The 5 Best Music Stand Lights – Our Pick

Trying to read sheet music in the dark can be a nightmare. Illuminate your view by getting a good music stand light. Dimmable lights and anti-glare shields also make them as discreet as possible.

This article lists 5 of the best music stand lights available. Some important factors to think about are the color of the light, anti-glare shield, if the light is dimmable, and the power type.

The 5 Best Music Stand Lights – Our Pick

1. Kootek Clip On Music Stand Light
Editor's Choice - A very popular, good quality music stand light
Good quality clip-on light with 9 LEDs
3. TEECOO Music Stand Light Clip-on LED
Affordable Option - Two-headed stand light with four brightness levels
4. Hallomall 9 LED Clip On Music Stand Light
Professional made 9 LED USB-powered light
5. Vekkia Professional Musician 3000K-6000K
High-end 19 LED lights with 9 Levels of brightness

1) Kootek Clip On Music Light Stand

We start off this list with a low-end, affordable model that will adjust to anyone’s budget and need. This light stand has 10 LED lights which are enough to shine a very bright light and lighten up anything you need. It works on a lithium rechargeable battery, with around 10 hours of working time.

It is recharged through an AC adapter and has only one key, with which you can set up the light in two different brightness setups or turn it off. You can use a clamp-on to attach it anywhere you want. The price is really low, so you won’t have to worry about money when you buy it.


Lumiens L9 is a high-end model of a music stand light. It comes with 9 LED lights inside, that have two levels of brightness. It’s a 10” long gooseneck model, so you can adjust the light direction however you might like it. It’s operated by three AAA batteries and has 20 hours of working time in one go. Also, you get an AC adapter (78” long) which is long enough to reach power outlet while on stage.

The price on this model is a bit higher then the rest of them, but for it, you’ll get a really high-quality, high-end model that will last you for a really long time and if you’re a professional you will definitely need one.

3) TEECOO Music Stand Light Clip-on LED Book Lights

This is an innovative, funny-looking model that’s offering something new in this market. TEECOO is a two-headed LED light, with a total of four LED lights, two in each head, with a total of four levels of brightness. It has a gooseneck stand, so you can direct both of them however you like. All of this gives you an unprecedented versatility when in need. It works on 3xAAA batteries but it can also work on a USB connection, so you can use even your mobile phone charger to power it. This is a quirky, yet quality made a model which will fulfill your needs at a reasonable price.

4) Hallomall 9 LED Clip On Music Stand Lights

Hallomall 9 comes with 9 LED lights in one light head. It has two brightness settings and comes with a gooseneck, so you can twist it and adjust it any way you like. It will work on three AAA batteries, and has up to 20 hours of life in it, depending on the batteries you put inside of it. With it, you also get a USB charger, which can be used to connect to computers or USB sockets when no power outlet is available nearby.

This model is attached to the stand with a clamp, which you can pinch onto anything, so it’s really versatile. It’s all-metal made, so you know it will take on anything you might throw at it and remain sturdy. All in all, this is a great, sturdy, professional model that can be used not only as a music stand light but also as a table lamp or anywhere else as it is light, quality made and affordable.

5) Vekkia Professional Musician 3000K-6000K Super Bright 19 LED Music Stand Light

We finish off this list with a highly versatile and bright music stand light. Vekkia is a professional music stand light that has inside it whopping 19 LED lights, which have up to 9 different settings. This is achieved by having three different color temperatures (3000K warm, 6500K white, and 4200K mixed) as well as three brightness levels for each colors temperatures. This gives you complete control over the brightness levels, especially in comparison to the rest of the competition that usually has just two levels of brightness.

Since this model has 19 LED’s it can illuminate up to 4 A4 pages at once but is also installed with an antiglare shield, so the light will be focused where you want it to be and shining all over the place. It works on a 1800mAh lithium-ion battery with up to 60 hours of reading time (when on low settings). This is enough not to worry your light will die out in the middle of your performance. It will charge with USB or AC adapter, so you can power it any way you want.

Even though this is a pricey model, it’s well worth the money you’re giving for it. It’s a high-end, high-quality model that will last you a long time and you won’t imagine being able to work without it.

Important Points about Sheet Music Lights


When you’re in the dark, it’s important that you can control the level of brightness your light will emit. So, most of the light comes with a brightness level options, which can dim the light from the maximum brightness if need be.

Anti-glare shield

When on stage, you don’t want your light to shine like a star, but to be as discreet as possible. Because of this, all of these light comes with an anti-glare shield, essentially a small shield that stops the light from leaking out of the focus point of the light.

Power Type

Earlier, you had to have a power outlet nearby to connect your light to. With the development of batteries in recent years, it’s become more and more standard to have rechargeable batteries or standard AAA batteries as a power source for your light.

Materials used

Usually, the top-quality music stand lights come in all metal casings, giving you the sturdiness you want when you take them on the road. This however does increase the weight of the light, which can be a hassle if you’re constantly traveling with it. So, high-quality plastics, eventually combined with some metal parts are the best solution for the lightest and the most endurable casing of your light

Color of Light

When picking your light, you’ll want to choose one with the color of light you like looking at and which doesn’t tire your eyes. All of the lights today come with LED lights inside, as the cheapest and best solution for it. You can choose from soft or neutral colors, as per your preference.


We hope that this article has helped you shed some light on the topic of music stand lights. From professional to amateur models, they are an easy solution for the problem that exists ever since sheet music has been introduced. Pick whichever model from this list and you won’t make a mistake. That’s a guarantee from us.

Featured image by Circe Denyer (CC0 Public Domain)

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