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This girl needs a tablet holder!

It’s becoming more common to see musicians using tablets while performing live. They are a great way to display song lyrics, chords, trigger backing tracks or even control live electronic music performances.

There are many different types of these available, so it can get hard to choose the right one for yourself. Although there are many cheap options, you want to be sure to get ones that’s secure enough to hold your tablet properly.

In this article, we’re going to round up 7 of the best tablet holders for microphone stands that are available on the market today.

The 7 Best Tablet Holders for Mic Stands (2023)

1. K&M Tablet Holder for Mic Stand
Editor's Choice - High-Quality and Reliable Tablet Holder
2. Hola! Music HM-MTH Stand
Budget Option - Popular and Affordable Tablet Holder
3. Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B
High-End Sturdy Rubber Holder
4. IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand
Mid-Range Innovative Reliable Tablet Holder
5. AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet/iPad Mount Holder
Basic Cheap Quality Holder For Everyday Use
6. ChargerCity 360° Rotation 12" Bendy Tough Clamp
Mid-Range Metal Holder With Flexible Arm
7. JUBOR Tablet Mount
Affordable Quality Innovative Holder

1. K&M Tablet Holder for Mic Stand

View Price: Amazon

We’re starting off this list with a high-end option. The K&M tablet holder will fit any tablet from 4.7” to 8.6” and it will hold it down fast. It has an innovative 5 pin design. This means that it has 4 standard clamps, but with an added fifth clamp that is rotatable and helps keep everything in place securely.

This is a great buy for a professional looking to get a reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting solution.

2. Hola! Music HM-MTH Tablet/Smartphone Holder Mount

View Price: Amazon

This next one is a very affordable and popular item. Hola! Music HM-MTH tablet holder is a no-nonsense tablet holder, that will fit almost any mic stand and almost any tablet on the market today.

It works with a very clever slide system, which is really easily adjustable to anything you need. The downside is that bigger tablets can’t fit in the cornerstone diagonal position, but only in the landscape position, but they can still manage to fit in. The holder is made out of plastic, and it’s sturdy and light. You also get a set of two different sized holders to match the size of your tablet if need be.

3. Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B

View Price: Amazon

Moving on to the pricier items, Hercules DG305B comes from the well-known name in the mic stand industry. Because of their famous name, it’s no surprise that the company also produces quality tablet holders for the mic stands as well.

This holder has a standard three-way adjustable holder, which can fit all tablets from 7” to 12”. This cover most of the tablets out there, and the great thing is that you can have 360 degrees movable holder, so there is no need to cramp to see the tablet. This is a heavy-duty tablet holder that will endure anything live gigs have to throw at it, but you should be aware that the price is in par with the quality.

4. IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand

View Price: Amazon

iKlip Xpand is another high-end tablet holder on this list. It has (as the name suggests) an expandable holder with the classic X design. The holder itself will hold tablets from 6 to 8.7” high or wide, depending on will you use them in the portrait or landscape orientation.

This holder will mount on stands up to 1.2” wide, which should really fit most of the mic stands or cymbal stands and similar tubes. The iKlip is made out of heavy plastic but with a rubber grip inside, to keep that tablet safe and on the spot even if it’s moved. It also has a ball bearing so you can rotate the holder with the tablet in it freely and adjust it to your needs. This is a must-buy for anyone looking to invest in a long-term, safe solution for his tablet.

5. AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet/iPad Mount Holder

View Price: Amazon

Moving on to another budget option. This one consists of two angled holders mounted on a rack, which are adjustable with screws behind. It will fit anything from 6” to 12” inches, and the tube clamp will fit literally any stand you can think of.

This is a reliable, entry-level, solution for people who don’t want to invest large amounts of money but still want something sturdy and though to keep their tablet in the air. It’s not the quality as some of the high-end products, but it doesn’t say it is. It’s a basic solution for people that want something simple.

6. ChargerCity360° Rotation 12″ Bendy Tough Clamp

View Price: Amazon

Another mid-range tablet holder, ChargerCity’s holder is a versatile, quality holder for your tablet. It has a square design, with four adjustable hands to keep everything in place. The hands of the holder can be adjusted left and right so that they can’t block the ports or camera on the tablet if you need it.

This holder will fit any tablet from 7” to 12” in size. It also has u flexible arm on which it sits, meaning that you can set it up in any way you need it. This is also better than the other ball-bearing design as it gives you extra maneuverability and you can extend the tablet further from the stand. The clamp is a classic screw, so it will fit most of the stands.

7. JUBOR Tablet Mount

View Price: Amazon

Jubor Tablet Mount is a great, basic tablet holder. It will fit any tablet from 4.7” to 12” and it has a secure 4-point tablet design, which will hold your tablet in place. It’s made from hardened plastic with ribbed holders to keep everything where it should be.

The brilliant part about this holder is its mounting mechanism. The simple clamp with a screw-on is really extremely easy to use and will fit every mic stand, so there is no more need for the complex fitting of the holder on the stand. This is a low-end, cheap, but brilliant tablet holder for everyday use by anyone.


We hope that has helped you with making a choice for your tablet holder. Whether you’re looking to buy a low-end, affordable tablet holder, or high-end tablet mount that is going to last you for years and live with you on the road, you should be able to find what you need on this list.

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