The 5 Best Accordions for Kids – Our Pick (2023)

Accordions are one of the most popular instruments in the world. There are a lot of great accordions for kids available, so they can start playing right away!

The design, size, and weight of these accordions are perfectly suited for kids. My top pick as the best accordion for kids is the Woodstock Kid’s Accordion, but there are also some other great options to choose from on this list.

Check out our list below:

Our Pick of the 5 Best Accordions for Kids

1. Woodstock Kid's Accordion
Our Top Pick - Very popular and affordable kid's accordion
2. Hohner Accordion (UC102R)
High-Quality Plastic Toy Accordion
2. Hohner Accordion (UC102R)
This toy accordion from Hohner has 7 treble buttons, songbook, and playing instructions. Ages 4 and up. Red.
3. Mugig Button Accordion
Both Keys and Buttons Accordion
4. Andoer Mini Small Accordion
17-Key 8 Bass Accordion For Kids
5. Beginner Accordion 22-key
High-End Small Accordion

1. Woodstock Kid’s Accordion

The Woodstock Kid Accordion is one of the most popular accordions on this list. It comes in a beautiful red color and has two octaves range of play. This accordion is 10 button model, meaning it has a total of 14 tones.

The sound of this model is really high-quality and you can play it the same as the real accordion. It fit in size and the build is sturdy enough for kids to play it.

Because of this, it is certified for 4 years of age and up. This means that you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this for your kid to start playing right now.

2. Hohner Toy Accordion

The Hohner Toy Accordion is made by a company that makes adult accordions and does that really well. So, it’s no surprise that the kid’s version is made in the same way.

This cute little accordion comes with seven treble buttons and two bass buttons as well as an air valve. Since it’s a button design, you can play two different notes on the same button, depending on whether you’re pushing air in or out of the accordion. This is the same principle the harmonica has.

Together with the accordion, you will get a carrying bag and song booklet with different kids songs for them to learn and play. This is a high quality sounding kids toy that comes at a very affordable price.

3. Mugig Button Accordion

Mugig’s Accordion can be bought in both button and piano keys version, making it the only one like that on this list. The beautiful white color of the accordion and the sturdy build should encourage you to get this one straight away.

This accordion has a standard 10 button design, meaning it will produce two octaves and is tuned to the C Major scale. Like the previous two, this accordion is also made out of plastic and the bellow is made out of hardened paper.

Since it has a lot of moving parts it can get broken if the kids start throwing it around, but the repair is really easy. Mostly you just need to open the instrument and just put everything back in place, eventually glue something back.

This is a great accordion coming at a great price. Even if it does get broken, it is so cheap that it was worth it. And you can always get another one straight away.

4. Andoer Mini Small 17-Key 8 Bass Accordion

Moving on to something a bit more serious. The Andoer Mini Small Accordion is equipped with 17 treble keys and 8 bass buttons as well as with air valve button. This accordion comes only with keys setup but you can order it in three different colors, which are really beautiful.

In the package, you will get the accordion, song booklet, and adjustable straps so your child can wear it and play it straight away. The build of this accordion is sized down to suit smaller kids, so it will look like a toy when compared to the full-sized adult accordion. 

But, the sound it produces is no toy sound, but a fullon mellow accordion sound. All in all, if you’re looking for something on which your kids can start learning to play, and just a plastic toy, this is your pick.

5. Beginner Accordion 22-key

To finish off this list, we have an accordion that is the most similar to the reallife accordions. Wal Front’s Beginner Accordion has 22 treble keys and 8 bass keys, giving it the full range of sound.

The body is made out of maple wood, separating it in the start form all of the other plastic accordions on this list. It comes in beautiful and vibrant colors. In the package you will find, apart from the accordion, one pair of gloves, straps and cleaning cloth.

Even though this accordion is slightly bigger than the others on this list, it is still made for kids. The size is 12.5×11 inches, making it suitable for children to play. Also, the straps that come in the package are small and suited for kids, so don’t expect to play this accordion with those straps if you’re an adult.

Because of the high quality of the inner workings of this accordion, you will get full, quality sound out of this accordion. The bellows are made out of thick material and you can be sure that this instrument will endure hits from children. Nevertheless, if the accordion is somehow damaged, you can open it and repair it in no time.

This is a bit more expensive accordion than the rest of the list, but with Wal Front’s accordion, you get not just a toy, but more of a smaller adult accordion on which your kid can take some of the first serious steps in his music development.

About the Accordion

The accordion is not that old of an instrument, being brought to the world in the mid-19th century in Germany. The mellow and loud sound, as well as the funny bellow-shaped body of the instrument, really made an impact from the start.

The accordion really skyrocketed into fame from the get-go. It spread all around the world in different shapes and sizes and instantly made its name in folk music around the world. Today, almost every nation will think that the accordion was originally their instrument, based on the folk songs usually played on this instrument.

When looking at the accordion, you will notice that some of them have buttons and the others have keyed the same as the piano for instance. Even though they basically produce the same sound, these are two different ways of accordion production. The sound is always produced by pumping the bellows in the middle of the instrument, allowing for players to have that attractive moves when they stretch the accordion to the ground.

There are a lot of options on todays market for kids if you’re looking to buy them an accordion. Usually, there are kids versions of accordions with fewer keys/buttons, made lighter and simpler to be adjusted for kids to play. 

But, you can be sure that these instruments will produce the real accordion sound when played right. Because there are so many options out there, we decided to write this article and pick the best accordions for kids out there on the market. So, here we go!

If you’re looking for a full-size accordion, check out our article on the best accordions for beginners.


We hope that we have helped you make your choice when looking for the accordion to buy for your kids. Even though this is not the most hyped instrument in modern music, your kids will have loads of fun playing it.

There are different accordion types, but you should know that whichever you choose your child should have no problem with learning how to play.

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