Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects Pedal Review

The Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects pedal is a striking pedal that combines two very important effects in one unit. It offers great sound shaping options and high-quality tonal capabilities, all for a very reasonable price.

Boost and compression are two of the most popular types of effects pedals for guitarists. They can elevate your guitar sound, adding depth and dimension whether you’re playing clean or distorted.

I’ll be sharing my experience with the Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects Pedal in this review. You can also check out my detailed video review of this pedal through the link below and hear how it sounds for yourself.


Value for money


Sound quality


Design & controls


Connectivity options





The Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects Pedal is a great choice for those looking to add depth and dimension to their guitar sound. It's easy to use, sounds fantastic, and is reasonably priced. With a compact design that saves space on your pedalboard, this pedal is a solid choice for any guitarist.


  • Combines two effects in one unit
  • Sleek design with unique white color
  • Intuitive controls for easy use
  • Versatile sound-shaping options
  • Reasonable price for the quality


  • Sustain control hums on high settings
  • 9V DC power adapter not included

General Thoughts

Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects Pedal
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My general thoughts on the Nux Masamune are extremely positive. It is a versatile and user-friendly pedal with a lot of options to play around with. Combining two effects in one unit saves space on the pedalboard, making it an attractive option for musicians. The design is sleek, and the white color sets it apart from other pedals on the market. Overall, the quality and price of the pedal are well-balanced.

Design & Controls

Made of durable metal, the Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects Pedal is built to last. The controls are intuitive, with separate foot switches and knobs for the compressor and boost. The overall weight of this pedal is very decent and just feels rugged.

It features two clip modes (Hi-Cut & Clip Mode) and a blend button for parallel compression, allowing for flexible sound-shaping. The back of the pedal also houses a Signal Routing switch for even more customization options. Naturally, you also have dials for Drive, Boost Level, Comp Level, and Sustain.


The pedal offers standard connectivity options, including input and stereo output connections (6.3 mm or 1/4 inch jacks). It requires a 9V DC power adapter, which is not included in the package.


The sound quality of the Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects Pedal is excellent. The compressor effect smooths out the guitar sound, while the boost effect adds punch and power. It works well in both clean and distorted settings. The sustain control does hum a bit on high settings, but this is a minor issue.

Both these effects are very evident when you turn them on. The compressor works beautifully, even at a low setting. The boosted tone is just as you’d expect it so no issues here whatsoever.


Considering the sound quality and versatility, the Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects Pedal is reasonably priced. It falls in the middle range of the market, making it accessible to many musicians. Keep in mind that you get two effects for the price of one.


Though there aren’t any pedals that combine boost and compression like the Nux Masamune, there are separate effects pedals that perform well. The MXR M133 Micro Amp is an excellent booster pedal that has a very plain appearance, and robust construction, but it is a powerful booster.

If you’re looking for a compressor pedal, the Keeley Compressor Plus is a solid option with a well-rounded design and many sound-shaping options. However, if you’re looking for both effects at a more affordable price, the Nux Masamune is the way to go.


All in all, the Nux Masamune Boost & Compressor Effects pedal is an aesthetically-pleasing device that combines two effects for the price of one. It’s well-built, has a ton of options to play around with, and is incredibly versatile for a modestly-priced pedal. The only issues are the slight hum on the sustain when it’s on a high setting and the lack of a power adapter included in the package.

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