Fender Rumble 100 Bass Combo Amp Review

As a bass player with nearly a decade of experience using the Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp, I can confidently say that this amp is a fantastic option for those who need a portable and powerful amp.

The Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp is a lightweight bass amplifier that offers exceptional value for money. It delivers solid tones and is versatile enough to dial in a preferred sound for live performances and practice sessions. It may be small but it packs quite a punch so it has the best of both worlds.

In this review, I will be sharing my thoughts and general feedback on the Fender Rumble 100, discussing its specs, design, sound quality, and pricing. You can also check out my detailed video review on it through the link below:


Value for Money




Build quality


Sound quality





The Fender Rumble 100 Bass Combo amp is a reasonably-priced, lightweight, and powerful amp for practice sessions and live performances. It has a versatile sound with an easy-to-use design and has excellent connectivity options, one of which is an XLR DI which is spectacular if you’re planning on using it for larger gigs.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Versatile sound with voicing options
  • Easy-to-use EQ system
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for practice and gigs


  • Some distortion at high volumes
  • Lacks depth in mid and high frequencies
  • Overdrive requires a footswitch for stage use

General Thoughts

Fender Rumble 100 Bass Combo Amp
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Compared to the previous Rumble 100W version, the reinvented Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp is a significant improvement. The first thing I noticed and appreciated was the incredibly lightweight design. As someone who has been hauling around bass amps for half my life, I can attest that this amp’s weight is a game-changer.

Additionally, the Rumble 100 is simple to use and delivers a solid bass sound with plenty of room for tweaking. It’s an excellent choice for beginner bass players looking for a lightweight amp with a versatile sound, suitable for small to medium-sized gigs.


The Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp is a solid-state amp with a power output of 100 watts. It has a single 12-inch Eminence speaker that can handle a frequency response of 35 Hz to 20 kHz. The amp has a 4-band EQ system and three voicing options: Bright, Contour, and Vintage. It also has an overdrive circuit built in.

On the back panel, you’ll find Send and Return Effects jacks, an AUX in, a headphone jack for practice sessions, a footswitch jack, and the XLR DI.


The Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp has an elegant design, with a black textured vinyl covering and a silver grille cloth. It is a bit plain in terms of looks compared to other amps but it is well-made and put together.

Weighing about 22 lbs (10 kg), this amp is a blessing for those who need to transport it frequently. The XLR DI is one of the main reasons I love this amp as it allows you to use it with the DI and have the amp close on stage like a monitor. Even in larger venues, the XLR DI makes it usable.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp is truly impressive. It produces a warm and full-bodied bass tone, with plenty of low-end punch. The EQ system is easy to use, and the voicing options add versatility to the sound.

The Bright amp voicing adds some high frequencies to your sound and provides your tone some prominence. The Contour reduces mid frequencies and provides a mid-scoop for a powerful sound. Finally, the Vintage voicing adds extra bottom end for a bit more depth. Also, you can use these in conjunction the way I have to dial in a combined tone you prefer.

However, be mindful that cranking the volume too high may result in distortion and clipping. Additionally, the amp doesn’t have a lot of depth in its sound in general, so play with the EQ section to get it right. Naturally, the overdrive circuit is awesome but for live performances, without a footswitch, it’s rather useless.


Considering the design and power output, I believe the Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp is reasonably priced. It’s a great practice amp, but it can also be used for gigs. Overall, it offers excellent value for an amp that can do it all.


As a long-time user of the Fender Rumble 100 Combo Amp, I highly recommend it, especially for beginner bass players who want a powerful yet portable amp. With its ease of use and sound-shaping capabilities, this amp is perfect for practice sessions and small gigs. Even for larger gigs, it can be used through the XLR DI and having the amp close on stage as a standard monitor.

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