How To Shuffle A Spotify Playlist On Desktop Or Mobile (2024)

The shuffle option is a great way to spice up your listening experience. It is available on the desktop app, web player, mobile device, iPad, or tablet. For those who don’t know where this option is, it is very easy to locate and requires a mere click.

Spotify has the option to shuffle your playlist, however, if you’re a free user, this option is exclusive to some playlists only on the mobile version. On the desktop app or web player, even with a free account, there is no ‘definite’ shuffle for playlists.

Even if you do have Spotify Premium, the shuffle option can come in handy and I will show you where to locate and toggle it.

Desktop App and Web Player

First, I will show you where the shuffle button is on the desktop app and web player.

Step 1: Open the app

Open Spotify through the web player or desktop app and sign in with your account if you aren’t logged in already.

Step 2: Select a playlist

Select a playlist that you want to listen to first, then click on it and hit play.

Step 3: Locate the shuffle button

You will see the shuffle function on the bottom of the screen, right next to the ‘previous track’ option of the controls.

Step 4: Toggle shuffle

Press the shuffle button and shuffle mode will be active. You will know if the mode is on if the icon is highlighted ‘green’.

Mobile, iPad, or Tablet Device

The trick with these dedicated devices is – if you’re a free user, some playlists are a ‘must-shuffle’. If you want to eliminate this option, you will need to upgrade to Spotify Premium.

Step 1: Open the app

Open Spotify on your phone, tablet, or iPad and log in with your account information if you’re not already logged in.

Step 2: Select a playlist

Select the playlist you wish to listen to. Note that not all playlists on the mobile app are ‘must-shuffle’ but usually they are (free users).

Step 3: Hit play/shuffle

If the playlist is ‘shuffle-free’ then there is no option to toggle the shuffle function. However, most of the playlists will be ‘shuffle-only’ so you only need to hit the play/shuffle button.


The shuffle function can be a nuisance if you’re a free user and not a Spotify Premium user, but it can sometimes be fun to spice things up. The option to shuffle is available on the desktop app and the web player. On your mobile device, however, some playlists are ‘no-shuffle’ and some are ‘must-shuffle’ if you’re a free user. 

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