The 10 Best Free AutoTune Plugins (2024)

AutoTune is an audio processor that automatically corrects out-of-tune vocal performances. Developed by Antares in the mid-90s, AutoTune has since become a popular type of plugin. Today, there are many alternatives to the original AutoTune, including some high-quality plugins available for free.

Pitch-correction plugins are frequently used nowadays and significantly improve the process of recording while also saving time in the studio. The original Antares AutoTune is one of the best VSTs in the world, but there are plenty of free alternatives that work just as great. Below, you can find today’s 10 best free AutoTune plugins.

1. MAutoPitch

When it comes to free plugins, MeldaProduction really shines. All of their free VSTs are great, but MAutoPitch is particularly amazing. This pitch-correction tool works in real-time and allows music producers to choose between four different types of scales: chromatic, major, minor, and pentatonic.

The possibility to add and remove notes from standard scales makes MAutoPitch as versatile as any pitch correction plugin out there, and there are even some additional features you won’t find in the original Antares AutoTune.

One of those features is the Formant Shift knob, which can be automated to create cool sound effects on the go. The Width knob is also great, especially for dealing with mono recordings.

Check it out: MAutoPitch

2. AutoTune EVO

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Antares AutoTune that gets as close to the real deal as possible, AutoTune EVO is the plugin you need. Developed by Antares itself, it was made available for free through the company’s official website after being discontinued.

AutoTune EVO has everything one should expect from an automatic pitch correction tool, including a module for shaping vibrato and the possibility of learning and targeting notes via MIDI.

The highlight, however, goes to AutoTune EVO’s sound, which is very similar to the sound of Antares’ paid VSTs. Downloading this plugin for the price of nothing is such a great deal that it almost feels like cheating.

Check it out: AutoTune EVO

3. Voloco

Some music producers like to work with tools that give them plenty of options. Others, however, wish VSTs were as simple and direct as possible. If you feel like you’re one of the latter, Voloco is the AutoTune plugin for you.

All you have to do is select a preset (Hard, Natural, Big Chorus, and so forth), set the key and scale, and define the level of pitch correction. In mere seconds, Voloco will turn any out-of-tune vocal recording into a flawless performance.

This excellent plugin is perfect for singers who use AutoTune but don’t know a lot about the ins and outs of music production. It’s also ideal for producers who want to improve their workflow and need a ready-to-use AutoTune that will get the job done.

Check it out: Voloco

4. KeroVee AutoTune

KeroVee AutoTune may not look like much, but its humble design proves once again that it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover. This free pitch correction tool is not the easiest to navigate, but it’s a beast both in terms of sound quality and versatility.

If you take the time to get to know KeroVee AutoTune’s settings, you’ll have a free AutoTune that does pretty much everything premium pitch correction VSTs can do. It even has a MIDI input that works flawlessly in real-time.

KeroVee AutoTune’s highlight, however, is its smooth sound. While most automatic pitch correction tools have a hard time dealing with modulation, KeroVee’s exemplary at processing transitions in-between notes.

Check it out: KeroVee AutoTune

5. Graillon 2

AutoTune changed music, but it’s become such a familiar sound nowadays that many producers started looking out for something different. If you want a pitch correction tool that’s flawless at correcting out-of-tune vocal performances but also sounds refreshing, Auburn Sounds’ Graillon 2 is one of the best options around.

The Graillon 2 plugin is especially appropriate for people looking for a more robotic, electronic-sounding AutoTune VST. You can create very wacky vocal effects by playing around with Graillon 2’s Pitch-Tracking and Bitcrusher modules.

In addition, Graillon 2 is perfect for adding fifths and even octaves to a stale vocal recording. It may sound a bit too Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks sometimes, but it surely brings something new to the table. The premium edition is great, but the free version also does the job.

Check it out: Graillon 2

6. GSnap

If you’re a fan of free vocal plugins, you should give GSnap a go. As a pitch correction tool, this free VST may sound a bit rough from time to time. However, it comes with an extensive set of presets that should fit the needs of anyone looking for an easy fix for a poor vocal recording.

What sets GSnap apart is its versatility: it allows for some subtle pitch correction in the style of Melodyne but can also create that classic T-Pain sound once you push the settings to the extreme.

GSnap’s downside is that it can be hard to navigate despite having a lot of cool presets. Unless you’re working with a very clean vocal recording, GSnap may enhance some unwanted sound artifacts which, on the other hand, makes it great for lo-fi music.

Check it out: GSnap

7. Autotuna

The big downside of Beat Lab Academy’s Autotuna is that it’s only available for Ableton Live via Max for Live. Sadly, producers who favor other DAWs will be missing out on one of the cleanest free AutoTune plugins around.

With a concise but extensive number of advanced settings (including a Threshold knob for sibilances), Autotuna does exactly what everyone expects from an AutoTune plugin. Just select the key and scale that fit your vocal recording and rejoice as Autotuna does its job.

Check it out: Autotuna

8. Autotalent

I’ll be the first to say that Autotalent is far from being an appropriate alternative to Antares AutoTune. However, it’s a unique pitch correction tool that allows you to do things you won’t be able to do with any other VST.

Tweaking Autotalent’s austere interface may feel a lot like programming, but that’s what’s so wonderful about it. Since you can define the level of pitch correction applied to every note to the cent, Autotalent is perfect for producers exploring the niche of microtonal music.

Far from being the simplest plugin on the list, Autotalent can be very useful for people who understand how pitch works.

Check it out: Autotalent

9. X42 AutoTune

For a more subtle free pitch correction tool, why not give the X42 AutoTune a go? X42 AutoTune is not the best tool for getting that famous T-Pain effect, but it’s wonderful for correcting small vocal mistakes.

In a nutshell, this free VST is one of the best on the list for making small, transparent changes to a near-perfect vocal performance that just needs that little extra help in one note or two.

Due to its almost invisible effect, X42 AutoTune is also great for pitch-correcting instruments that may be slightly out of tune.

Check it out: X42 AutoTune

10. AAS AutoTune

I have to admit that this one is a bit far-fetched, but why not complete the list with a piece of software that’s as old and chaotic as it is interesting? Available only via Wavosaur’s website, AAS AutoTune is a geek-favorite pitch correction tool coming straight out of the stone age of the Internet.

What is it that makes AAS AutoTune unique? For one, it has no interface (meaning it’s impossibly light). In addition, it may not always recognize which out-of-tune note is which (meaning it’s a lot of fun).

A certified oddity, AAS AutoTune is great for music producers who like to explore the weirdest things to have come out of the VST world.

Check it out: AAS AutoTune


While stranger AutoTune plugins such as Autotalent and AAS AutoTune can be a lot of fun, the real highlights of the list are the three top picks. MAutoPitch is as good as any premium pitch correction VST around, AutoTune EVO sounds a lot like the paid version of Antares AutoTune, and Voloco is the perfect AutoTune for newbies.

Ableton Live users may also want to try Autotuna, while fans of Japanese music and wild modulation effects should give KeroVee AutoTune a go. In general, though, you should be fine with any of the free plugins that made it into the list.

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