10 Ways To Identify Music In Youtube Videos

Have you ever encountered a video with a song or a number of songs embedded in it that you liked, but you could not know its title? One reason this happens is because the user wanted to upload an entire playlist of songs, but didn’t take time to add their titles within the video. Instead, videos are uploaded with more catchy titles like “Songs to comfort you on a hard day” or “Songs to Cheer You Up”.

Fortunately, there are many ways through which you can find out the title of that song that really perked up your attention because of a video on Youtube. Let’s take a look at 10 of these ways, and how they can help you accomplish your quest of identifying that one song you’ve been thinking about.

1. Check The YouTube Description

Take a look at the video’s description. While they don’t always put the title of the songs in the video, it’s often in the description instead (often for copyright and licensing purposes). Nowadays, you can also even find a timestamp on each song. This makes it easier to identify the song you’re looking for if your only lead is the time within the video when it starts playing.

2. Search Through YouTube Comments

The second method is to go through the comments. If the uploader did not put the list of songs in the description, other users sometimes leave a comment including the entire list with timestamps as well. Although others would post questions asking about the songs in the playlist and some users take the time to answer.

3. Ask For The Song Title In The Comments Section

If you’ve gone through the comments and nobody posted anything helpful, you can try asking the question yourself. Most YouTube users are more than happy to answer you. The only drawback to this method, however, is that the answer may be a bit late and you’d already have reached a solution.

4. Use Audiotag.info To Analyze The YouTube Video URL And Identify The Music

If the YouTube community cannot identify the music for you, maybe a music recognition software like Audiotag.info can help. You only need the URL of the music video and the online app can analyze the piece for you. According to Audiotag’s website, it extracts an acoustic “fingerprint” from the video and compares it with a database of known music to identify your song. When the process is done, it gives you a list of possible matches to check.

5. Search The Lyrics Of The Song On Google

Thanks to the presence of lyrics websites, you can use an excerpt of the song’s lyrics in a Google search. You’ll instantly receive hundreds of search results, most of which are accurate as Google simply matches your lyrics against these websites’ databases. What can complicate the process, however, is wrong transcription. Take your time to listen to a verse or two, and make sure the words you’ve jotted down are correct.

6. Ask Music Experts Through A Professional Forum

If you love having conversations online, making a query on a professional music-oriented forum could point you to the right direction. Not only can you find what the song title is, but also you might find interesting tidbits of additional information about it. This comes courtesy of the experts in the forum. You can also take the opportunity to learn many things related to music in general by going through the many topics on the forum.

7. Use Music Recognition Apps Like SoundHound

Besides Audiotag, SoundHound is another music recognition software that you can use to identify any song. It accepts information in a variety of ways, including lyrics input. It also accepts sound bites from your microphone, so you can hum the melody if you’re not sure of the song’s lyrics. Results are not always correct, but you can sing along with the “Live Lyrics” feature included when the identification process is over.

8. Ask Siri To Identify The Song For You

Apple has consistently improved Siri’s performance, ensuring that she can provide assistance for any iOS user. Now that Apple has acquired Shazam, the company has enabled the mobile personal assistant to identify songs as well. Simply play the song, ask Siri “What song is playing” and place the phone close to the speaker. If it recognizes the audio, Siri can compare it to Shazam’s database and give you an answer within a few seconds.

9. Use A Music Identifier Browser Add-on Like AHA Music

The AHA Music browser add-on helps you identify any music you’re currently playing with just one click. It will analyze any media playing on any tab when you click the add-on, and give you information on it like YouTube links, artist, and song title. It also directs you to Deezer or Spotify links as well. All you need to do is install the plug-in to your browser.

10. Ask People On Social Media (TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Last but not least, crowdsourcing on social media is an effective method of seeking out information and referrals. You can post the song on any of your social media accounts, particularly on Twitter and Facebook, and someone from your network will surely give you the answer. This also gets you the answer faster than making similar queries on forums, and Youtube.

Searching for a song that you don’t know has never been easier. You have at least ten methods to identify that song that’s been bothering you for a long time. So, don’t fret the next time you come across a song that you could not recall, as there is plenty of help available for you on the internet!

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