The 10 Best Samplers for iOS and Android (2024)

Music production has entered a new era with the advent of versatile samplers available for both iOS and Android devices. These compact yet powerful apps have become indispensable tools for musicians worldwide.

In this article, we’ll delve into the finest samplers, highlighting their key features, robust sampling capabilities, and why they have become the preferred choice of musicians.

1. Koala Sampler (iOS & Android)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

  • Highly capable sampler with real-time effects and a very intuitive interface.

Koala Sampler is a gem for both iOS and Android users. It’s a simple but incredibly intuitive sampling app to use. Moreover, its cross-platform compatibility allows users to transition seamlessly between iOS and Android devices without missing a beat.

Koala Sampler’s sampling capabilities shine brightly. Musicians can capture audio from their surroundings, whether it’s the sound of a bustling street or a chirping bird, and effortlessly transform it into a musical element. The app’s straightforward interface and real-time effects make sampling and manipulation an enjoyable experience, opening the door to endless sonic exploration.

2. Flip Sampler (iOS & Android)

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  • Great sampler with a ton of features.

Flip Sampler for iOS boasts an intuitive interface that makes it a go-to choice for musicians. Its user-friendly design ensures that it won’t overwhelm beginners, while its advanced sampling capabilities cater to the needs of seasoned producers. The app simplifies the process of recording, editing, and manipulating samples, allowing musicians to unleash their creativity effortlessly.

Koala Sampler feels a little bit more intuitive and fun to use than Flip Sampler for basic use, but Flip Sampler has a lot more features so you can do a lot more with it (other than Flip Sampler having a limited number of tracks to work with).

Flip Sampler excels at sample manipulation, offering a range of effects and editing tools. Musicians can easily sample audio from various sources, tweak it to perfection, and seamlessly integrate it into their compositions. Whether you’re crafting intricate beats or experimenting with innovative soundscapes, Flip Sampler empowers musicians to bring their musical visions to life.

3. Caustic 3 (iOS & Android)

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  • Versatile virtual studio with samplers, synths, and drum machines for modular music creation

Caustic 3 offers a modular approach to music production. Musicians can build their virtual studios by incorporating samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines. Caustic 3’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for electronic music creators, and its sampling capabilities are no exception.

The app’s sampling features empower musicians to capture and manipulate audio from various sources. It is designed for iPad’s and Android devices. Plus, whether you’re creating synth patches from found sounds or crafting intricate electronic beats, the app provides the flexibility and tools needed to bring your creative vision to life.

4. Loopy Pro (iOS)

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Get it on: App Store (Apple)

  • Great app for live looping sets with sampled sounds

Loopy Pro, designed exclusively for iOS, is a game-changer for live performances. Its intuitive interface simplifies the process of recording and layering loops, allowing musicians to craft dynamic compositions on stage. With Loopy Pro, sampling is an integral part of live music creation.

Loopy Pro’s sampling capabilities enable musicians to capture live audio and instantly loop it, creating complex arrangements on the fly. The app’s real-time effects add a layer of creativity, making every live performance a unique experience. Whether you’re a beatboxer, vocalist, or instrumentalist, Loopy Pro empowers you to elevate your live shows to a new level.

5. SampleWiz 2 (iOS)

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Get it on: App Store (Apple)

  • Sound design master for creating masterpieces from everyday sounds

SampleWiz 2 for iOS is a sound designer’s dream come true. The app offers a wide array of sampling tools that allow musicians to transform everyday sounds into intricate instruments. Its comprehensive editing capabilities enable users to sculpt and shape samples into entirely new sonic creations.

SampleWiz 2’s sampling features are centered around sound sculpting. Musicians can capture sounds from any source, apply various effects, and manipulate them to achieve unique textures and tones. Whether you’re producing experimental electronic music or crafting soundscapes for film, SampleWiz 2 gives you the power to push sonic boundaries.

6. BandLab (iOS & Android)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

  • Versatile and free DAW with high-functioning sampling capabilities

BandLab, available on both iOS and Android, is a music production app that excels in collaborative music creation. With an extensive collection of virtual instruments and loops, it offers a diverse range of sampling possibilities. Its user-friendly interface and high-quality sounds make it an essential tool for musicians and producers looking to collaborate and create music with ease.

