The Best Free Orchestral VST Plugins (2024)

Bring your tracks to life with these great free orchestral VST plugins.

For any music enthusiast hearing an orchestra in a real setting is a hair-raising experience. To witness so many instruments play in perfect synchronization as a melting pot of beautiful symphony is an insurmountable sensory pleasure. However, recording from an elaborate orchestra setup is a luxury that not all music composers can afford without putting a severe dent in the bank.

Setting up a group of some 70 different instruments, players & a conductor is no joke, and that’s where orchestral VST plugins comes to the rescue.

1. DSK Overture

DSK Overture

If you are looking for a plugin that could introduce a classic flavor of an orchestra in your compositions, then look no further. DSK Overture is your answer since the plugin includes an extensive list of instruments such as cello, piano, drum kit, horn, violin, trumpet, just to name a few. This plugin can simultaneously play up to 4 instruments at a time.

DSK Overture allows a decent room for controls, so you can easily fine-tune or alter the instruments to your liking along with other reverb & delay effects as well. The advanced controls & effects give composers the freedom to adjust the orchestra sections in their productions to perfection.

  • Wide range of classic instruments
  • Easy to understand

Get DSK Overture

2. Chamber Orchestra 2 (VSCO 2)

Chamber Orchestra 2

Chamber orchestra is a freeware sample library that offers a wide range of instruments selection. The plugin is available in most formats such as VSTi, audio & and WAV as well.

The free version features 1 GB worth of samples from various orchestral instruments categorized in but not limited to strings (Violin, harps); woodwinds (clarinet, flute); brass (Tuba, horn, trumpet); percussions & keys.

It has an easy interface with a reasonable degree of control to adjust stereo width and other parameters gives the users the ability to customize the sound. This orchestral plugin creates some unique sounds due to its variability in mic positioning for instruments.

  • Great for beginners and students to learn the intricacies of orchestral sounds
  • Incredible orchestral instrument selection for a freeware plugin
  • Compatible with a wide range of formats

Get Chamber Orchestra 2 (VSCO 2)

3. DSK virtuoso

DSK Virtuoso

Another addition from DSK music in the orchestral plugin category is DSK virtuoso. If you are looking for a full-blown orchestral feel in your composition, then DSK virtuoso is the way to go.

This plugin offers around 40 instruments to create an orchestra like sound. These instruments can layer up to 6 instruments simultaneously along with control options to create a marvelous audible experience.

You can both add up to 6 different instruments and play with them to create a cohesive piece or add similar instruments in a parallel fashion to create a rich & deep sound.

  • Creates a luxurious orchestra feel
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Compatible with Windows OS only

Get DSK virtuoso

4. Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

Sonatina symphonic orchestra is a well-known and well-loved plugin by beginners and professionals alike. The VST plugin available in 32 & 64 is responsible for creating fantastic high quality and elegant orchestra effect.

You have a world of possibilities to create stunning orchestral effect since the plugin includes a phenomenal range of instruments such as keys, strings, brass &, etc.

  • High-quality orchestral plugin

Get Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

5. One Track Orchestra

One Track Orchestra

Are you looking for an easily accessible and free of cost plugin that does not put a strain on your processing system? One track orchestra is a VST plugin that includes a broad array of orchestra instruments.

Through a single MIDI channel, different instruments can be mapped through. This plugin is excellent for those who need a starting point to develop and create orchestra tracks without investing any bucks.

  • Easy to use GUI

Get One Track Orchestra

6. Virtual Playing Orchestra

Virtual Playing Orchestra

Primarily available in SFZ format, this plugin requires a bit of effort to load onto your DAW. But, all in all, virtual playing orchestra offers a substantial variety of instrumental samples to play with.

The plugin allows a variety of articulation modes as well as attack/release control to add uniqueness in your productions.

  • High-quality sound samples

Get Virtual Playing Orchestra

7. DSChoirZ

DSK ChoirZ

Another addition to the list of free orchestral VSTs is again from DSK music since they offer amazing freeware plugins. DSK choirZ adds male & female chorus & pad sounds within your music tracks.

The plugin can layer up to 3 chorus or pad sounds with advanced filters that can help to personalize and customize your productions. For a free of cost plugin, DSK ChoirZ gives a substantial amount of customizable features such as fine-tuning, reverb effect, MIDI automation & pitch control.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • It does not support AU format for mac.

Get DSK ChoirZ

8. Orchestral Strings One

Orchestral Strings One

This particular plugin creates a beautiful orchestral symphony of strings. The plugin samples are of such high quality that they almost resemble real recordings.

Therefore, patching these samples in your records can enhance the overall look of your productions. The plugin has knob style controls to adjust the string melody according to your needs easily.

It also allows vibrato variation in the sounds and can be routed through MIDI instruments as well.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Fairly decent controls are available.

Get Orchestral Strings One

9. Total Composure Orchestra

Total Composure Orchestra

TCO is a fabulous orchestral plugin since it has a fantastic sound quality and a great set of instrument features. The plugin has around 1500 samples available, which you can access easily.

While it is a free plugin, it requires Kontakt player to function.

  • High-quality sound
  • Huge sample library
  • Requires Kontakt Player

Get Total Composure Orchestra

10. Keyzone Classic

Keyzone Classic

While most of the plugins in the list offer a full range of orchestral instruments, this plugin is responsible for a specific instrument. Keyzone classic is one of the most appreciated keyboard plugins that can induce an orchestral effect in your recordings.

The keyzone classic plugin contains amazing piano presets and has a great sample library at par with many commercially paid plugins. 

  • Supported for MAC & Windows OS.
  • Produces high-quality piano sound

Get Keyzone Classic


Orchestral plugins are the answer to your dreams of adding a touch of the orchestra in your compositions. The primary function of these plugins is to create a somewhat close to real orchestra-like feel in the tracks. The orchestral effect of various instruments can be induced easily within the comfort of your studio, a good DAW, and a plugin.

When it comes to orchestral plugins, there is a vast selection available to choose from. There are many paid orchestral plugins available at quite a steep price point that offer great features and performance.

However, there are equally fantastic plugins available free of cost online that add the desired effect to your tracks with finesse. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at free orchestral plugins available online. The selection is appropriate for beginners & professional composers both.

Nothing can replace the quality and depth of sound that comes with a real-life orchestra, but this is the next best thing!

Adding elaborate orchestral sounds by layering instruments in your composition elevates the sensory experience a few notches higher. 

Paid orchestral plugins can be extremely expensive. Such a steep price point is not affordable for everyone.

Therefore, we did a roundup of free-of-cost orchestral plugins available online that have shown excellent performance and are great for both beginners or professionals.

Putting these plugins in competition with a real epic scale of the orchestra would be very unfair. But, still, these orchestral plugins can enhance the sound of your production and can surely come close to the real deal effect.

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