The 10 Best Headphones For Bass Guitar Practice (2024)

As a bass player, getting the right headphones for practice is a must if you want to improve your sound quality, develop your rhythm, and have a great experience. I’ve put together a list of the 10 best headphones, from high-end to budget-friendly options that will help you achieve those goals.

My main recommended headphones are the Boss Waza-Air. With over 50 customizable effects and dynamic 3D sound, this pair of headphones and headphone amp provide top-quality sound while also being wireless, making it a perfect choice for practice.

My second recommendation is the Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO. With its high ambient noise attenuation and accurate, linear sound reproduction, these headphones are perfect for recording, practicing, and mixing sessions.

To narrow my options down, I shortlisted headphones based on sound quality, bass response, comfort, and durability. I’m also an experienced bassist so I know what people want when it comes to headphones for bass guitar.

I always use headphones whenever I practice playing bass guitar. I find that it helps me focus better and allows me to hear every note and detail without any distractions. The headphones really helped me isolate the bass sound and allowed me to improve my playing.

The Best Headphones For Bass Guitar Practice (2024)

And now on to the full list:

1. Boss Waza-Air

Top Pick - Amplify your guitar sounds wirelessly.
A headphone guitar amplifier with 50+ customizable effects and dynamic 3D sound and features 5 amp types.
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I really like the excellent sound quality and wireless features of the Boss Waza-Air, making it easy to practice without bothering others. The wireless transmitter eliminates the need for cords, making it convenient and allowing you to move freely during your sessions.


  • Portable and convenient for traveling
  • Decent sound quality
  • Customizable effects and amp types
  • Dynamic 3D sound experience
  • Comfortable headphones


  • Pricey for a practice tool
  • App connectivity issues sometimes
  • Occasional disconnection between guitar and smartphone

This exceptional combo provides over 50 customizable effects, allowing guitarists of various styles to explore their creativity. With a wide range of sound choices available, finding and perfecting your unique tone is more straightforward and enjoyable than ever.

Changing how you practice, this bass amp is compatible with headphones and offers an immersive 3D audio experience, filling your surroundings with rich and captivating sounds. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the app and Bluetooth connectivity, which might cause problems for users.

Tech Specs

  • Headphone Guitar Amplifier with a wireless transmitter
  • Customizable Effects: 50+ options available
  • Output Wattage: 5 Watts
  • Battery-powered: 2 AA batteries required

2. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

Budget Pick - Professional headphones with noise attenuation and clear sound
Headphones that deliver accurate sound, reflecting every sound produced in your recordings precisely.
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The Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones have accurate and balanced sound, providing clear and comfortable audio throughout all frequencies, making them great for musicians and audiophiles alike. They also effectively block out noise from the environment, letting you focus on your music, whether you’re in a noisy city or a busy studio.


  • Accurate, linear sound reproduction
  • Comfortable soft earpads
  • Sturdy, single-sided cable
  • Affordable price with great sound quality
  • Durable, long-lasting construction


  • The coiled cable may be short and limit mobility
  • Bass may be slightly overpowering for some
  • Earpads may need replacement over time

The soft ear cushions add to their appeal, offering crucial comfort for long studio sessions. The adjustable swivel ear cups allow for personalized adjustments, fitting various head shapes and sizes.

The only downside is that the coiled cable might be too short for some people, causing inconvenience. But despite this, the headphones perform exceptionally well and offer great comfort.

Tech Specs

  • Accurate, linear sound reproduction
  • Soft earpads for a comfortable fit
  • Connector type: 3.5mm Jack
  • Material type: Faux Leather

3. Shure SRH1540

Pro Pick - Superior soundstage with clear highs and warm bass
A pair of premium closed-back headphones with neodymium drivers that provide clear, extended highs and warm bass.
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Say farewell to average audio quality thanks to the 40 mm neodymium drivers in these headphones. The Shure SRH1540 Headphones deliver amazing bass and fine details, surrounding you with an in-depth and engaging music experience.


