Guitareo Review – Is It Worth It? (2024)

Guitareo is an online teaching platform that specifically targets learning the guitar. It packs tons of features and can greatly help beginners to intermediate players along their musical journey.

After spending some time using Guitareo, I’ve written my thoughts, which should help determine if it’s for you or not.

Please note that we were provided with free access to a Guitareo account in order to evaluate the service. However, my opinions are my own and I am honestly explaining my thoughts in this review.

Guitareo offers 85+ courses, with 1000+ lessons on different styles and techniques to learn. The Guitareo method is a 10-level guitar curriculum targeted at helping you start correctly and progress to a certain level with additional tips and further instructions on how to do so after you’ve finished the course.

Check out our in-depth video review of Guitareo below to see exactly what it’s like inside the members area:


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Additional Features



  • Access to great quality content suited for beginners and intermediate players. The Guitareo Method and Guitar Quest are both great options as a starting point for guitarists.
  • Very affordable, especially when compared to private lessons.
  • Fast-growing platform with good and clear instructional videos.
  • Very well-designed platform (with a similar design to Drumeo, Pianote, Singeo).
  • Interoperable with your browser, Android, and iOS devices.


  • Not much content for advanced players.
  • The 500+ song library consists of chord charts, which generally is fine and suits the songs, but doesn’t include tabs or lead lines.
  • No immediate feedback from coaches when submitting questions and student videos for review (a disadvantage in comparison to private lessons!).

If you’d like to give Guitareo a try, then you can get a free 30-day trial using this link!

Alternatively, they’ve got a great lesson pack known as Guitar Quest, which is put together in a nice gamified manner, which makes it very fun to go through! It’s an alternative starting point instead of starting off with the Guitareo method. Of course, you can also take both courses!

Guitareo is made by the same company as Drumeo, Singeo, and Pianote. They’re all very well respective platforms in their own right. While there are similarities between each of these, they are all tailored a little differently because each platform is made for a different instrument.

Is Guitareo Worth It?

Guitareo is a really good platform that beginners and intermediate players can use to learn and develop. Considering the price and the level of content I highly recommend Guitareo as an online teaching platform.

While they have some lessons and courses for advanced players, there’s not a lot of content in this area. Therefore if you’re a very skilled and experienced guitarist, then Guitareo might not be for you (that said, it could be handy to brush up on some of the essentials that might be holding you back).

Guitareo Courses, Lessons, and Coaches

Guitareo offers over 85 video courses with more than 1,000 lessons, all while having a host of expert instructors that specialize in specific areas of guitar to help you learn faster and improve.

When it comes to the topic of comparing online learning with private lessons, one can’t help but wonder about which one is better when it comes to Guitar. Private lessons focus more on the person at hand and have more targeted learning which does have its benefits. The person getting the lessons has a more on-hand learning experience. Though the skill levels of guitar teachers can be quite hit-and-miss, they might not suit the style you’re going for, and scheduling lessons can be quite a hassle.

On the other hand, using an online teaching platform like Guitareo certainly has its benefits. Not to mention the fact that it’s considerably less expensive than private lessons. It enables the student to go at their own pace by providing access to a variety of features that can assist them in progressing more quickly and having fun at the same time.

If it’s possible, I’d recommend that both online teaching and having a private instructor to guide you, at least some of the way, would be the best of both worlds.

Video Courses

Guitareo has a sizable 85+ courses. You can filter by level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced). You can also pick the topic of the video course and select a teacher if you have a preference.

As mentioned previously, the majority of the video courses are intended for beginners and intermediate players, and there is not a lot of material for advanced players. Though if you finish all of the intermediate courses you should expect to be quite a competent guitarist at that point! The platform is still expanding and hopefully, they will get more advanced lessons up and running.

Guitareo Method

The Guitareo method is a 10-level step-by-step process, broken down into multiple lessons on each level to help get you from beginner to knowing the fundamentals of playing the guitar.

You start with the essentials, like getting to know your guitar, then start progressing within guitar chords, learning more about rhythm, and even get instructions on how to read tabs and chord charts which can be a daunting experience.

As you go along the levels, the content is more heavy and complex. It’s broken down into multiple video lessons, so you can progress more efficiently, implementing certain techniques along the way and learning the fundamentals to get to a level where you can proudly say that you know how to play the guitar well.

The benefit of trying the Guitareo method is that a structured course like this, from experienced teachers, will give you a thorough rundown and correct way to go through your learning experience.

As opposed to just looking up random YouTube videos, the Guitareo method is a proven source of the correct way to approach learning the guitar. Without proper structure, most beginners start off confused without a clue where to begin and can overlook key factors, that’s where the Guitareo method comes into play. It helps you keep on the correct path towards a good guitar learning experience.

Guitar Quest

Guitar Quest is a big feature of the Guitareo platform that consists of a well-rounded and fun experience. Guitar Quest is a different approach to getting started learning the guitar while also making it incredibly fun for the student.

I think plenty of people will choose this path as a starting point over the conventional Guitareo learning experience because it’s a very fun and new way to experience learning the guitar.

