The 13 Best Free Serum Skins

Serum is an amazing synth plugin, but easy to get into a creative block when using any plugin for a long time. In that case, trying out a new serum skin can give it a fresh look and get you into a new creative zone! 

Alright, now let’s explore some of the best free Serum skins that you can get for free.

1. Xfer Serum Skin - Sketch

The Sketch Serum skin boasts a 2D-drawing style that can totally change how your synth plugin looks. The theme is dominated by a dark grey color, with some yellow and black accents that complement the overall appearance. I particularly like that the filter panel is made to look like a post-it note!


If dark Serum skins aren’t your thing, you should definitely take a look at FROST Serum skin. It features a light, snowy theme, hence its name.

The skin is quite sleek, and it makes navigating the panels and knobs easy. Forget about cluttered skins that make your job harder!

3. Rick N Morty Serum Skin

Inspired by the Rick and Morty TV series, this serum skin adds a touch of fun to your Serum synth. It’s by no means “goofy”, though. In fact, the skin looks a bit mysterious, and you may not even be able to tell that it’s influenced by a TV series unless you actually watched it.

4. Serum Ableton Skin

The Serum Ableton skin is yet another dark-themed skin that integrates orange and grey-colored elements. You can easily tell that this skin is minimalistic because of its 2D structure.

The Ableton skin is great for anyone who appreciates dark themes that still make everything easy to spot by including some light-themed parts.

5. Kompany

One of the things that make the Kompany Serum skin stand out is its unique background. Instead of using a plain background, this theme integrates some yellow elements that give it a sleeker look without overwhelming the front-layer components like the panels and knobs.

This skin provides the perfect blend between sleekness and fun!

6. Qoiet x Antidote Audio FREE Serum Skin

The Qoiet x Antidote Serum skin is designed for those looking for something bold. It’s great for maximalists who like dark skins with lots in the design.

The background includes blue elements that look like electric charges.

7. Miruku Serum Skin

Miruku is a Serum skin that greys out most of the panels and knobs so you have to trust your ears! It’s a strange one but might be worth checking out if you want to come at making synth patches from a different angle! Also, look at the illustrations in the background!

8. Xfer Serum Master Edition Skin

The Xfer Serum Master Edition skin sports a dark-toned appearance accentuated by shades of yellow in the panels. It’s probably going to be overwhelming for some, but no doubt, others will like the bright-colored theme.

The area around the knobs is light-themed, which is a welcome addition as it makes it easier for you to locate them.

9. Serum Colorful Xr

Don’t like unicolor skins? Then you’re in luck because the Serum Colorful Xr is here to take the boredom out of your plugin. It has some playful colors like pink, red, and purple. The knobs are white, which is a bit different too.

And despite including multiple bright colors, the skin is still dark-themed for the most part.

10. Xfer Serum Pro Skin

The Xfer Serum Pro skin looks pretty similar to the original design but with a few changes.


The Dirty Teal skin is a clean and very nicely designed theme. It’s a very functional design with nicely contrasted elements without cluttering the interface.

12. Serum Colorful Xs

The Serum Colorful Xs is a Serum skin has unique color accents. Another noteworthy feature is the reddish piano roll. It’s an unconventional skin and certainly won’t be for everyone, but it’s all about your own preferences!

13. SERUM 98

The Serum 98 skin is made for traditionalists who like to keep things as simple as possible. As its name implies, this theme is inspired by Windows 98, giving it a retro appearance. You can easily tell that it looks like it was taken out of Windows 98 due to the dominant grey color; how nostalgic!


Trying out a new Serum skin is a great way to give new life to your plugin. If you’re into simple themes, check out the Serum 98 and Dirty Teal skins.

Got a thing for dark-themed skins? Then you might want to consider giving the Xfer Serum Pro or Meruku skins a shot. Finally, you can take a look at the Sketch and “Rick and Morty” skins if you want a serum skin that’s a little out of the ordinary.

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