  • Phenomenal bass and great detail
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Durable with aluminum alloy yoke and carbon fiber cap
  • Closed-back design reduces background noise
  • Easy to EQ and good for various uses


  • Causes discomfort after long use
  • Pricey

A notable characteristic of these headphones is the APTIV film diaphragm, which greatly improves linearity while lowering total harmonic distortion (THD). With this cutting-edge technology, you can expect clear and precise sound reproduction that captures every subtle aspect of your favorite songs. As an audiophile, I really enjoyed the well-adjusted acoustics from these headphones.

In terms of comfort and noise isolation, these headphones have you covered with their around-the-ear, closed-back design. The Alcantara ear pads not only provide a snug fit but also reduce outside noise, allowing you to concentrate solely on your music or recordings. Despite being lightweight, they are quite sturdy.

Tech Specs

  • Driver Size: 40 mm Neodymium
  • Design: Closed-back, circumaural (over-ear)
  • Comfort: Alcantara ear pads
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm Jack

4. beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm

Spacious sound with impressive isolation
Headphones that offer impressive sound quality and volume with an innovative bass reflex system.
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If you’re looking for top-notch bass accuracy, this is it. The advanced bass reflex system gives an amazing listening experience, letting professionals examine low-frequency sounds closely. With excellent impulse response, the DT 770 PRO Headphones are essential for precise monitoring and deep bass, drawing both pros and non-pros.


  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Excellent sound quality for mid to high frequencies
  • Great for music production
  • Noise isolation for the closed-back design
  • Durable and robust build quality


  • EQ correction may be needed for optimal sound
  • Highs may be too bright for some

The quality of German engineering is evident in this durable and well-made design. Built to handle professional recording work, these headphones also feature replaceable velour ear cushions for great comfort. I love the comfort and outstanding sound quality they provide for different types of music. Combined with a padded adjustable headband, they’re perfect for long listening sessions.

These versatile headphones come in three impedance options (32Ω, 80Ω, 250Ω) to suit different users and equipment. It’s no surprise these headphones are highly rated in the Musical Instruments category, given the praise they receive from professionals and everyday users alike.

Tech Specs

  • Design: Closed over-ear
  • Frequency Range: 5Hz-35kHz
  • Material: Velour ear pads
  • Cable: 3.0m cable for ease of use

5. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Good Sound Quality for Studio and Personal Use
A pair of high-quality over-ear headphones with exceptional clarity and deep, accurate bass response.
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The ATH-M50X’s excellent sound works well with different genres and uses. They have large 45mm drivers with unique magnets and copper-covered aluminum wire coils, providing clear sound over a wide frequency range and strong bass.


  • Great sound clarity and extended frequency range
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Affordable, well-rounded
  • 90° swiveling ear cups
  • Removable and locking cables
  • Suitable for various types of music


  • May be uncomfortable for users wearing glasses
  • Synthetic leather earpad material may peel off over time
  • Plastic construction

A great feature is the circular design that blocks out noise well, perfect for studio recording, live shows, DJing, or personal use. The earcups can turn 90 degrees for easy one-ear listening, and they fold up for travel without losing style or function.

These headphones are comfortable and durable too. High-quality materials keep them cozy during long sessions, though the leather earpads might peel eventually. They come with different removable cables and a storage pouch for added convenience. They are well-rounded and offer great value for money.

Tech Specs

  • Drivers: 45mm large-aperture drivers
  • Design: Over-ear, closed-back
  • Cables: Three detachable cables (1.2m-3.0m coiled, 3.0m straight, 1.2m straight)
  • Frequency Range: 15 Hz to 28 kHz

6. KLH Ultimate One

Experience the ultimate comfort with premium leather padding
The KLH Ultimate One Headphones have 50mm pure beryllium drivers and zebrawood ear cups.
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The  KLH Ultimate One headphones deliver fantastic audio quality due to the 50mm Pure Beryllium Driver, offering clarity and depth that’s not common in other headphones. The wide frequency response of 18Hz to 22kHz +/- 3db ensures detailed and accurate sound for both casual and serious listeners.


