The 10 Best Musician Forums (2024)

There are several fantastic forums to visit, so you have a big supply of musicians at your fingertips with helpful advice and answers for just about anything. You’ll be able to express yourself and acquire new insights into the internet music community.

Every day, there’s someone around the world who picks up a new musical instrument. Some take lessons from a teacher while others decide to do it on their own. 

However, one thing that every musician has in common is that we’ve been confused about something or the other at one point. It could be about a song, a particular technique, or music gear.

In such cases, musician forums are a blessing. Most people today are using the internet, so you have a large pool of musicians ready with helpful tips and solutions to pretty much any problem you’ve faced. 

There are plenty of brilliant forums to go to. But today, I’m going to focus on the top 10. Some are for a specific instrument while some are all-inclusive.

1. Songstuff 

Songstuff is basically your quintessential musician forum. It’s a jack-of-all-trades platform that covers everything related to music. Its topics range from music creation to songwriting and even industry roles. You could find vital information about anything or have fun discussions.

The Songstuff community hosts a wide mix of musicians of all experience levels. So not only will you see questions from people in the same boat as you, but also helpful answers from seasoned professionals.

The whole community is very amicable and inviting. In fact, over the years, Songstuff has turned into quite the place for networking with fellow musicians.

2. SoundonSound 

One of the premiere sound recording and production forums on the internet, SoundonSound is the place to be if you’re a producer, mixer, or a recording engineer. It is home to both amateurs and professionals alike.

There are around a couple hundred thousand posts on recording, mixing, mastering, and post-production alone. The forum also posts the latest news and updates from the industry, industry insights, reviews, and instruments.

Many posts on SoundonSound are DIY posts, so you get to learn a lot from them. It has also become a hub for collaboration with its distance recording sub-forum. 

3. Music Banter 

Music Banter is an ideal place for any music lover. It’s one of the few forums on this list that isn’t necessarily made for professional recording musicians. 

Music Banter is where thousands of music appreciators or aficionados gather together to discuss sounds in all forms. There is a general music forum and there are individual sub-forums for specific genres. 

On top of that, there are subforums where you can post album reviews, ratings, or journals. There’s also an artists’ corner that allows you to post about instruments, production/recording, and songwriting.

4. WeAreTheMusicMakers

With over 1.7 million active users, We Are The Music Makers is a forum on the internet’s biggest social discussion website. The forum, or as Reddit calls them subreddit, is a great place for music makers to post and discuss the music-making process. 

While you can view threads freely, you will need a Reddit account to post. It’s a good thing, though as Reddit has many other music-related subreddits which you will find useful. 

There are weekly feedback and promotional threads on the subreddit. Also, there is an unofficial discord server, which makes it more interactive. 

5. Taxi 

Taxi is a US-based independent A&R. The platform is a popular place among musicians and artists who are actively looking for gigs to perform. This is because it provides a gateway to many major and indie record labels, film and TV music supervisors, music publishers and so much more. 

Taxi has different threads that allow you to do everything from discussing music in general to post/view all the technical stuff. You can also promote yourself and find tonnes of success stories about artists who have found work through the forum.

6. Bandmix

If you’re a musician without a band, you know how hard it is to find fellow musicians to perform with. Well, Bandmix is a forum just for you. 

Bandmix is an online platform that brings local bands and musicians together and helps them mingle with each other. And it is quite easy to do so through the site. You simply create a profile, detailing your style, experience, instrument, etc. and Bandmix will patch you through to potential matches. 

As of now, Bandmix provides its services in eight countries.

7. LetsTalkMusic

Need a place to geek out about your favorite music? The subreddit Let’s Talk Music is probably your haven.

The community on this subreddit is full of passionate music lovers who just want to discuss music. You are bound to find interesting topics from all genres that can often turn into long and hearty chats. 

People constantly post new music or their personal favorites. So, it’s also a nice way of finding new music. 

8. Korg Forums

Korg is one of the leading electronic musical instruments brands in the world. So, having a big userbase naturally means that they’ll need a place to come together and talk about either the brand or their instruments. 

Korg Forums is such a platform for Korg product users and musicians from all over the world. You can catch the latest news about the company, its new releases, product queries, or just music in general. 

9. PianoWorld

PianoWorld is a place that is all about pianos. There is plenty of information about acoustic pianos, digital pianos, synths and keyboards on the website. In fact, over six million articles have been posted on it so far.

PianoWorld is home to many amateur and professional musicians. It is a very friendly place to show off your skills or ask whatever question you have in your mind. 

There’s a quirky Composers’ Lounge, which is basically an AMA with professional composers. Pianoworld is also a great place to find a piano for sale listings. 

10. Drummerworld

If you have to know one thing about the drumming community is that they are incredibly supportive and helpful. Drummerworld exemplifies just that. 

It is a great little hideout for drummers to post about general topics, discuss their favorite drummers, get tips about grueling techniques, catch the latest happenings in the drumming world or even find drum shops around the world. 

Drummerworld is a gold mine of information related to drums. So, if you’re a new drummer or a seasoned vet, you should be bookmarking this forum.


Music forums are a great way to connect with fellow musicians, music aficionados, and industry veterans. These forums are powerhouses of information for everything related to the musical world. They are also home to extensive communities that love sharing their thoughts on various topics including new releases, old favorites, or general music-related queries.

If you’re looking to join some good music forums then look no more. This is a list of ten great options for you to join and start learning new things.

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