The 5 Best Accordions for Beginners (2023) – For All Budgets

Looking for a great beginner accordion? Our list includes full-sized accordions for all budgets from well-respected brands.

People are often surprised at the price of accordions. We have come to expect that beginner instruments can be bought at practically any price-point, but this is not quite the case for full-sized accordions. For that reason, we have made sure to include some relatively affordable accordions on this list.

Accordions are one of the most popular instruments around the world. Usually connected to folk music, they can be found basically on every continent.

Alternatively, if you are looking for smaller-sized accordions, check out our article on the best accordions for kids.

The 5 Best Accordions for Beginners – Our Pick

1. Bayan Tula 209 B-system Stradella
Editor's Choice - A high-quality, popular Russian button accordion
2. Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion
Affordable Option - A popular and relatively affordable option
3. Roland FR-1X Premium V-Accordion Lite with 26 Piano Keys and Speakers, Black
A Quality Roland V-Accordion (more affordable than the flagship Roland FR-4)
4. Rizatti Bronco RB31GW Diatonic Accordion
Affordable Option - Good sound quality for its price
5. Hohner Compadre Diatonic Accordion
A superb button accordion with a nice design

1. Bayan Tula 209 B-system Stradella

Russian accordions are among the best made in the world. Tula 209-B is a full-time professional accordion with high-end quality.

It’s a Bayan type of accordion. This is also known as the Moscow type, with a bit different sound range and build of the accordion, giving it a bit more melancholic sound than the standard Western European accordions. It has 5 rows of buttons on both sides, with 92 treble and 100 bass buttons. It also comes with a case and straps, so you can easily take it anywhere.

Even though this model is quite pricey, it’s made for professional use, and you get a real high-quality build for that amount of money.

2. Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion

If you’re looking for a great accordion, then it’s definitely worth checking this one out. This Hohner model is an affordable, robust, and good-sounding accordion from one of the best-known manufacturers in the world.

This is a diatonic button accordion that plays in three keys – G, C, and F. You can also buy this same model that plays in different three keys combinations, but we’re presenting this one as it’s the most common combination.

As for the buttons, there are 31 treble buttons, split into three rows, as well as the 12 chords/bass keys. As for the build of the harmonica, it’s made to be enduring but lightweight at the same time. For this amount of money, this is a perfect fit for any beginner looking to buy a quality, sturdy instrument that will last them for years to come.

3. Roland FR-1x piano-type V-Accordion

3. Roland FR-1x piano-type V-Accordion

Even though accordions are mainly acoustic instruments, electronic accordions have been a thing for quite some time now. The Roland FR-1x V-Accordion is one of the best in that niche. This accordion has the looks of the standard piano-type accordion but with so much more hidden inside.

It has built-in speakers so it can be easily used for practice or playing in smaller venues. It operates on a power outlet or 8 AA batteries, which can hold for up to 5 hours of playing time at once. It also has a USB input, so you can change the sounds you have on your accordion.

It comes with 14 different accordion sounds which you can easily switch through if need be. It is lightweight and made with great quality (as we have come to expect from Roland). It makes for a perfect smaller accordion on which you can practice or play, wherever you are, and gives you so much more versatility than the standard accordions do.

4. Rizatti Bronco RB31GW Diatonic Accordion

Here is another standard lower-end model that’s perfect for beginners to start learning the instrument on. RB31GW is a classic diatonic accordion that plays in the C/G/F keys, with 31 treble and 12 bass keys. It’s small, compact, lightweight, and affordable above all.

The sound quality is rather nice and will fit perfectly for anyone looking to start playing the accordion and for a cheaper way to do so. It’s not really great for someone more advanced looking for a more high-end instrument, but hey, you can’t please everyone, right?

5. Hohner Compadre Diatonic Accordion

Seen as Hohner is one of the world leaders in accordion production, it’s no wonder that they have two of them on this list. Hohner Compadre is a great mid-range product that covers a broad audience from beginners to some more advanced players looking for a compact, quality-made accordion.

This is a standard diatonic button accordion with 31 treble keys and 12 bass keys. You can get it in different keys (always three at a time) and different colors.

The design of this accordion is beautiful, and you will always catch the eye of the audience whichever design you choose. The price is higher compared to the Panther models, but with it, you’ll get better sound quality and general quality of the instrument itself.

This is a great model for both beginners looking to buy a bit more high-quality model than the low-end models, so it can last them longer, but also for intermediate players looking to get a mid-range, quality-sounding model that can be used for both practice and gigs as well.

Button or Piano Type Accordion?

This is one of the oldest questions when it comes to the accordion. But, as always, there’s no right answer, as both of them have their pros and cons. Button-type accordions were the first to be made, and once you master them, it’s actually easier to play on that type of accordion as the buttons are much smaller and closer to each other.

This gives you the ability to play scales much faster and more precise. On the downside, it’s much harder to learn the notes, as they are not really logically placed on the buttons.

On the other side, piano type accordions are easier to learn how to play initially, especially if you know how to play the piano beforehand.

But, since they have much bigger keys, they are heavier, harder to play far apart notes, and can house fewer notes than the button type ones can. But, if you master playing one type of accordion, you’ll be great no matter what.

Acoustic or Digital Accordions?

In the last 20 years digital accordions really made a breakthrough in the market. With the development of technology, it’s now possible to have really quality-made accordions that are fully digital in sound.

On the one hand, they provide a much wider range of sounds available, as they are basically synthesizers crammed into the accordion, so you can play any sound you have with them as MIDI controllers.

On the other side, there’s something about the acoustic sound of the accordion that just can’t be caught when you’re playing the digital. In the end, it’s just a matter of your needs and personal preferences, as both are basically the same instrument.


Because there’s such high demand, it’s no wonder that there’s a lot of accordions on the market. Because of their complexity, they are fairly expensive instruments, so you don’t want to make a mistake when you’re buying one.

We hope that this article has helped you make your choice when it comes to buying a beginner accordion. Also, you can find an answer to some of the questions which we believe are the most important when you’re thinking of getting a new accordion.

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