The 10 Best Melody Generator Plugins (2024)

A melody generator plugin is a music-production tool designed to create quasi-random melody and chord patterns on the go. Usually driven by some form of automation or artificial intelligence (AI) technology, melody generator plugins are designed to help musicians to come up with new melodic and harmonic ideas.

Melody generator plugins are useful because they can help with writer’s block. If you’re finding it hard to start a new song or come up with an interesting chord progression, melody generator VSTs allow you to get the inspiration you’re missing. Phrases and patterns can later be edited according to each producer’s preferences, and they should be used merely as a guideline.

In this article, I will list the best melody generator plugins on the market and give you an overview of what each one’s capable of. Some can be used to create melodies, other chord progressions, and other simple riffs; either way, they’re all very useful for both beginner and advanced music composers.

1. Melody Sauce 2

Featuring a unique interface and workflow, EVAbeat's Melody Sauce 2 is one of the most complete melody generator VSTs out there. It can be used to create both new melodies and new chords and works as an endless source of inspiration. Crucially, it sets itself apart from the competition for two reasons: being genre-based and featuring a built-in sound engine.

Since Melody Sauce 2 can create musical phrases based on genre, it offers a decent amount of control to music producers. Some of the listed genres include hip-hop, EDM, and even reggaeton. More than just a MIDI-based plugin, Melody Sauce 2 also features its own sounds (and even a few built-in effects), which means it's very easy to preview melodies and chords.

2. Scaler 2

Just like Melody Sauce 2, Scaler 2 (arguably its strongest competitor, but they're also great when used together) also includes its own sounds and allows for an endless array of melodic and harmonic combinations. So, what is it that truly makes it special? For one, it's more centered on music-theory notions; in addition, it's best for generating complex MIDI articulations that can make a huge difference in the end product.

MIDI articulation is small editable automation that can, among other things, make a virtual instrument sound much more realistic and expressive. If you're working exclusively inside a DAW, this is a game-changer. Unlike Melody Sauce 2 - designed to fit the needs of producers who know nothing about music theory - Scaler 2 is very comprehensive when it comes to theory, to the point of featuring an interactive circle of fifths.

3. Melodya

Melody generator plugins are all about getting quick, easy results. But if you're a bit of a control freak (in a good way), then you should probably give Melodya a try. Created by MusicDevelopments, this plugin allows you to create new musical phrases with one click and includes numerous edit features.

A big pro of using Melodya is the fact that its interface is very familiar. It uses a piano-roll style window, meaning you won't have to convert Melodya-generated melodies and chords to MIDI to get access to all the edit features you're used to. It also features three powerful rhythm generators, so you can easily enhance previously-generated musical phrases with groove changes.

4. Chordjam

One of the most inspiring ways of starting a new music project is by coming up with a nice chord progression. But if you feel like your chords are getting too boring, you may need the help of Audiomodern Instruments' Chordjam. Putting it simply, Chordjam is one of those random chord generator plugins that allow you to quickly come up with new chord progressions with the click of a button.

Chordjam's progressions can feature as many as five voices, can be snapped to a certain tempo, and can be adapted to many scales. The built-in velocity function is also great for adding grooves and expressions to chord progressions. While it is not as comprehensive as some of the other melody generators on this list, it stands out for being simple, straight-to-the-point, and getting the job done.

5. Riffer

In the music-making process, the simplest things are sometimes the hardest to come by. Luckily, Audiomodern Instruments developed a plugin known as Riffer, which is the best tool around to generate short, catchy melodic phrases. When you already have the chords to a song, but you need that special ear-candy melody, Riffer is the VST you'll want to have in your folder.

A no-nonsense music-composition assistant app, Riffer is very easy to use. Just select a key, choose a root note, and generate a random, short melodic phrase. You can change the velocity, quantization, and shuffle so the generated riffs fit your pre-existing song flawlessly.

6. AudioCipher

Described as a "music inspiration app," AudioCipher is a one-of-a-kind melody generator plugin that allows you to convert speech into musical ideas. If you love to experiment with new things, you have to try AudioCipher. Its results can be quite unexpected, but they're nonetheless inspiring.

The idea behind AudioCipher is very simple: you type a few words inside a box, select a root and scale, and get a corresponding pseudo-random melody. Melodies created inside AudioCipher can easily be converted into MIDI and dragged into your DAW of choice (Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaper, FL Studio, etc).

7. RapidComposer

Produced by MusicDevelopments - the same people who brought us Melodya - RapidComposer is yet another melody generator powerhouse with as many editing features as one could've asked for. Perfect for advanced composers with good knowledge of music theory, it also features a familiar piano-roll-style interface and roman-numerals approach to chord progressions.

You can use RapidComposer to create melodies and chords that can be immediately converted to MIDI or extensively edited inside the plugin. The fact that melodies and chords can be generated according to instruments (bass, piano, etc.) is a great plus, as it should provide you with a decent amount of control.

8. Forager

Forager, by Harvest Plugins, is a melody generator plugin for chords described as inspiring, fun, and unique. The plugin's standout is its interface, which is designed so everybody - from beginners to advanced composers - can come up with unexpected chord progressions.

Another big pro is the fact that Forager is compatible with MIDI instruments, meaning you don't have to drag generated chord clips to different tracks. You can select a VST (such as a virtual piano or synthesizer), use Forager as an effect, and start having fun on the go. It's great for auditioning results without the hassle of working with two tracks simultaneously.

9. Chordz

Chordz is the least powerful melody generator VST on the list, but it has a big plus: it's free! You can get Chordz for the price of nothing and use it to create full chords out of one single note. Think of it as a traditional Chord MIDI effect but with a lot of advanced features.

You can adapt the attack and decay of up to five voices, as well as make changes to each one's velocity. While it isn't exactly what you'd expect from a melody-generator tool, it's great for coming up with new sounds while playing a virtual instrument with a MIDI keyboard. The number of available presets (over 40 chord templates and 50 chord types) is also pretty impressive.

10. Captain Melody EPIC

Captain Plugins EPIC offers a variety of plugins that help with generating and composing a song. Captain Melody EPIC is a melody generator plugin, part of a large family of VST plugins that offer chord progressions (Captain Chords), drum patterns, basslines, and more, that helps producers with the creative process of music-making. With more than 27 musical genres at your disposal, infinite melody ideas generated through the algorithm, and over 250 built-in instruments, this is a feature-packed plugin, without question.

This plugin is extremely useful if you want to generate entire ideas, regardless of your skill level, song key, scale, and so forth. Simply select a key, rhythm, and style, and the software will do the rest. You can even sort your project by Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, and Drop. The interface is very intuitive, showcasing which notes are considered more interesting, tense, and even off-scale, therefore, you can always change the idea and shape a new one based on your preference.


Melody Generators are great tools for creating new ideas and concepts for songs. They provide a creative spark that can help you write better melodies and chord progressions. While some Melody Generators are more powerful than others, they all have their unique capabilities that can be useful in the right situation. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to experiment with new sounds, a Melody Generator can help you get the creative juices flowing and take your music to the next level.

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