  • High-quality sound performance
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Pure beryllium drivers
  • Premium lambskin and cowhide materials
  • Solid zebrawood earcups for aesthetics and acoustics


  • Mids could be a lot better
  • Not suitable for those seeking active noise-cancellation

A notable feature is the open-back design, creating a spacious soundstage and natural audio. This enhances the listening experience with an airy sensation that feels like listening to live speakers. The design helps immerse you deeply into your music.

The stylish Zebrawood earcups not only improve the acoustics but also give a sleek appearance. The lambskin and cowhide leather materials make them comfortable to wear. With a lightweight design and dual-layer memory foam, they’re perfect for long listening sessions.

Tech Specs

  • Driver: 50mm Pure Beryllium Driver
  • Weight: 12 ounces/340 grams
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 18Hz-22kHz

7. Sony WH-XB910N

Wireless, feature-packed, bass-friendly headphones
A pair of wireless headphones with extra bass to enhance your listening experience.
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Experience intense music listening with Sony WH-XB910N’s Dual Noise Cancellation technology. I enjoy the sound quality and bass, which create an immersive experience, effectively blocking out everything else. It’s rare to find headphones that offer such a clear and distraction-free audio environment while remaining comfortable.


  • Top-notch sound quality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Comfortable for long listening sessions
  • Customizable sound through the app
  • Quick charging feature


  • Touch controls can be accidentally activated
  • Fit is pretty set in stone
  • Noise-canceling is not as effective as some competitors

I like the Extra Bass feature because it enhances the deep and powerful audio experience. Sony WH-XB910N headphones deliver strong low frequencies without losing clarity and balance in high frequencies. Bass enthusiasts like myself will love this pair of wireless headphones.

No one wants their headphones to die during a good practice session, but the Sony WH-XB910N Headphones offer up to 30 hours of playtime. The best thing about them is the fast-charging feature provides 4.5 hours of listening in just 10 minutes.

Tech Specs

  • Material: Synthetic leather and urethane materials
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Ion battery required (included)
  • Driver: 40mm dynamic driver
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hours, quick charge feature

8. Phiaton 900 Legacy

Customized 40 MM drivers for optimal sound quality
The Phiaton 900 Legacy Headphones have digital hybrid noise-canceling reducing up to 98% of noise, Bluetooth 5.1, and smart touch controls.
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The Phiaton 900 Legacy offer up to 98% noise reduction using 24-bit/192 kHz precision filtering. I really like the excellent sound quality and noise-canceling, perfect for losing yourself in the music. This high-performance feature ensures accurate sound reproduction while blocking out unwanted background noise.


  • Great sound quality and noise-canceling
  • Comfortable with memory foam earpads
  • Impressive battery life
  • Quick charging feature
  • Smart touch controls for easy playback and call management
  • Sleek design with premium materials


  • Dual Bluetooth connection issues
  • Bluetooth is not as reliable as a wired connection
  • Touch controls may be annoying in certain situations

These Bluetooth headphones boast an impressive 43-hour playback with noise-cancellation activated, so you’ll rarely need to charge them. When you do, a quick 10-minute charge gives 4 hours and 20 minutes of listening time, meaning you can quickly just back into your practice session.

Setting new standards for comfort, these headphones feature plush memory foam ear cushions. I love the mix of a snug fit and exceptional audio quality, making them perfect for long practice sessions. These ear cushions offer comfort, making extended use a non-issue.

