“I Do Not Own the Rights to This Music”

Writing “I Do Not Own the Rights to This Music” in the description of a Youtube video, social media post, or any other place online is not a valid way to get out of copyright infringement. If you want to use copyrighted music in your work, content, or projects, then you need permission to use the music.

You can get a license to use music either by getting express permission from the owner, or through payment in the form of a royalty-free license, or by using music where the owner released it under a “free” license (such as creative commons, public domain, etc).

Keep in mind, we are not copyright lawyers, so always make sure that you understand the licenses for the music are using and get in touch with a lawyer if you need to.

“I Do Not Own the Rights to This Music” on Youtube Video Descriptions

Just because you’ve seen other people write “Do Not Own the Rights to This Music”, “No Copyright Infringement Intended”, or “I do not own the music in this video” in their video descriptions does not make it a valid clause to try and get out of copyright infringement.

If you want free music for your YouTube videos then check out our list of websites to get royalty-free music that you can use in your videos. Alternatively, the YouTube Audio Library has free music that you can use in your videos, these can be very useful in many situations, but many of them can sound quite generic and they have been overused quite a lot across Youtube.

You’re Admitting that You’re Breaking Copyright

By writing “I do not own the rights to this music”, you’re doing nothing more than admitting that you’re breaking copyright.

When sharing copyrighted music that you don’t have permission to through social media, YouTube channels, or other websites, it can result in a few different courses of action:

  • It can result in litigation from the copyright owners if they wish to seek damages and payment for the copyright infringement.
  • It may result in the demonetization of your video on YouTube.
  • It might result in account terminations on certain platforms.
  • It might result in cease and desist letters from the copyright owners.


Using music without permission in your content online is a risky thing to do. By doing so, you may be violating copyright, while also undermining the work of the artists that created the music. Make sure that you have permission or get the correct license for the music that you use. Writing “I Do Not Own the Rights to This Music” is a meaningless statement to add to your social media and video descriptions.

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