The 10 Best Music Quiz and Trivia Websites and Apps

Everyone loves to test their knowledge on something they’re passionate about. Quizzes are a fun way to do that.

Here’s a list of some great quiz and trivia websites and apps for all the music fans out there! They will give you plenty of fun challenges and questions to test your music knowledge.

You can access these websites on all your gadgets. Plus, all the apps are available for free anytime and anywhere you want!

1. Quiz Global (Website)

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Link to Website

Quiz Global a quiz and trivia website that offers you both questions and their answers. Out of the many categories, music alone has around 40 different quizzes for you.

Each quiz has varying numbers of questions and different difficulty levels for your convenience. The topics range from 80’s female singers to solo artists’ questions to the Beatles quiz.

Overall, there is something for everyone. And if you ever get bored or run out of questions and answers, you can go for other fun activities such as multiple-choice questions and video tutorials.

2. Guess the Song- Music Quiz (App)

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This app is a number one rated platform for those who love music quizzes. You can play by yourself or have a fun challenge with your friend using the multiplayer mode. In the end, you can compare your results and see who won.

It is also a fun way to keep your kids entertained. Plus, you will not only be able to play around old songs, but you might also end up getting exposed to new talent.

The app consists of a great variety of songs and genres. You can unlock achievements to keep yourself motivated and entertained.

3. Song Pop (App)

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Android | iOS

Song Pop is a fun app suitable for both iOS and Android. The app plays different songs and the challenge is to guess each of them right. For added fun, you can collaborate and compete with your friends as well.

The app has global parties that you can join. This way, you can connect with many people around the world.

The app has about 10,000 songs so they rarely repeat. There is continuous additions of new collections to the app.

4. Trivial Music Quiz (App)

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Android | iOS

Quizzes are fun, but if you merge them to a fun display, you’ve got yourself an addictive game! Trivial music quiz is also such a gaming app.

It allows you to guess the name of the song and select one from four different options. Plus, other questions include where a song originally came from and who the singer is. You can also see your progress and overall performance using the “Statistics” part of the app.

5. Popkwiz (Website)

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Popkwiz is one of the oldest platforms when it comes to music quizzes and trivia websites. It consists of a series of different questions depending on the decade, from the 2010s to the 1950s. For people who love classics and old pieces, this one will be a fun, nostalgic game to play.

6. Music Mini (Website)

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This game involves listening and naming the song being played. You can choose from four different languages, English, Spanish, French, and German. You can also select from three other categories apart from music.

These are movies, sports, and others. Furthermore, you can choose what kind of challenge you want to play from three different options: 1 of 5, name one, name three. Overall, the website is easy to navigate and free of cost.

7. Trivia Plaza (Website)

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This is another website that gives you music quizzes based on a timeline. However, the user interface and display are much more aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from a list of popular quizzes on the website, ranging from questions related to American Idol to Oscar-winning songs. Different kinds of games are also present. For example, you can choose a game that involves putting down missing words from the song, as well as identify band names.

The platform is versatile and has something for everyone.

The list of quizzes and questions is very vast.

You can also see the average scores of a quiz written alongside it. This makes for good competition.

8. Classic Rock Quiz (App)

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Android | iOS

This app is a fan favorite for its music quizzes. The platform is user-friendly and very fun-looking. It offers you a lyric and the challenge is to guess the name of the song and select one out of the four options. Another fun feature is the hangman music game.

You can choose from different levels of quizzes and there is also a leaderboard available to keep track of your daily progress.

You can unlock achievements as you go higher up the ranks. This is a good way to feel accomplished and stay motivated to play more.

The app works well on phones, iPads, and tablets.

9. Music Trivia Master (App)

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The best thing about this app is how attractive the user interface is. From Maroon 5 to Backstreet Boys, you will find a nostalgic collection of songs on here.

Not only will you have fun playing the game, but you will also have a quick trip down the memory lane.

Apart from the quizzes, the app offers several other fun features such as spin the wheel, global leaderboards, and games to challenge yourself.

You can find almost all the music genres on here, including pop, electronic, rock, hip hop, and country.

10. Millionaire Music Quiz (App)

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The collection comprises of old, classic music as well as new, modern collections.

There are different games on the platform including “Guess the Singer,” “Guess the Song,” and “Guess the Celebrity in the Picture.” You get to unlock many achievements along the way.

Plus, you can now play the game online for ranking in international groups.


In conclusion, if you love answering questions and taking quizzes, an app or a website can be a fun way to spend your free time.

You can choose from various different types of games, music genres, and platforms, too. Some even allow you to play with your friends and family or be a part of global groups!

Brian Clark is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is passionate about practically all areas of music and he particularly enjoys writing about the music industry.

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