The 10 Best Music Website Builders (2024)

Using one of these website builders for musicians, you can effectively share and sell your music, advertise your or your merchandise, advertise your concerts, or keep your fans updated with news and information.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to both build and maintain websites from a technical point of view, so this is where these website builders come in very handy. They make the building process more accessible with the ease of use, great features, and reasonable costs for you to get the benefits of having a music website without the hassle of building a website from zero.

This guide will help you get familiar with different music website building services, their features, costs, and ease of use to make a decision easier and wiser.

One of the best options is to use a music-focused website builder such as website builder like Bandzoogle. You can alternatively go with a very popular website builder like Squarespace or Wix or a highly flexible self-hosted solution like WordPress (using a host such as Bluehost).

Go to WixGo to BandzoogleGo to SquarespaceGo to Bluehost (recommended wordpress host)
Payment PlanConnect Domain – $4.5/mthCombo – $8.50/mthUnlimited – $12.50/mthVIP – $24.50/mthBusiness Basic – $17/mthBusiness Unlimited – $25/mthBusiness VIP – $35/mthLite- $9.95/mthStandard- $14.95/mthPro- $19.95/mth

Billed Annually:
Lite- $8.29/mth
Standard- $12.46/mth
Pro- $16.63/mth
Personal – $19/mthBusiness – $33/mthBasic Commerce – $36/mth Advance Commerce – $65/mthWordPress Free – $0 Wordpress Pro – $15/mth
Divi – $89/year $249/lifetime access

Bluehost (annually)-
Basic – $2.95/mth
Pro – $9.95/mth
Online Store – $24.95/mth
Free Plan / Trial Availability14-Day Free Trial30-Day Free Trial14-Day Free TrialWordPress Free
Page LimitsUnlimitedLite – 10 pagesStandard – 20 pagesPro – UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Web Domain IncludedYes, for 1 year except Connect Domain planYesYesFree plan – NoPro plan – Yes

Bluehost – Free (1 year)
StorageConnect Domain – 500 MBCombo – 3 GBUnlimited – 10 GBVIP – 35 GBBusiness Basic – 20 GBBusiness Unlimited – 35 GBBusiness VIP – 50 GBLite – 10 tracks, 100 photosStandard – 50 tracks, 500 photosPro – UnlimitedUnlimited storage but30-minute Video limitFree Plan – 0.5 GBPro Plan – 50 GB
Music PlayerYes, Music App integrationYes, Music App integrationYes, Music App integrationFree Plan – NoPro Plan – Yes
Sell TicketsOnly with Business PlansOnly with Pro PlanYes except Personal PlanFree Plan – NoPro Plan – Yes
Online Store (Merch/Music)Only With Business PlansLite- Sell MusicStandard- Sell Music & MerchPro- Sell Music & MerchYes, except Personal PlanFree Plan – NoPro Plan – Yes
Email MarketingYesLite- 100 MailsStandard – 1000 MailsPro – Unlimited MailsRequires extra purchaseFree Plan – NoPro Plan – Free For 3 Months, later extra payment required

Bluehost – Free email marketing
Commision fees%0%0Business Plan – %3Commerce Plans –  %0%0
DownloadsYesYes, Music DownloadsYes        Free Plan – No         Pro Plan – Yes
ForumYesYesYesFree Plan – NoPro Plan – Yes
Event CalendarOnly With Business PlansYesYesFree Plan – NoPro Plan – Yes

1. Wix

Screenshot of

Top Pick – One of the most popular website builders with great design options. Go to Wix.

Starting with one of the biggest website builder services in the world today, Wix is one of the best choices if you want to build your own website. It has more than 200 million users and offers a wide range of presets for different needs.

Although Wix does caters for almost all types of websites, it offers more than 500 templates and has music-specific themes like Solo Artist, Band, Producer, and DJ. Wix music templates are extremely easy to design and customize, which is why Wix is one of the most preferred services while creating websites.

The website also has an ADI, artificial design intelligence program that helps you to choose the ideal preset and template for you after answering a few questions. This program makes the service quite easy to use and perfect for musicians who have no experience building websites.

Another great feature is the Wix App Market, which allows the users to integrate third-party music applications like Spotify, Bandsintown, or Soundcloud as add-ons to their website, enriching the content offered.

