The 10 Best Free Guitar Tuner Apps for Android and iOS

There are many guitar tuner apps available online, so we’ve decided to make a list of some of the best ones for both Android and iOS.

All of these apps are free to download and use for standard tuning, but some require in-app purchases to access extra features.

1. Guitar Tuna

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

GuitarTuna is a free versatile app where tuning can be done manually or automatically.

Tuning settings for other stringed instruments are also available, which is a useful feature since many guitarists also play bass, ukulele, or even banjo.

There’s also a built-in metronome, a chord library, and a bunch of games to help you learn how to play guitar.

In summary, GuitarTuna is incredibly simple to use and has precise results, with additional features to assist you in learning the guitar.

2. Fender Tune

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

Fender Tune is a free app that has some exciting features, such as Auto mode, which can identify which string is played and how much it has to be tuned.

There are four tuning modes available in the app, which include Auto mode, Manual mode, Chromatic mode, and Pro Tuner mode. There are some options for tuning presets, including the standard (EADGBE), Open D, Drop C, Open G, and Drop D.

Overall, Fender Tune is a great choice if you are looking for a functional guitar tuner app with some added features.

3. Guitar Tuner – Chromatic

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Get it on: App Store (Apple)

Guitar Tuner – Chromatic is a free app that is well-known for its high precision and features for beginners and professionals.

Tuning acoustic, classical, and electric guitars is easy with the app since the layout is simple to use.

In summary, the Guitar Tuner – Chromatic app is great since it offers accurate tuning and is compatible with many instruments. You can see how close you are to being in tune with a display needle dial.

4. Pano Tuner

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

Pano Tuner is a free app that provides users with a simple experience, making it suitable for beginners. It’s a chromatic tuner with an accurate detection system.

Pano Tuner also has the option to let users view the notes as letter notes or as Do Re Mi, as well as the choice between seeing sharps or flats.

To disable advertisements and allow non-standard tunings, in-app purchases have to be made.

Overall, Pano Tuner is a great choice due to its simplistic approach. There aren’t many additional features, but many users prefer the developers’ decision to keep the app basic.

5. BOSS Tuner

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

BOSS Tuner is a free app that uses chromatic tuning for instruments. There is visual feedback while tuning the guitar, and the tuning range of the app is extensive.

The automated tuning fork is convenient and easy-to-use. Each instrument can be tuned in a variety of ways to achieve the desired tone, and you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of in-app purchases.

In summary, this is the app to use for those who want to play their guitar and other instruments like a pro.

6. gStrings

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Get it on: Google Play

The free gStrings guitar tuner app has a display that is big and readable, making tuning convenient.

The automatic mode can be used to play a string and have the app show how out of tune the guitar is, or you can have the app play a reference note for you to tune manually. Also, the sensitivity of a phone’s microphone can be modified using the software with the goal of decreasing background noise.

Overall, gStrings has a clear display, and it’s easy to use. You’ll find several configuration options in the app, including the ability to tune non-stringed instruments.

7. Pitched Tuner

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

Chromatic and instrument tuning modes are available in the free Pitched Tuner app. The frequency is measured using a tuner needle and dial. You can configure the interface style, volume sensitivity, tuning pitch, and note name.

Through in-app purchases, you can also use custom tunings and remove advertisements.

In summary, Pitched Tuner is a sleek and functional guitar tuner app. It has a simple and straightforward interface that appeals to guitarists of all skill levels, particularly beginners.

8. DaTuner Guitar Tuner

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Get it on: Google Play

DaTuner Guitar Tuner is available in both a free and a paid version. This application is all about convenience, but it does have other useful features, such as auto-sensitivity settings.

The app can be used for a variety of string instruments, including the guitar, trumpet, and harp.

Overall, DaTuner equips users adequately with guitar tuning features. The app has a very basic style, but it is accurate and efficient.

9. Guitar Tuner Pro

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

Guitar Tuner Pro lets you reliably tune your guitar, bass, or ukulele. The software is ideal for beginners, intermediates, or advanced guitar players learning how to tune their instrument easily.

With the app, you can pick between manual or automatic mode, and the library of 2640 chords lets you explore and play different music notes.

Overall, Guitar Tuner Pro is an intuitive app with an easy interface which makes it quicker to use when tuning your guitar.

10. Ultimate Guitar Tuner

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Get it on: Google Play

Ultimate Guitar Tuner is a chromatic tuner that’s accurate, quick, and simple to use. Using your phone, you can tune your guitar, bass, ukulele, or mandolin in seconds.

The app can be used for electric and acoustic guitars and works by analyzing signals from the phone. The app’s layout is easy to understand and gives clear instructions so you can make the proper adjustments to your guitar.

In summary, Ultimate Guitar Tuner is easy-to-use and great for Android users who want the most features out of an app without having to resort to in-app purchases.

How Accurate Are Guitar Tuning Apps?

Guitar tuning apps offer decent accuracy for casual use. However, you can expect more accurate tuning from high-quality store-bought tuners, as they are built directly for this purpose.

Should I Buy a Guitar Tuner or Use an App?

Apps are good for beginners and casual tuning at home or in quiet places. However, once you start performing in groups, studios, or on stage, it will be easier to use a guitar tuner.


Tuners are a must for guitarists at every level of their journey. They are one of the first accessories you need to buy when you get a guitar. The guitar tuner apps mentioned in this article are accurate and reliable.

We hope you enjoyed this list and found a good guitar tuner app as a result of it!

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