Spotify Is Hiking Prices – How Much Are You Paying Compared to Other Countries?

Leading global audio streaming platform Spotify is raising its pricing across 52 countries. How much will your new subscription cost compared to others around the world? See our data below to get a bird’s eye view.

UK customers are already paying the most when compared to Spotify’s other major markets on this list.

Many of the price increases globally equate to roughly a $1 increase across most subscriptions. In the US, individual plans will go from $9.99 to $10.99, while in Canada they’ve gone from $9.99 CAD to $10.99 CAD.

The prices of Spotify plans as a whole can vary wildly depending on what country you’re in. Customers in the UK will be paying an extra £1 for a total of £17.99 per month for their family plans (roughly $23.08 USD) whereas those in Canada are paying an extra £1 CAD for a total of $16.99 CAD (approx $12.88 USD) for the same service.

New Pricing for Spotify Customers Across The World

Spotify’s existing subscribers will be contacted via email outlining what these modifications imply for their accounts. New customers will see this new pricing effective immediately. The revised costs are as follows:

New Spotify Pricing for Customers in the United States:

  • Premium Individual: $10.99 USD (previously $9.99/month)
  • Premium Duo: $14.99 USD (previously $12.99/month)
  • Premium Family: $16.99 USD (previously $15.99/month)
  • Premium Student: $5.99 USD (previously $4.99/month)

New Spotify Pricing for Customers in the United Kingdom:

  • Premium Individual: £10.99 GBP (previously £9.99/month)
  • Premium Duo: £14.99 GBP (previously £13.99/month)
  • Premium Family: £17.99 GBP (previously £16.99/month)
  • Premium Student: £5.99 GBP (unchanged)

New Spotify Pricing for Customers in Canada:

  • Premium Individual: $10.99 CAD (previously $9.99/month)
  • Premium Duo: $14.99 CAD (previously $12.99/month)
  • Premium Family: $16.99 CAD (previously $15.99/month)
  • Premium Student: $5.99 CAD (previously $4.99/month)

New Spotify Pricing for Customers in Australia:

  • Premium Individual: $12.99 AUD (previously $11.99/month)
  • Premium Duo: $17.99 AUD (previously $15.99/month)
  • Premium Family: $20.99 AUD (previously $18.99/month)
  • Premium Student: $6.99 AUD (previously $5.99/month)

New Spotify Pricing for Customers in Ireland:

  • Premium Individual: €10.99 (previously €9.99/month)
  • Premium Duo: €14.99 (previously €13.99/month)
  • Premium Family: €17.99 (unchanged)
  • Premium Student: €5.99 (unchanged)

Impact on Trial Subscribers

Subscribers currently in a trial period will get one month at the prior price post their trial period. Following this, the new pricing scheme will be applied to their plans.

Why Is the Price of Spotify Different Across Countries?

In 2011, there was a heated topic between users on the support platform getsatisfaction (which has now been retired) on the subject of why Spotify was cheaper in the US than the UK. An official rep from Spotify responded to say that the differences in prices are complicated and that they are due to licensing costs and competition from streaming platforms, in addition to other factors like taxes and exchange rates.

Here are some of the factors that influence price differences between streaming platforms across countries:

  • Customers are willing to pay more: Customers in some countries are typically willing to pay more for music streaming services. It depends on the income level of people in the country, as well as how many other companies are offering similar services. If Spotify is one of the only big music streaming services in a country, they might be able to charge a bit more. But if there’s a lot of competition, they might need to lower their prices to attract customers.
  • Marketing: Their pricing is no doubt influenced by what will work for their marketing. Spotify’s pricing is very conveniently set at numbers such as 10.99 for the same subscription regardless of the currency.
  • Licensing and Content Deals: Spotify has to pay to use most of the music it streams. This is done through licenses agreed with music companies and independent artists. The cost of these licenses can vary from country to country, as they often depend on negotiations with local music industry associations or copyright holders. Check out our article How Much Do Spotify and Other Streaming Services Pay Per Stream? to learn more.
  • Taxes: Different countries have different tax laws and rates. In some countries, digital services like Spotify might be subject to additional taxes, which could increase the price of the service.

The prices for Spotify accounts also vary wildly across other parts of the world. A sample of countries and their current Spotify pricing is listed below.

Current Prices for Spotify in India:

  • Mini: ₹7/day (approximately 0.084 USD)
  • Individual: ₹119/month (approximately 1.428 USD)
  • Duo: ₹149/month (approximately 1.788 USD)
  • Family: ₹179/month (approximately 2.148 USD)

Current Prices for Spotify in Mexico:

  • Individual: 129.00 MXN/month (approximately 7.61 USD)
  • Duo: 169.00 MXN/month (approximately 9.97 USD)
  • Family: 199.00 MXN/month (approximately 11.74 USD)
  • Student: 69.00 MXN/month (approximately 4.07 USD)

For Customers in Thailand:

  • Mini: ฿7/day (approximately 0.203 USD)
  • Individual: ฿139/month (approximately 4.03 USD)
  • Duo: ฿189/month (approximately 5.48 USD)
  • Family: ฿219/month (approximately 6.35 USD)

Note: The currency conversion figures in this article are valid as of the time of writing (25th July 2023).

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