Wix offers some great tools for musicians, like the Wix Music Tool, with which you can upload your music and sell downloads without any commission. There is also Wix Music Analytics, allowing you to see the stats like the top tracks played and top downloads. Another handy tool is the Wix ShootOut, a powerful email marketing service.

The Connect Domain Plan is the most basic and has the most limitations, including Wix ads, it costs $4.5 a month. The Combo plan costs $8.5 per month and offers 2 GB of bandwidth and 3GB of storage. The Unlimited plan offers unlimited bandwidth as well as 10 GB of storage and costs $12.50 per month. Lastly, you have the VIP plan for $24.50 a month with 35 GB of storage if you want something more comprehensive.

If you are aiming to sell products with Wix, you should opt for a Business plan. The Business plans start from $17 a month and go up to $35 a month with different storage limits and extra features. For any business plan, the transaction fees are 0%.

2. Bandzoogle

Screenshot of

Best For Musicians – Great website builder designed for musicians with great musician-led features. Go to Bandzoogle.

Designed especially for musicians by musicians, Bandzoogle is one of the best website builder services for musician websites. It’s a straightforward building process with hundreds of templates, along with drag and drop tools as well as many handy musician-led features. All these features give you enough weapons to customize and build your unique musician website.

First of all, Bandzoogle allows for the integration of different music platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or YouTube to stream your music on your website. Plus, you can also sell your music, merchandise, and tickets on the website commission-free.

The website also allows you to embed videos, host a blog, create event calendars, and add an email signup widget. You can also integrate your social media accounts like Facebook as well as Youtube or Paypal accounts to your website easily.

Bandzoogle offers different user plans for different needs. The Lite package, which allows you to have 10 pages, 10 tracks, and 100 photos, costs $9.95 a month. The standard plan is a better choice for musicians who have a growing fanbase, which gives you the limit of 20 pages, 50 tracks, and 500 photos for $14.95 a month. 

Finally, the pro plan costs $19.95 a month and allows you to have unlimited pages, tracks, photos, video headers, and custom fonts. All of the plans feature unlimited support, premium hosting, and a free domain name. Bandzoogle is one of the best websites if you want a unique musician website with an easy creation process.

For more info, check out our Bandzoogle review.

3. Squarespace

Screenshot of

All-Rounder Option – Flexible website builder with plenty of design options and handy features. Go to Squarespace.

Squarespace is a popular website builder used by many different businesses and creatives. It is not specialized in the music niche, but it offers music-related themes and features with great design options. Squarespace is a good option for first-time website builders with its easy creation process and extra features.

Squarespace offers impressive templates for artists, producers, and new album pages, but the amount is limited compared to other services like Bandzoogle or Wix. However, where Squarespace shines is its unlimited storage and bandwidth. Even with the most basic plan, you can upload as many photos, songs, videos, or content as you like without worrying about site performance or speed.

Additionally, you can add blogs, email newsletters, and set up an online store to sell music, merchandise, and tickets. You can also integrate your social media into your website. Furthermore, you can integrate third-party apps such as Soundcloud into your website without installing any plugins.

All the plans feature unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free custom domain, and search engine optimization (SEO tools).

The costs start from $19 per month for the Personal plan, with which you can create your website easily but can not sell any product or use premium features. The Business plan costs $33 and allows you to use premium website-building features and basic eCommerce and marketing functions with a %3 transaction fee.

If you aim to sell music, tickets, and merchandise, there are often eCommerce plans with the basic one for $36 and the advance one for $65. Both feature commission-free selling, while the advanced plan has some extra features focused on marketing.

If you plan to pay the annual price, there are %30 percent discounts on each plan.

4. WordPress with Divi Theme & Page Builder

Screenshot of

Popular Pick – Popular hosting service for WordPress with a website builder. Go to WordPress with Divi Theme & Page Builder.

WordPress is an extremely popular system that allows you to create and maintain your website. This is the most commonly used software for creating websites. Bluehost is our recommended hosting service if you’re just starting off and DIVI is a really great theme and page-builder installed on top of that.

Bluehost, along with a DIVI theme is a good approach to website building. Bluehost is a hosting service that is affordable and very useful. When you sign up for a Bluehost account, you can choose the web address (domain name) that you wish to use for your website. This implies that you’ll have everything in one location, which may save you a lot of time.

DIVI is a great page builder theme that employs the standard drag-and-drop system with great features as well as the option to switch back and forth from the WordPress builder. The ability to use the best of both worlds is undoubtedly why this option is so popular.

