10 Great Plugins for Vocals (VST, AU, AAX)

Vocals are a vital part of music production for most genres of music. Plugins help to tune vocals to the correct pitch, as well as process them in creative ways that work great for your style of music.

Many of these plugins work differently, and it’s great to have a few of them in your toolkit to work in different situations.

Some of them help you carve out the sound, others tune in near real-time, others only work with pre-recorded audio. Whatever your goals are, make sure to check these ones out, as these are some of the best vocal plugins that you can find.

1. Antares Auto-Tune Pro

We start this list with probably the most obvious choice: Antares Auto-Tune Pro.

Known for its professional pitch and time correction, Antares Auto-Tune Pro is a popular plugin. Its potential to coordinate transparent, natural sound music with hints of classics has made it a top-notch plugin. The swift interface of Antares autotune pro is the selling point of the plugin. The Classic Mode ‘Auto-tune 5 sound’ is a much-celebrated feature of the Auto-Tune Pro. Additionally, the Auto Key feature helps to detect the key and scale of any project.

It can be used to improve vocals, while also adding a great amount of creativity to sounds. Auto-tune is often used as a pop and hip-hop vocal plugin to give the vocals a signature sound that is common across some sub-genres.

Graph mode for manual editing
Live input for low latency monitoring
Audio Random Access Support for tight integration
Very popular in the industry

2. Melodyne 4 Essential

Celemony Melodyne 4 is a top choice for processing recorded vocals (and other sounds).

It is known for its time correction, natural-sounding mix, easy navigation, and other useful tools which helps to tighten a track’s pitch impeccably.

A vast range of melodies and rhythms gives enough room for experimentation. Conclusively, Celemony Melodyne 4 includes almost all features that can transform your vocals to perfection.

Transpose music and scales easily
AAX, RTAS, AU, VST formats available
Heavily used in the industry for processing recorded vocals

3. iZotope VocalSynth 2

This is a great plugin to sculpt and transform vocals.

Since it not only a wonderful voice processor but also come out stronger with its instrumental processes for all kinds of audio. It has got all the creative tools, user-friendly design interface, and a revamped CPU optimization.

The Biovox tool is an innovative addition on VocalSynth 2 helps to adjust vocal nasality, vowel sounds, and formatting. The plugin can also help to establish inter-plugin communication with the Ozone, iZotope's Neutron, Tonal Balance Control, etc

Stand-alone application
Bivox module
Advanced view of the synth engine
Enhanced sound effects
Includes five vocal engines; Vocoder, Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox, and Biovox

4. iZotope Nectar 3

iZotope is a front runner in quality plugins and their vocal processing plugins, and this is no exception.

The great features of iZotope Nectar 3 justifies its popularity. The plugin includes six main modules, including EQ, Harmony, Dimension, and Compressors. The plugin saves you a whole lot of time with its speeding and mixing effect simultaneously. It crafts a better vocal track with its fine series of audio processors and a virtual vocal assistant.

The latter takes care of your pitch and automation corrections and much more. All in all, iZotope Nectar 3 is a great choice for a vocal plugin.

Very easy to use.
De-esser module
Pitch and auto-level module
Vocal assistant is very helpful
Dynamic and EQ mode is amazing

5. Waves Vocal Plugin Bundle

The waves vocal bundle comes with a diverse range of four processors in one package.

The waves vocal bundle is great for fine-tuning, voice processing, and pitch correction issues. The ‘DeBreathe’ plugin, which reduces and eliminates the human excessive breathing while singing.

Its Renaissance Channel and Equaliser, De-Esser, and Compressor plugins can really help you polish vocals in your track. The virtual channel strip attends to the EQ, compression, limiting, and gating.

Great pitch correction
Works for both monophonic and polyphonic sounds
Streamlined compressor
Vintage Mode equalizer
Intuitive user interference

6. Little AlterBoy

Little AlterBoy specializes in dramatic sound effects and voice transmissions.

The plugin is from Soundtoys, a well respected plugin development company. It has you covered starting from vocal melody, vocoder effects, single pitch robotic sounds, to formants. The plugin provides hard-tune effects and locks vocals.

Moreover, Little AlterBoy also creates mixes using the instant vocal harmonies. The plugin includes four formats: AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, VST, and Audio Units (AU).

Vocal formant and pitch shifting
Hard Tune FX
Robot/Vocoder Mode
Tube Drive
Monophonic Voice manipulation with Pitch, Format, Drive and Mix Controls
MIDI vocoder

7. Vocal Splitter

The Vocal Splitter is a definite win for producing wide sounding vocals.

This is a very common process used in modern vocal productions. The plugin provides easy and time-saving ways to bring your mono vocals into a modern-sounding stereo.

It's dry/wet mix dialing, frequency parameter, speed and depth, drive and filter adjustments are on point. It puts forth wide and modern vocals from a mono source, includes presets with one-click transformation, and tunes the speed and depth of power effect.

Rive dial to add grit and increase definition
Mute Source buttons for effects
Drive dial to add grit and increase definition
Full PDF Manual and Tutorial video

8. TAL-Vocoder (Free)

A nice free vocoder from a great maker of plugins.

Tal vocoder is great for producing retro-style vocals, as well as sounds that can be processed and sculpted in interesting ways. If you're tired of the stock vocoder in your DAW, then you have nothing to lose with downloading this one.

11 band vocoder engines
Can route an external carrier signal
Harmonic control
Low CPU usage
Windows and OSX plugins available

9. MAutoPitch (Free)

This is a nice, free auto-tune style plugin.

It certainly doesn't have the features and sound of the bigger paid auto-tune and post-processing plugins that we have previously gone through, but it's still really great for a free plugin.

It has creative features such as formant shift and stereo expansion. The plugin has an easy to use interface and is free of cost.

Multiple options and effects
Preset switching
Automatic gain compensation
Supports VST, VST3, AAX, AU formats

10. FabFilter Pro-Q 3

Fabfilter Pro-Q is the EQ plugin choice among many top producers.

It exports the highest quality sound, with a great interface. The plugin is high on useful features such as, external spectrum visualization with overlaps frequency content, new filter types, and Brickwall modes for LPF and HPF.

To top it all off, Pro Q3 has three processing modes; Zero Latency, Natural Phase, and Linear Phase to tackle every vocal and pitch issues you might encounter.

Dynamic EQ
Up to 24 bands and a huge range of filters
Highly efficient processing and low memory usage
A highly respected plugin in the industry.


There you have it, an array of amazing vocal plugins that can easily straighten out all your issues with the vocals and help you work creatively.

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