Tech Specs

  • Sampling Rate: 24-bit depth/192 kHz
  • Smart Touch Controls: PLAY, PAUSE, FF, REW, VOL+, VOL-, and CALL
  • Drivers: 40 MM Customized Drivers
  • Earpad Material: Memory Foam


Acoustically invisible stealth magnets for pure sound
These headphones have a newly designed casing for durability and adjustable lightweight headbands for comfortable use.
View Price at Amazon

Discover incredible audio performance with Planar Magnetic Technology in the HIFIMAN HE 400 SE headphones. This amazing technology makes these headphones produce less distortion compared to regular dynamic headphones, giving you an outstandingly accurate and extensive audio range. I love how the amazing sound quality and resolution create a listening experience that is unmatched in depth, clarity, and detail.


  • Exceptional sound quality for the price
  • Planar magnetic design reduces distortion
  • Acoustically invisible stealth magnet
  • Comfortable and adjustable headband
  • Very affordable


  • Cheap plastic build quality
  • Open-back design leaks sound

For those who value comfort, these over-ear headphones are a great choice. Featuring a redesigned adjustable headband and lightweight design, the HIFIMAN HE400SE headphones provide lasting comfort that stays cool during intense music sessions.

Additionally, the high-quality feel is combined with a stylish modern design, making them not only comfortable but also visually appealing. Unfortunately, the inexpensive plastic construction may take away from the overall experience but the sound quality is intact.

Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 25 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Cable: Dual-sided 3.5mm

10. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Master

Hi-Res Audio certified for precise sound quality
The Crossfade M-100 Headphones feature dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers for Hi-Res Audio and improved sound, as well as improved comfort.
View Price at SweetwaterView Price at Amazon

If you’re looking for top-notch sound quality, the High-Resolution Audio Assurance feature ensures amazing audio performance and incredible sharpness. Equipped with dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers, you can experience powerful bass and intricate details in various music styles. These headphones are essential for anyone who wants crystal-clear sound.


  • Great sound quality with Hi-Res certification
  • Durable build and design
  • Customizable look with replaceable shields
  • Dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers for clear sound across genres
  • Sweat resistance for extended use


  • New, bigger pads might be needed
  • Bass may muddy mids in some instances

I was also impressed by the sturdy build and SteelFlex headband of these headphones. Memory foam pads and a 100% vegan leather headband provide a comfortable fit, though I found the default ear cushions a bit uncomfortable size-wise. Nevertheless, they offer good comfort for normal practice sessions.

With portability in mind, the collapsible CliqFold hinge allows for easy transportation in the included Exoskeleton Carry Case. The case is not only functional but also very fashionable, complete with a carabiner clip for easy attachment to bags or backpacks.

Tech Specs

  • Design: Closed-back, Over-ear
  • Drivers: Dual-diaphragm 50mm Drivers
  • Earpad Material: Large Memory Foam Cushions
  • Headband Material: Vegan Leather Headband

What to look for when buying Headphones for Bass Guitar Practice?

Frequency response range and bass accuracy

When evaluating headphones for bass guitar practice, one essential factor to consider is the frequency response range and bass accuracy. Headphones like the Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO and the Shure SRH1540 are excellent examples, as they offer a wide frequency response and deliver accurate bass reproduction.

When searching for the perfect pair of headphones, a specific focus on this aspect ensures that the bass notes are portrayed as accurately as possible, providing an authentic experience, and allowing you to fine-tune your skills properly.

Comfortable fit and adjustability

As a musician, I cannot stress enough the importance of a comfortable fit and adjustability when it comes to headphones for bass guitar practice. Extended practice sessions can take a toll on your head and ears if your headphones don’t provide a snug yet comfortable fit. Adjustable headbands and soft ear cushions are vital features to look for.

For example, the Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO Over-Ear Monitoring Headphones come equipped with soft earpads, and folding and rotating ear cups, and the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones have replaceable velour ear pads and rugged, adjustable, soft padded headband construction. These features ensure that you can practice for hours without experiencing discomfort or unnecessary pressure on your head or ears.

Build quality and durability

Naturally, it’s very important to consider the build quality and durability when it comes to choosing headphones for bass guitar practice. We all know that accidents can happen, and your headphones might suffer from occasional drops, bends, or rough handling. It’s crucial to invest in a pair that can withstand such situations and still deliver excellent sound quality.

