The 10 Best Music Production Forums

Music production forums are the perfect places to not only engage with a community of other producers but also collaborate with others from all around the world.

Listed below are ten different of the best music production forums where different producers from all over, specializing in different genres can come together and network with those who love to learn and chat about all aspects of music production including technology, plugins, business, software, and more.

1. Future

Screenshot of is a forum website geared mostly for people who are beginner and intermediate producers who are learning and improving their craft. Aspiring producers can learn anything from music theory, different types of DAWs and software, to how to write lyrics.

The most important highlight of this site is a forum that has hundreds of tips on what aspiring producers need to start their path in learning production. The forum site also includes tutorial forums and videos on which gear is best for each level of expertise or budget.

2. KVR Audio Forum

Screenshot of

If you are wondering what the letters KVR stands for, the creators of the site forgot, however, if you are wondering what their forum is for, it’s for anyone who loves music production. Anyone who is a musician, producer, audio engineer, or any type of music creator can come to this site’s forum to discuss and find tons of information on anything dealing with audio technology.

Some of the most frequently visited topics are DAWS, plugins, and more. This forum allows developers to have dedicated pages where the community can come and learn more about their music company.

3. Home

For those who produce in their bedroom or who aspire to make any room in their house a recording studio, this forum is for them. Home Recording not only has forums that talk about DAWs, plugins, and hardware, but they also have forums with a community of producers who make music at home who provide information about what the best set up is for home recordings, which products to buy based on the type of home you live in and more. They also have forums split up by brand so that producers can exclusively chat and gain information about their favorite hardware or software.


Screenshot of

This subreddit includes hobbyists, professionals, and those looking to learn asking questions about anything in the forum dealing with music production and anyone in the community can answer. Here this community can also find plugin deals and a spreadsheet full of resources for all types of production needs including free products and emails to other producers and artists.


Screenshot of

Illmuzik is a music producer forum geared towards hip-hop producers. Like other forums, this genre of producers can also find forum topics like mixing techniques, DAW, and software reviews and links to samples. There are a couple of things however that make this forum different. First, they showcase several different types of beat battles for producers. This forum also has articles to learn and read from and also includes a section to discuss the music industry itself.

6. Gear Space

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One of the most important aspects of producing quality music is having some of the best quality gear. This forum is focused on just that. Gear Space has a number of ongoing conversations on gear topics such as which ones have the best performance, who has the deals, and reviews on what gear is the absolute best. They also provide a database for producers to reference when they are looking for something specific and they provide information on in-person and virtual events that will be showcasing new gear.

7. Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound is a magazine specifically for music producers and/or musicians. Their website includes a forum as well. This forum includes many topics in production such as mixing, mastering, and post-production, top gear, and industry news. What’s great about this forum is that they have chat threads dedicated to Mac users and a thread for PC users. They also have a thread discussing the actual music business itself and how producers can market themselves.

8. We Are The Music Makers

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As mentioned before, Reddit is a website that features thousands of forums. They have another really good one for music producers called We Are The Music Makers. This forum includes discussions from questions not only asked about production but also on topics such as how to compose songs, how to upload plugins, and more. Producers can log into this forum and ask anything when it comes to making music.


Screenshot of is a forum that is not just for music producers but for music professionals in any genre. They have a discussion thread for songwriters, bands, and more. They also feature forums specifically for people who want to collaborate, provide information about upcoming showcase events, and more. People can even upload any covers that they have creatively remixed.

10. Ableton Forum

Screenshot of

Ableton is one of the most popular daws used amongst music producers. Their website includes a forum specifically for their users. The forum includes discussions for installation processes, MIDI questions, mixing, mastering, and any other help you may need from their software.

As a music producer, it can be overwhelming with so many different options for software, gear, and techniques. The technology can be even more challenging for a beginner. Music production forums are always a great place to begin finding the answers. The ten options listed above are great forums with welcoming communities filled with all the music knowledge you need.

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