SoundToys 5 – The Best Plugin Bundle?

SoundToys has earned immense popularity among music producers for its range of high-quality and useful plugins. In this article we go through the plugins that are in the fantastic SoundToys plugin bundle.

SoundToys have developed a great reputation for releasing plugins that adds fun and technicality in a single package allowing producers to add a unique angle to their creative post-production process. SoundToys 5 is one wholistic plugin bundle to spice up the sounds of your productions.

The SoundToys 5 bundle plugin combines 21 of SoundToys’ most successful effect plugins in an all-in-one package.

The whole bundle’s price is far lower than buying plugins separately. Each of the plugins are built in a relatively consistent interface, so it’s easy to just back and forth between them.

If you’re looking for some pro plugins that can really emulate analog processing to a great level, these are ones to check out.


Crystallizer is the most favored plugin of the bundle among musicians. It is a granular echo processor that takes a note and runs with it. Also, the Crystallizer delays a portion of the audio that you input, which is called Splice. This tool features a combination of granular echo slicing and traditional pitch shifting with phenomenal precision.


It is an analog saturation modeler that inculcates a natural vibe of analog gear in your tracks. You get to witness the software’s impeccable flexibility and convenience along with the authentic feel of a gear. This plugin can produce subtle sounds along with a ‘punish’ button that takes the sound on a whole other level by pushing it over the edge. Whether you want a subtle tone or a mean punch to your snare, Decapitator will become your favorite go-to plugin.


As the name suggests, it is an echo-delay plugin. It features a mono, dual, ping-pong delay, and rhythm echo. The plugin wisely uses the SoundToys’ cutting-edge technology that enables you to alter the rhythm of your delays. This versatile and easy to use, plugin can be switched to Rhythm Echo mode for a unique delay effect.

EchoBoy Jr.

Like its older version, EchoBoy, this plugin is also an analog echo modeler that posses its predecessor’s original attributes. However, it’s a sleek, new plugin that is user friendly and sports a straightforward GUI with seven powerful analog emulations. You will also find three stereo processing modes, such as regular, wide, and ping-pong.

Little AlterBoy

This plugin was once offered as freeware by SoundToys. It is a qualified vocal pitch-shifter and harmony-processor in a single package. Little AlterBoy enables shifting of a vocal’s pitch, achieved by either adding or diminishing 12 semitones. Creating harmonies, turning an individual voice to a choir, or even creating a hard-tuned robotic effect is possible with this nifty plugin.

Little Plate

The fantastic effect of electromechanical plate reverb with Little Plate has a modern twist. The original EMT 140 plate reverb inspired the plugin’s design. The sound enamors a warm, spacious, and slightly dark vibe that is exquisite to listen to. With a simple control panel, this plugin can raise the reverberation time to more than 5 seconds, which is a lot higher with decay time set to infinity.

Primal Tap

SoundToys launched a full version plugin, Primal Tap, along with an off-shoot version, which is discussed below. It is a retro dual delay model with a “freeze” function for the lo-fi character of vintage tape delays. An integrated LFO section provides the user with even more modulation potential. This plugin is perfect for achieving a retro vibe on your tracks with a ton of preset options.

Little PrimalTap

Rooted in the classic Lexicon Prime Time inspiration, this plugin captures the similar highly distinctive quirky and renowned echo effect of a vintage digital delay. The interface is simple to use. The plugin allows the users to apply a host of amazing sound effect such as, distort, deform, or crush the sound for grit and spunk to their productions. The loops, warps, and echoing features give you the tone with a distinct vintage vibe.

Devil-Loc Deluxe

This addictive new plugin has the same effect that the Decapitator offers. It is an impressive audio destructor to add an aggressive aura to the drum notes. The plugin is a powerful compressor to add that crushing and pounding effect. This one also includes a “darkness” control for tone. You can get a bit of evil goodness to the soul of your tracks.


Based on the legendary Altec 1567A tube mixer from the 1960s, this plugin takes vocals and drums to another level. The Top indie producers highly appreciate the plugin. Radiator gives your music the classic hardware vibe as it brings the sound of a Mowtown Era classic to your DAW with perfection. This analog mixer-equalizer gives your tune the distinctive good old-fashioned hardware noise.

Little Radiator

This SoundToys plugin is a sure way to add a touch of 60s warmth to your tracks. It is an emulation of the Altec 1566A, a small-sized preamplifier from the Mowtown Era. The plugin adds character, richness, and depth to your musical work. Moreover, the Little Radiator produces harmonic distortions that are rich and beautiful.


If you feel that your track sounds like a rail and needs to be made fuller, then MicroShift is your perfect plugin. It allows a classic stereo widening trick with just a push of a button. It runs through vocals, synthesizers, or guitars- thickening it up and providing loads of space.

Little MicroShift

Are you thinking if widening some of your background vocals? The Little MicroShift is an ideal SoundToys plugin to serve the purpose. It is a streamlined version of the original MicroShift with three different stereo widening trick effects. You can easily feel the vibe of quintessential hardware pitch shifters like the Eventide H3000 and the AMs DMX 15-80s.


The analog emulation for achieving the tremolo effect for guitar and other instruments is possible by the Tremolator plugin. It gives the tremolo effect of classic hardware like the old Fendor Vibrolux guitar amplifier. The dynamic controls enable real-time musical and emotional expression. It is quite easy to create cool speedups or slowdowns with amazing software based on how loud or soft you play.


It is a marvelous boutique EQ that employs exciting, smooth curves that infuse your mixes with spacious highs, smooth lows, and great tone. This German engineered technology adds a new color to your EQ palette. No matter how much space and air you boost, its incredible high-end filter emulates perfectly on any track.

FilterFreak and FilterFreak 2

The two versions of FilterFreak plugin are a successful example of accomplishing the analog effect to perfection, offering the peculiar resonant filtering power. Instead of one, these two plugins together add character to the track. From smooth, silky analog feel to grimy, resonant squelches, this plugin can provide all combinations. The plugin includes 7 different analog saturation styles.

Phase Mistress

A perfect phaser, this plugin delivers rich phase sweeps, deep analog vibes, and tempo-locked modulations. It brings a new level of phase-shifting by an analog model, as you can easily improvise the silky, funky sounds of a massive series of hardware phasers. The plugin has 69 different phasing styles altogether.


With a twisted effect, PanMan plugin runs through the track to give it a special touch while moving the audio back and forth in the stereo field. The custom auto panning effect locks perfectly with your song’s tempo.


Another audio destruction plugin, Devil-Loc promises extremely devious effects. The plugin is an efficient compressor and destroyer that adds stealth and punch to the drum sounds. It can fully make a drab sounding drum pump with excitement and ambiance. The plugin supports a straightforward two knob-functioning interface.


SoundToys 5 is one of the best plugin bundles. It delivers impeccably in terms of performance and sound quality, and the bundle features so many great and unique plugins.

If you want to check out some alternatives, check out our article on the 5 best plugin bundles.

The plugins have made it easier for the music producers to add vintage, analog studio sound to the production by using emulation models uniquely and creatively. The bundle not only brings authentic and innovative sound effects but is also accompanied by several excellent presets.

The bundle might seem pricey initially, but for 21 amazing plugins, I think it’s a great investment.

Hence, these plugins have become the go-to options for many producers who rely on its signature audio processors and first-class sound effects to add versatility to their music recordings.

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