13 Free Nexus Expansion Packs

ReFX Nexus is great for beat-making purposes. That said, a beatmaker/producer needs to have a large arsenal of sounds to create electrifying, thumping beats, and Nexus expansion packs are a great way to expand your sound library.

There are several FREE Nexus expansion packs out there that can diversify and increase your music-making tools. Here are 13 free Nexus Expansion packs you can download today.

  1. Wrecks Nexus Trap Expansions by Wrecks: A Trap preset library that includes strings, bass, various hits, pads, bells, and more of the sort, suitable for trap producers and artists.
  2. FREE “TRAP LUV” REFX NEXUS EXPANSION PACK (24 PRESETS) by RayBeatz808: A beat-making Trap preset pack with 24 preset sounds that include kicks, snares, lo-fi sounds, and other melodies.
  3. Young Chop Nexus Presets by Beatsmith: A Young Chop-inspired preset pack that comes with 9 presets like piano, string, brass, synth, bells, and more, perfect for creative trap producers.
  4. Holy Trap Mary Nexus Expansion by Beatsmith: Apart from a stunning name, this is a huge preset pack with almost 200 trap presets, along with nearly 500 drum samples for immersive music-making.
  5. WAVLAND NEXUS PRESET BANK XP by FrescoDaTrackGod: A 50-preset Nexus expansion pack that is great for Trap beat-making and sound-enhancing purposes.
  6. Nexus 6 SFX Sample Pack by Rory Khan Mohon: Thumping 26-sample pack that includes various drum and percussion sounds, along with some pads for that nice rhythmic element.
  7. Nice Keys by Los CJ: A piano-oriented preset pack for hip-hop, trap, and electronic music that comes with 34 presets of beautiful piano sounds.
  8. ReFx Nexus XP Expansion by Producer’s Plug.com: A cool preset expansion pack for Nexus that suits hip-hop, trap, and R&B, with nice samples, melodies, and percussions.
  9. Big Orchestra Nexus Expansion by Beatsmith: Custom Orchestral expansion pack with 30 presets for versatile music-making with pianos, bells, strings, flutes, and other instruments.
  10. STRAIGHT FROM DA TRAP 3 by CRAM: A dope-sounding pack with 50 drum kit sounds for hip-hop, trap, R&B, electronic, and even pop genres.
  11. The Trap Kid ReFX Nexus Expansion by ProducerGrind: A 97-preset Nexus expansion pack that accommodates hip-hop/trap producers with great sounds, melodies, and instruments for creative work.
  12. Refx Nexus preset expansion by Vst plugin Nexus: An immersive preset expansion pack that comes with 24 presets for electronic music-making purposes, incorporated with various elements, instruments, and ambient sounds.
  13. A1 SAUCE NEXUS EXPANSION | 50+ PRESETS by CRAM & YJ: Another Trap Nexus expansion pack, with over 50 sounds to play with, comes with brass instruments, leads, arps, and more creative tools for creative beat-making.

Are Free Nexus Expansion Packs worth it?

Naturally, any free sample pack/library is worth it because it ultimately increases the creative tools a producer has to work with. Beat-making is a creative process and the more tools you have, the better the outcome will eventually be.

Having the option to choose from a plethora of sounds, samples, instruments, and melodies allows for better ideas and fewer restrictions while making the next trap, hip-hop, R&B, or any other hit.

Can you create a professional-sounding beat with Free Nexus Expansion Packs?

Despite being free, these expansion packs can very well be used to create a professional beat. The producer is ultimately responsible for the outcome and not the preset library. The creative process, along with mixing, mastering, and editing is what makes a beat professional.

These expansion packs are just a means of expanding your library so you can have the freedom and creativity to create a pro-grade beat. The more the merrier!


Free Nexus Expansion Packs are definitely worth it because they provide more creative options for producers. These expansion packs can be used to create professional-sounding beats with the right mixing, mastering, and editing.

Having a large library of sounds, samples, instruments, and melodies helps the producer create better music. Consequently, these expansion packs are great tools for any music producer.

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