Divi offers the Divi Audio module, which allows you to place your music anywhere you like on your website. If you want to sell your music, merchandise, or tickets, you can use the Shop module. There are also other modules for displaying videos, timers, event calendars, portfolios, etc. There are countless possibilities with Divi.

If you want a straightforward design, you can get the help of musician layouts of Divi, such as Musical, Music Studio, Divi Music, and DJ Layout. You can also use WordPress’ theme options to further customize your website.

5. Bandvista

Screenshot of

Beginner-Friendly, Music-Oriented – One of the easiest ways to create a music website. Go to Bandvista.

If you are a total newbie in website building, Bandvista might be the ideal service for you. Designed especially for musicians and bands, Bandvista offers a fast and easy website creation process without overloading the user.

Although the templates aren’t the most elegant or refined, without bells and whistles, it offers all the essential features to create a mobile-friendly and simple website.

To start with, Bandvista features an integrated audio player to stream your music on your website, as well as an embed video function to stream videos from third-party platforms like Youtube. Plus, it allows you to have a blog and email signup widget as a regular newsletter.

When it comes to e-commerce, Bandvista offers some basic features like selling merchandise and music without any commission. Its online store features, however, aren’t that impressive.

The cost of Bandvista varies between $9.95 to $15.85 per month, and with any subscription, you can choose your own domain name and upload a large amount of content. You can also try the service for free for 30 days to decide.

6. Musicglue

Screenshot of

E-Commerce Focused – A great website builder with handy e-commerce features. Go to Musicglue.

If you want to create a website with a more e-commerce focus, Musicglue might be the one for you. The website has an amazing portfolio of users with Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Red Hot Chili Peppers using the services of Musicglue.

Designed with eCommerce in mind, Musicglue allows you to easily sell tracks, albums, merchandise, and tickets. Plus, you can embed your Spotify Player, create a mailing list, connect your social media accounts like Twitter and create your own domain name.

Musicglue offers only a few templates, but you can customize each template as you like to create your unique-style website.

Musicglue offers two plans; the first is the Lite package, aimed toward bands and artists and costs around $7 a month, which starts only once you start selling products. Plus, the website takes a %2 commission fee from your earnings.

The Premium plan is more comprehensive and has extra features like detailed analytics, dedicated customer service, no additional transaction fees, etc. However, the pricing of this package is bespoke, which means you will have to get in touch with the website for the costs.

7. Difyd2c

Screenshot of

Innovative, Simple Design – A simplistic website builder with essential features for music promotion. Go to Difyd2c.

Difyd2c, formerly known as DifyMusic (Do It For Your Music), is an innovative website builder platform that allows you to design and launch your website easily and quickly.

Difyd2c is a simple website builder that has limited design tools and functionality. Still, as the platform owners are also musicians, they know what musicians need and keep things simple by satisfying the needs without overcomplicating things.

You can create your website and online store pretty quickly, and Difyd2c also offers help in designing, creating, and shipping merchandise, including everything from t-shirts and CDs to vinyl and stickers. It also gives you detailed analytics about your website and sales while handling customer services and inquiries through a ticketing system.

Like most musician website builders, it allows you to add plugins to stream your music on the website and supports the integration of many popular platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, and Apple Music.

Difyd2c offers 2 plans that you can go with; the basic plan is called DIY and requires a one-time fee of 9.99 Euros ($11) and a %5 commission on each sale. With this mode, you are responsible for stocking and shipping your products. 

The second plan is ON STOCK management which costs a one-time fee of 9.99 Euros ($11) and %20 + 1€ pre-product commission. With this mode, Difyd2c manages your products’ stocking and shipping while also realizing customer follow-up.

8. Weebly

Screenshot of

Versatile, Budget-Friendly – A highly customizable and relatively affordable website builder. Go to Weebly.

Weebly is another website builder that offers many exciting features and customization options. It is not especially aimed at musicians, but still, you can use the service to build an engaging musician website.

Creating a website with Weebly is very easy as the templates are clean and simple. But the versatility and flexibility of the themes can not be compared to other services. There are not many special features for musicians.

Where Weebly shines is the email marketing aspect. It allows you to create great emails with beautiful designs without technical knowledge. It also offers a custom music player to stream your music on the website, and an online store section to sell your music and merch.

Creating a website with Weebly is free, but you will need a subscription plan to use any features.

