The 10 Best Online Piano Lessons (2024)

These 10 online piano lesson providers can make learning the piano a lot easier to get to grips with. They can also serve as a great resource for more experienced players to break through plateaus in their development.

Many of these platforms include a well-structured curriculum of online video courses and lessons, and some of the platforms include some form of student feedback. These are all quite easy to use and most are cross-compatible across devices (such as phones, iPads, laptops).

If you’re tired of following random youtube tutorials and want to get started with a more structured approach to learning the piano or keyboard then be sure to check these out.

1. Pianote

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Go to website: Pianote

Pianote is a well-structured online piano teaching platform, which offers a comprehensive curriculum for students. It is great for beginners and intermediate players.

It includes lessons from very experienced and enthusiastic piano teachers and you can optionally send videos of yourself playing to get feedback from an instructor on the platform.

It also includes a modest but very well-presented selection of song tutorials so you can quickly and effectively learn some songs that you love.

Pianote also has a very well-designed app so you can also take your lessons on the move or stream them to a phone or iPad for convenience while you are practicing.

Pianote is providing readers of Musician Wave with a free 30-day trial when using this link. That trial is usually not available if you are otherwise signing up for an account on Pianote, so it’s definitely worth using it!

Check out our review of Pianote below:

It is thus easier to learn some things you miss and practice more effectively. Also, new video lessons are constantly added. You can even influence content by submitting videos or questions for review.

You can check out our Pianote review and get a more in-depth look at how Pianote is structured and what features they offer, as well as a detailed and honest opinion about the platform.

Pianote is now an even better deal with full access to all four Musora communities (Pianote, Drumeo, Guitareo, and Singeo) which is great if you also play another instrument or live with someone that plays another. You can get top-notch lessons from renowned instructors and join a supportive community of like-minded music enthusiasts. I’ve tried out all these communities individually, and they’re all fantastic in their own unique way. Not only will you get to learn from talented instructors, but it’s also great to interact with fellow musicians on their forums.

2. Flowkey

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Go to website: Flowkey

Flowkey is an awesome piano teaching app designed for beginners and advanced players. With Flowkey, you choose to follow lesson plans or select a song that you want to learn. After choosing, lessons can be paused or slowed down. This can be handy when dealing with trickier sections.

Flowkey works on both mobile and desktop, and you can use it with both acoustic pianos and digital keyboards (It automatically detects your playing using either the built-in microphone on your device, or you can connect your digital keyboard to it to transfer MIDI notes to the app!). Lessons and songs are suited for beginner and intermediate levels. Also, you can use the app when you want to learn some new songs and have fun doing it.

Get started with Flowkey for free here, it’s well worth checking out!

3. Playground Sessions

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Go to website: Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions is a piano-learning method by Quincy Jones that features some of the best piano lessons online, with material available for all experience levels. It uses an interactive system through which you win points to unlock courses, and several song genres are covered as you learn.

Several memberships are available, and pricing is available on a monthly or annual basis (with a significant discount for annual memberships). Each membership type gives you access to a specific number of free songs you can get per month; you would need to pay extra for more.

Playground Sessions accurately tracks progress, and you receive a status report after the lesson. Read it to see how many notes you played wrong and right. The points we mentioned are calculated based on these reports.

4. PianoVideoLessons

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Go to website: PianoVideoLessons

PianoVideoLessons is the project of experienced piano teacher Lisa Pianista who takes a different approach to teach students online. This option instantly stands out because all piano video lessons are free.

With PianoVideoLessons, you can create your free account and start learning at your own pace without having to worry about monthly membership fees. If you feel the lessons are helping you, some extras are available as paid sheets and eBooks to accompany your lessons.

4. Pianoforall

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Go to website: Pianoforall

Pianoforall is a chord-focused learning option that is particularly useful for students who want to improvise and compose. For a one-time fee, you get access to over 200 videos and several eBooks. You do not have to worry about other payments.

While there are no interactive elements included, this video-based piano teaching website gives you access to all the extra lessons added in the future. A strong emphasis is put on how to use chord shapes to quickly play popular songs.

This means you can seriously consider Pianoforall if you had problems with traditional lessons in the past and want to learn by playing songs.

6. Music2Me

Go to website: Music2Me

Music2Me gives you access to over 200 tutorial videos that cover over 100 songs. Every lesson features the music score and the piano keyboard so you can practice playing in sync. The tempo can be reduced to practice the difficult session, and the tricky parts can be looped for on-repeat practice.