Guitar Quest consists of nine levels or missions, as they like to call it, for you to go through and successfully learn to play the guitar in a more interesting and fun way. The reason why this path is more interesting to a student is that it’s unconventional but at the same time gives you a whole new experience on how to learn and play the guitar.

Having various fun activities like jam sessions, shooting music videos, or even rocking out and playing shows with your instructor, just makes for a complete and enjoyable experience overall.

You even get to go through a recording session and see how things play out and how things work when you’re in the studio trying to record a song, all the while being accompanied by your instructor and joining the masses that have already signed up for this quest.

If I can compare it to anything, it would be like a video game. So if you’re into gaming, and you want a fun experience, then Guitar Quest is definitely a way to go about it.


Guitareo currently gives you access to some great coaches, with plenty of others scheduled to come on board. They’re in charge of all the lessons on the site, including live sessions and giving feedback to those who tune in.

There isn’t currently a very large amount of coaches on the platform, though they do offer enough material and different viewpoints on plenty of topics.

Much of the current catalog of courses were led by Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Kent Shores, Nate Savage, and Rob Scallon, along others.

One of Guitareo’s core instructors is Ayla Tesler-Mabe. She welcomes you into the world of Guitareo with positive energy and shows you what awaits further on your musical journey.

On the Guitar Quest feature, the core instructor is Rob Scallon.

Live Lessons and Student Focus

Guitareo also has a live lesson function as well as a student focus tab. Students can submit their own videos for feedback. Q&A sessions are also regularly scheduled, which can be very useful to get fast answers to questions.

At the moment, Guitareo’s live lessons are centered around Q&As. This is intended to assist students in tuning in and going through questions while receiving quick and expert feedback on a certain topic, as well as covering topics that may have been overlooked at some point. The live lessons are frequent, which is a good thing.

You can easily submit your questions like so:

The student reviews feature is a very useful one. You’re of course, not obligated to submit videos as a member, but you can use the service if it’s available. You can submit a video for review and expect feedback from one of the teachers. This is a great way to see if you’re on the right track. I think features like this really do improve a student’s skill set since they get a personal opinion from their instructors.

A coach will run through the submissions at scheduled times and then release one video that will cover them all. The frequency of student review sessions seems to depend on how many submissions they receive, so it can vary a bit.


Guitareo’s community has over 900K subscribers on YouTube. They have a very dedicated fan base and a busy forum within Guitareo. The forums have a very supportive and positive vibe, where people help each other out.

You can spot various discussions and ongoing conversations every day. Commenting on the latest lessons and what’s happening inside the guitareo community is another frequent topic. The cool thing is that the students can interact with each other and discuss their progress, all the while getting feedback from other students.

They also have an off-topic discussion tab for a more casual chat and getting to know one another.

Guitareo has a strong community behind the platform, and it’s a good way for students and coaches to interact.


Guitareo has 500 songs in their library, that’s a very decent amount of songs, and should be enough for most beginner and intermediate students. With the progressive nature of the platform, I would expect the song library to keep expanding.

You can choose an artist and pick a style to your preference. When choosing a song you can download the chord chart in the original key, or an alternative one in the key of G.

As for the downsides, you only get access to chord charts and not video lessons for particular songs. The songs also don’t include tabs for any lead guitar lines. They gravitate around specific genres, likely as a result of this. As such, they cover some styles a lot more than others, for example, there is a lot of pop, rock, and country songs, whereas there is not a lot of jazz and metal.

Guitareo App

Guitareo is accessible on your computer through your web browser, or through their mobile apps, whether it’s Android or iOS.

The design is very seamless and easy to use. It’s very straightforward in terms of use, easy to navigate, and a good way to track or continue your lessons when switching devices. It’s particularly useful when you use it on your iPad because it allows for a bigger display, better navigation as well as good control overall.


The price is very affordable for Guitareo, especially when compared to private lessons. Guitareo has a 90-day money-back guarantee where you get to test drive the platform and see if it’s indeed for you.

If you end up changing your mind, you can get a full refund. This is a great way to test out all the features and see if this platform does work for you and if it’s worth your money and time.

As far as the price is concerned, if you subscribe annually, you can save just under 30% and get an even more affordable price for the platform. Considering the level of content and the number of lessons in courses, this is a really good deal for anyone looking to learn or improve their guitar skills.


Guitareo is a high-quality content platform that allows access to over 1000 lessons and around 100 video courses. They have a structured curriculum designed and suited for beginner to intermediate players, as well as student review sessions. The content for advanced players comes up short but the platform is still growing and evolving. Overall this platform is a quality online learning website for budding guitarists.

Use this link to get a free 30 day Guitareo trial.


Guitareo is probably one of the most well-rounded learning platforms for Guitar, especially if you’re looking for something more interactive and with an online community to help you improve faster.

Guitareo offers a lot of lessons, songs, courses as well as teachers who are all very experienced in the field. It’s also available on mobile devices which is great if you’re someone who travels a lot or doesn’t have the time to sit behind your computer to take your guitar lessons.

Overall, this is one of the better platforms out there and it’s worth checking out if you’re serious about improving how you play the guitar!


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