6 Great Multitrack DAWs for iPad and iPhone

Many of the biggest names in music production software have released feature-rich DAWs for iOS.

These work as standalone digital audio workstations that don’t require laptops or external hardware.

1. GarageBand by Apple (Free)

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App Store

Everyone who has created music has heard of Garageband. Although it’s a very simple app, it has had a lot of influence in getting DAWs out to the masses.

Apple’s Garageband reserves a front seat to the DAW music club through its Logic Pro X imitated software and extensive features.

Its ability to record and mix music professionally and extensively optioned smart keyboards help create grooves, songs, and recordings with third-party plugins.

Although the app lacks the mixing console view and some flexibility and array of instruments, it’s a great DAW app for a music producer.

● Built-in sound library

● 24-bit recording

● Free artist lessons

2. Cubasis 3 by Steinberg (Paid)

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Steinberg has established a legendary reputation for itself in the world of music technology with its revolutionary music software, VST instruments, and plugins.

Therefore, we’re certainly not surprised with Steinberg’s foray into the iPhone/iPad compatible DAW apps.

Cubasis 3 is a great DAW app as your portable music partner on-the-go. The app’s impressive features are a perfect match for all your music needs on your iOS device.

The intuitive user interface of Cubasis 3 makes it a great DAW app for musicians to turn their inspiration into a magnificent soundtrack with the help of your humble iPhone and iPad screens.

The organized layout and interface of Cubasis nicely match the look and feel of most desktop DAWs.

From allowing you to access the Mix Console to create perfect mixes, to features such as grouping tracks, up to 75 preset effects, and MIDI automation, Cubasis is a powerhouse of a DAW app.

  • Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
  • Up to 8 insert & send effect slots
  • Extremely versatile DAW app

3. FL Studio HD by Image-Line (Paid)

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App Store

FL Studio HD is the answer to your dreams of creating music with the help of iPads only.

The app provides you an array of tracks by providing a mega range of downloadable expansions by its vast range of instruments.

The app provided Auto Ducker, Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Graphic Equalizer, and other music effects to tone your sound the way you wish.

● Vast Sound Creation

● MIDI controls

● WAV, MP3 and AAC exportation

● Extensive resolution

● No demo version

4. Auria Pro by WaveMachine Labs (Paid)

App Store

Auria Pro is a vital contributor to the DAW world put forth by the makers of the Drumagog plugin. The app’s a promising recording and mixing domain through extensive plugins and instruments.

It brings a better PSP Channel Strip paired with individual compressions and expansions. The Auria Pro also provides the convolution and reverb algorithm along with the PSP delay and chorus effect.

● Piano Roll Editor

● Flexibility of workflow

● Complex Nature

5. MultiTrack DAW by Harmonicdog (Paid)

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App Store

Produced by Harmonicdog, the MultiTrack is a popular mobile daw for music.

Its nice user interface can house basic 8 tracks extended to 12 or 24. It provides compression and EQ to each channel the Wi-Fi exporting directly to iTunes.

● Multi-track recording

● Import and export options

● Have to pay more for extra tracks

6. Meteor Multitrack Recorder by 4pockets (Paid)

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App Store

The Meteor Multitrack Recorder is 12 audio tracks plus a built-in mixer.

The apps house all the basic features such as the sample editor, automation, and effects.

These effects include flange, chorus, tone boost, compression, reverb, stereo delay, EQ, and distortion.

The Meteor Multitrack Recorder is an excellent addition to any music producer’s starter kit.

  • Professional quality of sound
  • No track labeling
  • No virtual instruments

7. Nano Studio 2 by Blip Interactive (Paid)

App Store

Nano Studio 2 is a solid performing DAW app for all your music production needs. It features an amazing set of synth and samplers with up to 500 sound samples.

Nano Studio, with its efficient workflow and interface, allows a great set of freedom to produce high-quality audio from the confines of your iPhone.

● MIDI, automation

● 32 polyphonic note sounds

Other Great music making apps for iOS

iMPC Pro by Akai (Paid)

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App Store

Turn your iPad into an MPC. The app provides five sampling methods, which use the microphone, line input, multi-touch virtual turntable, inter-app Audio, and resampling.

● Audio integration

● Rescission editing

● Direct exporting to social media


Figure by Propellerhead (Free)

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App Store

Propellerhead’s Figure is known for its simple interface. If you’re looking for something more casual than a featured DAW, then check this one out.

Just a simple tweak in sounds here and there creates enticing rhythms. It also offers some basic level keys, modes, synth, and some drum sounds.

● Unlimited audio tracks and MIDI tracks

● Hundreds of Rack Extensions

iElectribe by Korge (Paid)

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App Store

The Korg iElectribe has got the world to hit the right notes with its vast features. Damon Albarn of the Gorillaz sets an example for all of us by his music production using the Korg iElectribe.

The Korg iElectribe brings alteration of the tempos, creation of grooves, shortening and delaying the BPM sync, shifting grain, reverbing the flanger, and a lot more to the table.

The app’s easy-to-use approach and knob feature in the machine’s input contributes to its competency in the music club.

The hum-while-you-tune feature is an interesting addition to the app. However, critics have got differing views over the bit-reduction feature and the use of external cards to input.

● Automated parameters

● Easy to use

● Intricately designed interface


DAWs have well and truly gone mobile. If you are looking for the best workflow and features, I would stick to DAWs on your computer. However, if you want something for your iOS device right now that has great portability, then this is the next best thing.

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