a similar function.

Alternatively, you can use the control box connected directly to the lights. 

Troubleshooting Issues

In some cases, you may not be able to sync your LED light with music due to connectivity problems or other issues. In that case, your best solution would be to reset the LED strip.

Here’s how to reset your LED strip, keeping in mind that these steps may differ slightly depending on your LED strip model:

  1. Plug the LED strip into a power outlet.
  2. Turn off the strip and remove the power adapter.
  3. Press and hold the power switch for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Replug the strip to a power outlet.
  5. Press and hold the power button until the LES strip turns back on.
  6. Once the strip is on, it’ll keep on alternating between colors.
  7. When the strip holds on to a single color, release the button to reset it; now, you can try syncing it with music again.

Best LED Lights That Sync With Music

Alright, now let’s explore some of the most promising LED light strips that you can easily set up to beat with music:

1. Govee 32.8ft Color Changing LED Strip Lights

The Govee Color Changing LED Strip Lights include 32.8 feet of LED magic. These lights can be controlled with your smartphone using the Govee app or with the provided remote control. Voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant is supported, too.

With over 64 scene modes, these LED lights have something for every occasion. You can also set up the lights to sync automatically with music through the built-in sensitive microphone.

2. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft

The Govee Smart LED Strip Lights can be controlled with simple voice commands using Google Assistant and Alexa. You can control things like colors and brightness, in addition to turning the lights on or off.

Moreover, there’s a smart app that lets you manipulate the lights from your phone over Wi-Fi. Of course, you can use the control box, too.

Installing these lights is pretty straightforward, thanks to the included ETL listed adapter, support clips, and adhesive.

3. XIER 100ft Led Lights for Bedroom

The XIER 100ft LED Lights are capable of displaying thousands of bright colors and include 8 dynamic modes.

These ultra-long LED strip lights also integrate an intelligent music mode that lets you sync your beats with the light color according to the rhythm. This is possible with a sensitivity-adjustable microphone built into the strip.

In addition, the XIER LED Lights come with everything you need to set them up correctly in the box. They also come with a 44-key remote control and a boxed controller. Plus, you can control the lights with your smartphone and sync them up with music beats as you wish.

Do You Need to Connect Your LED Lights With Bluetooth to Sync Them With Music?

Connecting your LED lights with Bluetooth isn’t necessary to sync them with music. LED lights beat to music with built-in mics, so you don’t need to connect them like you’d connect a pair of headphones.

Do LED Lights Work With Spotify?

LED lights work with Spotify and pretty much any other music streaming app out there. As long as the app generates audible music, you can set your LED light strip to beat with it.


This was a brief walkthrough of how you can sync your LED lights with music, as well as some of the best LED lights that support this feature. 

The setup can be done with a smartphone app, or by using the remote control that comes with the LED light strip. Many LED strips support voice control, too.

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