Album Release Checklist

Album releases are a big thing and it’s vital that you plan out each step before and after the release to maximize engagement, streams, and sale performances. Promoting your album is not just about releasing it, from album artwork to merch, as well as the promotion plan, all things play a key role.

The following checklist should help you when releasing your album:

  • Finalize all songs for the album.
  • Master all tracks.
  • Design album artwork.
  • Choose the album title.
  • Obtain necessary copyrights and licenses.
  • Decide on physical and/or digital release.
  • Select distribution channels.
  • Register the album with music rights organizations.
  • Set a release date.
  • Plan album pre-release campaign.
  • Create promotional materials (posters, teasers).
  • Update artist website with album info.
  • Announce the release date on social media.
  • Send press releases to media outlets.
  • Contact music bloggers and influencers.
  • Plan an album launch event or party.
  • Organize a pre-order campaign.
  • Release a single from the album.
  • Create and publish music videos.
  • Schedule interviews with the media.
  • Collaborate with other artists for promotion.
  • Update all social media profiles and bios.
  • Create email newsletters for fans.
  • Plan and schedule social media content.
  • Engage with fans online regularly.
  • Offer exclusive content for fan club/mailing list.
  • Organize a listening party (online or in-person).
  • Coordinate with the public relations team.
  • Create merchandise for the album.
  • Plan a tour or live performances.
  • Update streaming platform profiles.
  • Release behind-the-scenes content.
  • Monitor and respond to fan feedback.
  • Keep track of album reviews and press.
  • Plan post-release marketing strategy.
  • Analyze and learn from the release process.
  • Thank your team and supporters.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

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