Weebly offers 3 different plans; the Connect plan is $5 a month and offers 500 MB of storage along with a custom domain name. The Pro plan is $12 a month and offers unlimited storage, ad-free design, and eCommerce features. The Business plan costs $25 a month and has more eCommerce features.

9. SimpleSite 

Screenshot of

Beginner- Friendly – A minimalistic website builder with unlimited multimedia allowance. Go to SimpleSite.

As its name suggests, SimpleSite is a very simple website builder that offers a straightforward creating process without any bells and whistles. The templates are very basic, but none are specifically designed for musicians.

However, you can use the functional blog style templates or blank templates to design your unique-style artist or band website.

The upside of SimpleSite is that it offers unlimited multimedia on paid plans and allows you to sell your music and merchandise even with the basic free plan. While the features, templates, and customization options are not the greatest, SimpleSite shines as an affordable option to build a basic music website.

There are 3 subscription plans to choose from: the Basic plan, which is free and allows you to have 15 pages, sell up to five products, and offers a limited choice of design options. The Pro plan removes ads, offers all design options, allows you to create unlimited pages, and lets you use unlimited multimedia. However, still, you are limited to five products in your online store. It costs $15 a month.

The E-commerce plan costs $30.49 a month and gives you every feature of the Pro plan with unlimited products in the online store and some more extra features for eCommerce.

10. Site123

Screenshot of

Simple Design, Entry-Level – One of the easiest and fastest ways to create a basic website. Go to Site123.

Site123 is another simplistic website builder if you want to create your band or artist’s website easily and quickly. It has some nice features for musicians, and many different plans suit different needs.

With Site123, you can integrate Soundcloud to your website to stream your music, create an event and booking page with custom options, and create mailing lists to keep your fans updated.

Site123 also allows you to create an online store to sell your music and merchandise, but the possible order counts are limited depending on the plan you choose.

There are Basic, Advanced, Professional, Gold, and Platinum plans, which cost $7.80 to $23.18 a month. The basic plans come with 10 GB storage and 5 GB bandwidth; the Advanced with 30GB storage, 15GB bandwidth, 1000 mailing list messages; the Professional with 90GB storage, 45GB bandwidth, and 2500 mailing list messages.

The eCommerce features start from the Gold plan, which allows for 270GB storage, 135 GB bandwidth, 10k mailing list messages, and 500 orders per month. The Platinum plan offers 1000GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 50k mailing list messages with full eCommerce features, and unlimited orders.

What to look for in a website builder?

When choosing a website builder, ease of use, template design options, music-related content space as well as price are the things to look for.

As most of us are not experienced in creating websites, the easier the creation process is, the better. Many website builder services offer easy editors, which are great for inexperienced users.

The template design options are also important to create a unique website as you like. If there are musician or band-related templates, it makes the process easier.

Music-related content space is vital as you probably want to stream your music or play your video clips, advertise your concerts and events, and sell your music and merchandise on your website. It is better if the website builder offers these services, such as integration of music platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud, as well as allowing you to sell your stuff.

Most website builders work with a monthly subscription plan. Thus, choose wisely as this will probably be a long-term deal.

Why do musicians need a website?

As the best way to promote your music is through the internet, a website is the ultimate promotional tool that you can shape as you like. You can also use social media. However, social media comes and goes, and you may lose reach overnight, but websites are much safer and solid platforms.

The best way is to have them both and use both platforms integrated with each other. You can use social media for advertising your website, which can give much more and deeper information about your music, band, and upcoming events. You can also sell your merch, tickets, and music on your website to those fans you catch from social media accounts.

Can you build a website for totally free?

You can build a website for free with free website builders. However, these services lack many features that would make a website unique. If you know how to code, you can use HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript to build your website for free, but this is not easy if you are not experienced.

It is better to go with website builders and pay a small fee to create a unique website with many features to promote your music.

What are the benefits of having a music website?

Having a music website is a great way to promote your music and create a fan base. You can also create income by selling your music, merchandise, and tickets for your events. As the internet is the main platform for any promotion today, a music website can give your band great benefits.


Having a website is a great way to promote your music, create a fanbase and sell your music, merchandise, and tickets to create income with your music. There are many great website builders to create your own unique artist or band website to accomplish these goals.

Some of these website builders in the list are specialized for musicians, while some others are aimed at a more general audience, but all of them are great choices to start building your website from scratch with an easy yet fun process.

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