The 10 Best Musical Instrument Toys for Kids (2024)

Music can be very beneficial for the little ones. Why not give your little one a head start with some great musical instrument toys? There are some very creative toys on the market to keep your child interested and engaged.

I’ve selected 10 of the best music instrument toys for your toddlers. Here you will find many different options, from lovely wooden percussion sets to a magic Mozart Cube!

My top recommended musical instrument toy for kids is the VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio. This is an all-in-one mini-kid studio with many songs and sound effects.

My second recommended musical instrument toy for kids is the YEZI Classical Ukulele Guitar. It is a plastic ukulele/guitar with nylon strings.

The Best Musical Instrument Toys for Kids (2024) – At A Glance

And now onto the full list:

1. VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

Top Pick
All-in-one mini kid studio with songs, effects, and karaoke.
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The VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio is an all-rounder when it comes to musical instrument toys for toddlers. It has many interesting features to keep your child engaged and interested.

This mini studio includes over 40 songs and sound effects. It also has a karaoke function to spice things up. The keyboard keys light up according to the song to teach your children to follow along with the song. It is a very interesting and fun musical toy.

Apart from these cool little features, it also comes with a real microphone and voice changer. Not only is it fun but also very educational and beneficial for children. Hopefully, it can get your child interested in music from a very young age.

2. YEZI Classical Ukulele Guitar

Budget Pick
Affordable, plastic ukulele/guitar with nylon strings.
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This realistic mini-ukulele instrument is a great little musical toy for kids. It’s made out of plastic (resembling wood) and it has 4 nylon strings attached. It’s a perfect fit for children’s hands as it’s small and it can be played just like a normal ukulele/guitar.

The strings are classical nylon strings and the instrument is fully tunable. This isn’t just a toy, it’s a miniature version of a great instrument. It’s an affordable and quality-made toy instrument.

3. Hape Pound & Tap Bench Xylophone

A good multifunctional toy for toddlers.
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Next on this list is a multifunctional toy. The Hape Pound & Tap Bench Xylophone is a wooden toy, which comes with a wooden housing with three different balls on top, a slide-out xylophone, and a hammer.

The whole point of this toy is that your child can hammer the balls down onto the xylophone when placed in the housing or they can play with the xylophone separately when taken out. The whole frame is made out of wood and is beautifully colored and age-appropriate.

The xylophone is meant for babies and toddlers to learn basic things about sound. It comes at a great price too.

4. Xylophone Table Music Toys of Ohuhu

Multifunctional instrument toy with many sounds and games.
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This is yet another multifunctional instrument toy. It’s made out of plastic and it’s meant for toddlers to help them learn sounds, colors, develop their motor skills, and so on.

It comes with 18 preprogrammed songs and you can choose to play the xylophone, guitar, piano, trumpet, and drum sounds on it. It also has different preprogrammed games like whack-a-mole that will help keep your kid occupied and happy for a long time.

5. Woodstock Kid's Accordion

Fully-playable kid's accordion with a modest price tag.
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This fully-playable kid’s accordion is a toy for older kids. It’s a 2-octave, 10-button accordion for kids. It’s made out of plastic and is sized down to match kids’ hands.

It’s a fully playable accordion and it comes with a notebook, so your kid can learn some real songs to play on it. It’s also quite sturdy and affordable, and as such can be used as a toy as well as an instrument.

6. Click N' Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat

Really Fun
Gigantic keyboard mat with sounds and mods for kids.
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This really fun keyboard mat reminds me of the walking piano from the old movie ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks. As the name suggests, this is a big keyboard-playing mat, with 24 keys. Since you have to step with your feet, it’s best suited for kids that can already walk.

As for the toy itself, it’s made out of sturdy vinyl, so it will take on anything your kids throw at it. It has 8 different instrument sound sets on it. Also, it has 4 different modes – play, record, demo, and playback.

It’s a different toy not to just learn about music but also for your kids to stay active and train their motor functions when jumping over this toy.

7. Click n' Play Instrument Set

Instrument Set
Affordable instrument set with great design and function.
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With this saxophone and trumpet set, you get two instruments that are great for kids. Each one is made out of plastic with silver finishing paint to make them look realistic.

The instruments themselves have the notes color-coded, so your child can learn how to play songs that come in a songbook very easily. They are tuned fine, so they can be used as a proper instrument to play music (of course, with fewer notes).

It’s a great affordable toy instrument but you should be aware that it’s not really durable since it’s made out of plastic.

8. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Budget-friendly, Simple
Simple, affordable sound toy for toddlers.
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This baby plastic sound toy is not really an instrument as much as it is a toy. It’s made out of plastic, and it’s a cube with 6 different buttons. It plays eight Mozart tunes and by pressing the buttons you can mute or unmute a single instrument. Also, there is a button to play all of the instruments at once.

This is a baby or toddler toy, as it’s used to help kids learn different sounds and evolve their motor skills. You can’t really play anything on it, but it is fun for kids with all the different colors and lights. It needs 3 AA batteries to run it and the price is affordable for this high-quality toy.

9. 3 in 1 Toddler Drum Set Piano Keyboard Xylophone Toys

Multi-instrumental toy with 3 instruments and useful features.
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This multi-instrumental kid toy comes with 3 instruments and is another great multifunctional toy for toddlers. With this toy, you get three different instruments: drums, a xylophone, and a piano.

The keys on the keyboard are color-coded and have different animals on them so you can teach your kid new things besides music. It comes with two drum sticks with which you can play and is made out of plastic.

It has a volume button so you can turn the sound down (A great feature for the parents that might want some peace and quiet).

10. Hape Mighty Mini Band

Quality, Multifunctional
The all-in-one solution when it comes to musical kid toys.
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The Hape Mighty Mini Band is a multicolor, all-in-one melody-making music machine. It has a xylophone, a drum, a cymbal, a guiro, and a clapper, and comes with drumsticks.

When it comes to multifunctional toys for kids, this is one of the best. It is very beneficial for children as it helps develop their rhythmic and audio skills. Quality-wise, it is quite durable and safe for children, so, it screams value for money.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one option, I doubt you’ll find a better one out there than the Hape Mighty Mini Band.

What are the Benefits of Musical Toys for Kids?

Musical toys for kids have many benefits for the little ones. The first, and most important is that it helps your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Apart from that, it can help improve your child’s memory.

The rhythm and tempo options on most of these instruments are also quite beneficial as it teaches them something from a musical aspect very early on. The best musical toys can very well inspire the next generation of musicians. The wide array of instruments like drum sets, flutes, clarinet, xylophone, and more will most likely pique your child’s interest.

In addition, it helps with their sensory development and provides them with a fun activity to play or dance, and burns some energy to sleep better afterward. On a side note, most of these instruments have a volume control so that parents can have some peace and quiet.


As you can see, there are a lot of options on the market and all you have to do is pick the right one. There are many different musical toys that you can get apart from the ones mentioned above like a violin, tambourine, maracas, shaker eggs, and various percussion instruments which are sure to help develop your kid’s love for music in general. Many of these toys are very affordable, so they won’t break the bank!

My top pick is the VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio, an all-in-one mini-kid studio with many songs and sound effects.

My budget pick is the YEZI Classical Ukulele Guitar, a plastic ukulele/guitar with nylon strings that might pique your child’s musical interests.

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