The Shure SRH1540 and Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO are two great examples of headphones that are designed with durability and comfort in mind. The SRH1540, with its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy yoke and carbon fiber cap, offers a lightweight yet sturdy construction, while the DT 770 PRO features a rugged, adjustable, soft padded headband and a reliable single-sided cable.

Budget and overall value for money

As a musician, I know that finding the perfect pair of headphones for bass guitar practice goes far beyond just sound quality – it’s also about striking a balance between your budget and overall value for money. It’s essential to weigh the features and performance of various models against their price tags to determine which will provide the best return on investment.

For instance, the Sony WH-XB910N offers excellent bass and noise-canceling capabilities at a reasonable price, while the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is a popular choice among professionals due to its exceptional sonic performance, comfort, and durability.

What are Headphones For Bass Guitar Practice?

Bass guitar headphones differ from regular headphones in terms of their frequency response, driver size, and overall design. They are specifically made to handle the low frequencies that bass guitars produce, allowing for a more accurate and enjoyable practice experience. Using regular headphones for bass guitar practice may result in a loss of clarity and detail in the sound, as they are not specifically built for handling bass frequencies.

Open-Back vs. Closed-Back Headphones

Open-back headphones offer a more natural and spacious sound with an open soundstage, whereas closed-back headphones provide better sound isolation and are more suitable for noisy environments. For bass guitar practice, both types can be suitable depending on your practice environment and personal preferences.

Wired vs. Wireless Headphones

Wired headphones typically offer better sound quality and lower latency compared to wireless headphones, which can be essential for bass guitar practice. However, wireless headphones, such as the Boss Waza-Air Wireless Guitar Headphone Amp, provide a clutter-free and convenient experience, especially for those who like to move around during practice sessions.

Caring for Your Headphones

To prolong the lifespan and performance of your bass guitar headphones, consider the following tips:

  1. Store your headphones in a protective case when not in use.
  2. Avoid exposing your headphones to extreme temperatures or humidity.
  3. Clean the ear cups and headband regularly to maintain hygiene and prevent wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are bass guitar headphones compatible with all bass guitar models and amplifiers?

Most bass guitar headphones should be compatible with different models and amplifiers. However, it is essential to check their specifications and compatibility before making a purchase.

Can I use regular headphones for bass guitar practice?

While it is possible to use regular headphones, bass guitar headphones are specifically designed to handle the low frequencies produced by bass guitars, resulting in better sound quality and an overall improved practice experience.

What type of headphones work best for bass guitar practice?

Closed-back headphones provide better isolation and low-end response, making them a good choice for bass guitar practice in noisy environments.

Is wireless technology important for bass guitar practice headphones?

Wireless headphones provide freedom of movement, but wired headphones offer more reliable and lower latency signal transmission, which is crucial for bass guitar players who need to monitor their playing in real time.

What is the ideal driver diameter for bass guitar practice headphones?

Headphones with larger driver sizes tend to produce more low-end response, making 40mm or larger drivers a good choice for bass guitar practice.

Are over-ear or on-ear headphones better for bass guitar practice?

Over-ear headphones typically provide better isolation and comfort for extended wear, making them a better choice for bass guitar practice sessions that last several hours.


In conclusion, I hope this article helped you find the perfect headphones for your bass guitar practice sessions. Remember, bass is the foundation of any great band, so having the right headphones can make all the difference in the world, especially when you’re practicing.

My main recommended product is the Boss Waza-Air. With its customizable effects, dynamic 3D sound, and 5 amp types, the Waza-Air Headphones are perfect for any bass guitarist looking to take their practice to the next level.

As for my second recommended product, the Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO Over-Ear Monitoring Headphones are a fantastic option for those seeking high ambient noise attenuation, accurate sound reproduction, and a comfortable fit during long practice sessions.

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