What’s Happened to Jon Bon Jovi’s Voice in 2022?

Jon Bon Jovi, one of the most iconic singers in rock history, has been putting in some pretty poor singing performances during Bon Jovi’s 2022 tour.

This has come as quite a shock to many fans, who are well used to hearing his powerful and distinct voice that helped propel his band to fame.

Fans are a little worried about Jon’s health as a result of this, but this all seems to be speculation at the moment. His poor vocal performances might simply be due to a combination of his age as well as not taking care of his voice properly through the decades.

The latter would not be particularly surprising, as the excesses of being a rock star through the 1980s are sure to take their toll on anyone’s vocal health!

Many people online are being pretty insensitive in their harsh criticism of Jon Bon Jovi’s vocal performances at the moment. We all have to take a step back and realize that Jon is a 60-year-old human being, and nobody can expect him to be singing like his 30-year-old self.

Though of course, there are plenty of singers that have managed to protect their voices well into their older years, like this twitter user suggested.

Here are two such videos that demonstrate his recent vocals, which, to be frank, are way certainly below his usual standard:

Compare this to a performance of “Livin’ On a Prayer” in 1990.

There are a lot of people online that are very disappointed about these performances, and people seem to be falling into two camps. The first are those that are just happy to see the band play, knowing that they are supporting a great but aging band. The others are simply finding the experience of listening to these vocals painful!

I think both viewpoints are understandable in this case!

Whatever the reason, we all hope that Jon’s voice recovers and that he is able to give us the great performances that we know he is capable of.

What do you think about Jon Bon Jovi’s recent vocal performances? Do you have any theories about what might be causing them to be so weak? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image (Right): slgckgc, CC BY 2.0

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