10 Great Websites to Analyze Your Spotify Listening Habits

Are you curious about your listening habits on Spotify? Want to know how mainstream or niche your music taste is, or do you need some help at tidying up your playlists and most loved tracks, by discovering useful insights on the music you dig?

You can do all of this and more with some innovative websites and apps specifically developed to give you a detailed insight on your Spotify listening habits. While the popular music streaming service already comes with a set of personal statistics, gathered into the annual Spotify Wrapped mailshot, you might want some more detailed data.

When did you add that specific song to your playlist? What is the release date of your favorite tracks? How many artists and different genres do you listen to? If this sounds like something you might be interested in, keep reading! Here’s a list of 10 great websites to analyze your Spotify listening habits.

1. Obscurify

Screenshot of obscurifymusic.com

How is your music taste compared to other users? Are you a mainstream or niche type?

Obscurify analyzes the popularity of your favorite artists, comparing your score with the other users in your region. It also presents a ranked list of your top genres.

On top of that, this brilliant website can create a playlist with your top tracks and automatically put it in your library. This is a great help for when you’re running low on inspiration!

2. Skiley

Screenshot of www.skiley.net

What if you need more than stats? What if you need some more practical help at tidying up your favorite songs and playlists?

Skiley is a resourceful web app that gathers information about your listening habits; manages your playlist by artists, genre, beats per minute, or mood; finds new tracks suitable for your music taste; shows you other precious information such as song lyrics and translations. This is a one-stop platform for all your musical needs!

3. Sort Your Music

Screenshot of sortyourmusic.playlistmachinery.com

This website is another brilliant tool to organize your playlists by tempo, loudness, danceability, popularity, and other attributes.

The list of acoustic attributes you can sort your tracks by is pretty impressive and it keeps developing.

Sort Your Music can be a valuable asset for specific events or parties, as you can order your playlists in advance and just enjoy the music as the night comes down.

4. Spotify Charts

Screenshot of spotifycharts.com

If you need some inspiration on what to listen to next, go beyond your listening statistics and dive into Spotify Charts, a website showing you the most played songs on the platform.
You can either see the Top200 or the Viral50 and filter the results by region and timeline. You can even load the data to CSV. Handy!

5. uTrack

Screenshot of play.google.com

uTrack is available as an Android app for your mobile device. It shows your top 50 Artists, Tracks, and Genres with a top-notch design. It works great if you usually listen to Spotify on your mobile.

6. Visualify

Screenshot of visualify.io

This web app presents your top tracks and artists, by month, year and all time, in a visually appealing and simple way. It is perfect if you don’t need all the technical aspects of your data but still want to have an idea of how your music tastes evolved through time.

7. Last.fm

Screenshot of www.last.fm

By integrating your Spotify to a Last.fm account you can have access to plenty of useful information about your listening habits and comparing them to the ones of thousands of other users.
The website also features detailed charts and it allows you to explore new artists by genre or mood.

8. Stats for Spotify

Screenshot of www.statsforspotify.com

This website presents very detailed statistics about your listening habits.

Once you’ve logged in, you’re presented with an intuitive distribution chart featuring all the artists you have been listening to with the percentage of time dedicated to each one.

There is also an interesting section reporting some “quick facts”, including the average length and tempo of your preferred tracks and the release dates of the newest and the oldest of your favorite songs.

The Timeline section gives you some straight-forward indication of the number of tracks you added to a playlist per day, while the Mood section tells you how happy, sad, loud, energetic, danceable your preferred tracks are.

Last but not least, you get an insightful list of your top tracks and artists. Spotify Statistics is one of the most complete websites to analyze your music taste and get precious information on your listening habits.

9. Spotify.me

Screenshot of spotify.me

Note – spotify.me is no longer active

Let’s start with the official stats website. Spotify.me analyzes your listening habits and presents the data with a fun design.

Spotify.me does not show you only what songs or artists you stream the most, but it gives you detailed information about when you stream, what genres you like the most, how danceable your tracks are. By gathering and presenting this information, it also guesses the type of profile you are or what activities you do.

10. Spicetify

This is a tool that allows you to personalise the Spotify UI. Please note, it definitely requires some good technical knowledge!

As with Skiley or Sort Your Music, some Spotify data analysis websites can do a lot more than just breaking down your listening habits.

Spicetify does not analyze your data, but it is a great tool to personalize your whole listening experience. This allows you to customize your theme, blacklist specific artists you don’t like (so they won’t come up on automatic rotation), shuffle and integrate songs with Reddit.


These are just a few of the best data analysis websites to discover more about your Spotify listening habits.

These websites and apps are all very intuitive and user-friendly and don’t require any technical knowledge (apart from the last option!). So why not embark into an exciting journey about your very own musical world?

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