Where to Find Hurdy Gurdies for Sale

The hurdy-gurdy is a stringed musical instrument that creates sound when the crank is turned and a wheel rubs against the strings. The wheel has similarities to a violin bow and also produces very similar sounds to a violin.

Trying to find a good hurdy-gurdy for sale is not the easiest task. This article includes some good places where you can buy one.

Note: If you find a listing for a hurdy-gurdy online and the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is! A good hurdy-gurdy is quite an investment. If something appears to be ridiculously good value, then be extra careful!

That said, a hurdy-gurdy is a great instrument to play, so it can be worth the search!

Where to Find Hurdy Gurdies For Sale?


A fantastic European musical instrument store retailer (check out the Scala vilagio gothic hurdy gurdy on sale)


Screenshot of www.altarwind.com

A full-time professional shop with a variety of high-quality Hurdy Gurdies

Olympic Musical Instruments (hurdygurdy.com)

Screenshot of www.hurdygurdy.com

The North American workshop that provides Hurdy Gurdies, supplies, and repair and restoration services for the instrument

Hurdygurdy.org by Chris Allen and Sabina Kormnlo

Screenshot of www.hurdygurdy.org

Not to be confused by the previous website (it’s .org, not .com!). The expert Hurdy Gurdy makers who create, repair, and sell the instrument

Early Music Shop

Screenshot of earlymusicshop.com

The one-stop online platform to buy Hurdy Gurdies, sheet music, books, accessories, and kits.

Balázs Nagy

Screenshot of folkinstrument.hu

Balázs Nagy has been building and repairing hurdy-gurdies for more than 30 years, as well as other instruments. Balázs Nagy is your guy if you’re looking for an exceptional Hungarian maker of this one-of-a-kind instrument in Europe.

Stanislaw Nogaj

Screenshot of lirakorbowa.com

Since 2003, Stanislaw Nogaj has had his own workshop and has built and maintained hurdy-gurdies.

A note on some of the above Hurdy-Gurdy makers

Some of the hurdy-gurdy makers that you will find are actually family businesses or individual instrument makers. That means that a lot of these instruments are just made to order, and you’re not going to be able to order them ‘off the shelf’.

For that reason, it’s not surprising that a lot of the websites look quite old. They certainly don’t have a big marketing department behind the design.

However, there is a benefit from using small businesses, you will often have a well-created instrument that has been made for you, rather than through a big production process. Also, supporting small businesses is always a good thing!

Hurdy-Gurdies on eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon

If you’re planning to try and buy a hurdy-gurdy through an online marketplace, such as true eBay, Craigslist, or through Amazon marketplace sellers, then be sure to do your homework before buying.

Try your best not to be scammed! Check out the reviews of the seller if possible, try and make sure that they are an actual business, or in the case of them selling a second-hand hurdy-gurdy, that they are a real person!

Try and find a way to contact them directly. If they provide a phone number, it can be a lot easier to try and figure out if they are a genuine person by talking to them on the phone. Your gut can often tell you what you need to know in these situations.

Make sure to research the actual value of the hurdy-gurdy before buying, because some unscrupulous sellers might be looking to make quite a large profit on an item that is not worth it.

Several poor-quality or knockoff hurdy-gurdies are going around so make sure to try and do your homework on this and figure out what is genuine and what is not.

Hurdy-Gurdy Kits – Build Your Own Hurdy-Gurdy (DIY)

Now some ambitious musicians are fond of getting their hands dirty and love to make their own instruments by investing in a Hurdy-Gurdy kit.

These special kits come with all the necessary components that you will need to build the instrument sitting in your living room. 

Most of the kits have pre-cut wooden parts, peg-heads, strings, and musical hardware. Plus, you also get specific assembly instructions with the kit. Indeed, the process takes much more time, attention, and precision.

However, if you’re a fan of DIY projects, every part of it is worth it. Check out this kit by the very well named NerdyGurdy if you want a reference to start with!

Screenshot of www.nerdygurdy.nl

You may also look at the Renaissance Workshop Company in Spain, which offers fully built instruments as well as kits.

Screenshot of www.renwks.com

Procuring Hurdy-Gurdies via Facebook Groups

Social media users know that these platforms are not just for entertainment anymore; they are now fully operational and functional business platforms. Thus, naturally, many people turn to social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, to share and sell their musical instruments. 

On Facebook specifically, you’ll find many groups with people who want to:

  • Sell their used instruments, 
  • Auction their old and rare possessions, 
  • Offer their services to make you one, or 
  • Help you learn how to build one.

Again, do your due diligence before buying anything on these groups, and be extra cautious!

One such example is the Nerdy Gurdy Builders public Facebook group. Here, people share their knowledge and experience regarding building Hurdy Gurdies.

The posts, photos, videos, and insights on the platform help people learn and take inspiration from each other.

Learning to Play the Hurdy-Gurdy

Whether you plan to learn to play the Hurdy Gurdy after purchasing your instrument or you before, the chances are that you are going to need resources for it. For that, here’s what you can do: 

Join A Course 

Many experts offer one-on-one or group classes to teach Hurdy Gurdy, and these classes allow you to be under the direct, expert supervision of a professional teacher.

You can get enrolled in one of these classes online or in person. They help you learn the skill step-by-step while the expert corrects your mistakes and guides you along the way. 

Find Hurdy-Gurdy Lessons on YouTube

Watch YouTube videos and subscribe to specific channels about Hurdy-Gurdies.

Various musical experts share their knowledge, experiences, tips, and tricks to learn how to play the Hurdy-Gurdy, and most importantly, these are absolutely free!

Read Guidebooks 

Many Hurdy-Gurdy professional players have written guidebooks to help people understand and learn the instrument.

You’ll find a variety of options on your favorite online bookstore, music platforms, and shopping websites. For example, here is a book by Doreen And Michael Musket titled The Hurdy-Gurdy Method on Amazon.


You’ll find several others in the recommendations and on other similar platforms. 

Why are Hurdy-Gurdies So Expensive?

Hurdy Gurdies are expensive because they are very complex to make while also being in relatively low demand, therefore they do not benefit from ‘economies of scale’ that we get from the production of other musical instruments.

Did you know that a Hurdy-Gurdy has more than 200 different parts? Consider building such an intricate instrument! It requires more effort, time, and precision. Constructing such a complicated device requires exceptional skills in metal and woodworking. 

There are more than ninety different moving parts in a single Hurdy-Gurdy. Thus, building such a complex curvature is relatively more time-consuming and requires professional knowledge and experience.


For those of you confused about where to find Hurdy-Gurdies for sale, the opportunities and places mentioned above will hopefully be of great help.

Remember, do not be shy about buying second-hand or hand-me-down instruments, especially if you are a beginner. If you find a reasonable price for a classical Hurdy-Gurdy that looks good and works fine, consider giving it a go instead of purchasing an expensive version in the very beginning (just be sure to do your homework before buying to make sure that you are getting a good deal!).

Featured Image: “Dancing Feet: hurdy gurdy man Nicolas Boulerice” by Thom C is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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