BandLab’s sampling capabilities shine when it comes to collaboration. Musicians can seamlessly capture, edit, and manipulate audio samples, enabling the creation of unique musical elements within a collaborative environment. Whether you’re producing with a band, collaborating with fellow artists, or simply looking to create music with others, BandLab provides the tools to make the collaborative music-making process smooth and enjoyable.

7. Roland Zenbeats (iOS & Android)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

  • Mobile cross-platform DAW for pro-grade music production and seamless sampling

Available on both iOS and Android, Roland Zenbeats is a comprehensive music production platform that includes a versatile sampler. Musicians can easily integrate samples into their projects, thanks to the app’s intuitive interface and extensive sound library. Zenbeats is a top choice for those seeking a professional music production experience.

Roland Zenbeats’ sampling capabilities allow musicians to effortlessly import and manipulate samples, whether it’s a vocal snippet, a guitar riff, or a synth line. The app’s real-time effects and comprehensive editing tools empower musicians to create unique compositions with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a beginner, Zenbeats offers the tools you need to craft polished, professional tracks.

8. FL Studio Mobile (iOS & Android)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

  • Powerful and complete mobile DAW with a feature-rich sampler

FL Studio Mobile is a powerful music production tool available on both iOS and Android platforms. While its sampler is just one component of the feature-rich package, it offers comprehensive sampling capabilities. Musicians can compose, arrange, and produce music seamlessly, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

FL Studio Mobile’s sampling capabilities simplify the integration of samples into your music. Whether you’re working with vocal samples, instrument recordings, or field recordings, the app’s editing tools and effects allow you to manipulate and fine-tune your samples with precision. It’s an excellent choice for musicians seeking a comprehensive mobile studio experience.

9. Beatmaker 3 (iOS)

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Get it on: App Store (Apple)

  • Comprehensive music creation with versatile features and intuitive interface

BeatMaker 3, available exclusively for iOS, is a powerhouse for musicians and producers. With its extensive feature set, it offers a complete music creation experience. The app’s intuitive interface and versatile sampling capabilities set it apart from the rest, making it a top choice for music enthusiasts.

BeatMaker 3 excels in sample manipulation. Musicians can effortlessly import, edit, and arrange samples, enabling the creation of unique compositions. The app’s real-time effects, advanced mixing, and comprehensive editing tools empower musicians to craft professional-grade tracks directly from their iOS devices. Whether you’re producing in the studio or on the go, BeatMaker 3 provides the tools you need to bring your musical vision to life with precision and creativity.

10. Steinberg Cubasis 3 (iOS & Android)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store (Apple)

  • Great mobile DAW for studio-quality recording and seamless sampling

Steinberg Cubasis 3 is available for iOS and Android and offers a comprehensive music production experience. While its sampler is just one component of its feature set, it boasts robust sampling capabilities. Musicians and audio engineers can achieve studio-quality recordings and in-depth sample manipulation with ease.

Cubasis 3’s sampling capabilities enable musicians to capture audio, apply effects, and seamlessly integrate samples into their compositions. Whether you’re recording acoustic instruments or experimenting with electronic textures, the app provides the tools necessary for achieving professional-grade results.

Why Musicians Love Using Mobile Samplers

Many musicians and producers gravitate toward mobile samplers for several reasons:

1. Creative Freedom: Samplers provide access to a vast palette of sounds, empowering musicians to craft unique compositions.
2. Portability: These apps are designed for mobile devices, allowing musicians to create music anytime, anywhere.
3. Versatility: Samplers cater to a wide range of music genres, making them versatile tools for musicians of all backgrounds.
4. Efficiency: Samplers streamline the music production process, simplifying the creation and manipulation of sounds and loops.
5. Live Performance: Samplers enable live performers to trigger samples and loops on the fly, enhancing the dynamics of their shows and fostering creative improvisation.


In conclusion, the best samplers for iOS and Android have revolutionized music production by offering musicians powerful sampling capabilities in compact, portable packages. These apps make music production more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for musicians of all levels. 

With samplers in their toolkit, musicians can unlock new realms of creativity, turning everyday sounds into musical magic. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, consider incorporating one of these exceptional samplers into your music production workflow and watch your music soar to new heights.

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