Music2Me runs on phones, tablets, and computers. The app is very affordable with a small monthly payment, and a free trial is available before buying.

7. Skoove

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Go to website: Skoove

Skoove is best-suited for students that are more interested in pop music than classical music. Use the piano app to learn how to quickly read music and the simpler techniques associated with the instrument.

The app is suitable for students aged 12 and over and is attractive because of its easy-to-use and modern interface.

Skoove allows you to learn how to play many of the favorite songs of several generations. The only disadvantage is that most song arrangements are simplistic. This makes the app perfect for those looking for foundational knowledge or just want simple lessons to learn to play the piano gradually.

8. ArtistWorks Piano (Christie Peery)

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Go to website: ArtistWorks

If you want to learn how to play the piano from an actual virtuoso, Christie Peery created an extensive video library on ArtistWorks.

You can gain access to hundreds of lessons that cover primarily classical music. You also receive piano practice tips and extra content that can help you learn faster.

The best part of this online piano lessons option is that you can submit videos to an archive. Christie Peery will then watch the videos and offer feedback about play style, rhythms, etc. This is done through a personalized recorded video, just as you would receive feedback from a private piano teacher.

Even if most of the lessons focus on classical music, the structure is perfect, with a practice plan and more. Overall, these are some of the best piano lessons you can find online right now.

9. Yousician

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Go to website: Yousician

Do you find piano lessons boring? If so, Yousician might be for you since it turns learning how to play the piano into a game. This interactive platform is a great way to spice up the learning process while having fun as well.

The track selection is excellent, and there is a reward system that can motivate you to practice more. New content tiers and lessons are unlocked with the rewards and stars you get. While you can use the free daily play-time, there is also a free trial, but ultimately, this is a paid service.

10. Pianomarvel

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Go to website: Pianomarvel

Pianomarvel is a complete online piano learning system designed for all ages and levels. It works by connecting the piano to an iPad or a computer.

This allows you to track progress and accuracy. When using an acoustic piano, Pianomarvel still works, but there are fewer features available.

Consider this option if you want access to a service that is very strong on theory and that teaches musical signs and terms. However, keep in mind that most of the music you learn is classical.

Are online piano learning platforms worth it?

In this day and age, almost everything is on the internet, naturally, learning an instrument is easier than ever, all it takes is dedication and time. Online piano courses are very much worth it due to their detailed written or video instruction. Some even offer offline lessons which can be done with a simple download.

The best part about online piano lessons is the accessibility. Most online piano learning services can be viewed on various devices like iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and tablets. While YouTube also has many free lessons, piano courses offer structured learning that is guaranteed to help you learn more efficiently. An honorable mention is also the Hoffman Academy, which is also a great online learning platform to consider.

What is the price difference between online and private lessons?

The price differential is quite large when you compare online lessons to private lessons. An online course or premium membership on an online learning platform can be around $150 a year, which is not much at all considering that most platforms have lots of material jam-packed on the site/app.

On the other hand, private lessons are way more costly, with most being around $30-50 and some might even charge more for one lesson. However, private lessons do have their strong point which is the hands-on experience you get with a private tutor.

The benefits and drawbacks to learning the Piano online

There are a few benefits and drawbacks to learning something online, particularly the piano. The first benefit and most obvious one is that you can take things at your own pace. Learning without the stress of having eyes on you and taking things slow is proven to increase productivity and learning.

Another benefit is the fact that online lessons generally cost less than private one-on-one lessons. Most online platforms offer their services for a great price annually, making them superior in this situation. Lastly, online lessons today are very well structured, with a beginner’s mindset into consideration, the online courses offer detailed and step-by-step lessons, easy for anyone to digest.

The drawbacks are certainly apparent, as online platforms still lack the hands-on experience that a private tutor will provide, as jazz and classical piano, for instance, can be hard for a beginner to learn. Though, feedback, submissions, and reviews are slowly getting better across all platforms.

The other drawback is that you have to have a piano already and not depend on a private tutor who will most likely have one for you to play on, so it would be an investment upfront. Luckily, there are many affordable keyboards and digital pianos available on the market today, also, a MIDI keyboard is an extremely choice nowadays.


Each one of the 10 online piano lessons presented can help you learn and improve as you practice songs you like. Which one you should go with depends on both your learning and playing style, as all offer quite informative and detailed video/audio lessons.

You might need to try more than one until you find the piano course or app that is perfect for you. Make sure to read as much as possible about the service, and always take advantage of the free trial option when available. Also, check out other learning platforms for other instruments if you are interested.

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