The 7 Best DJ Laptop Stands (2021 Round-Up)

A sturdy laptop stand is a must if you’re planning to use your laptop on stage or in the studio. It can give you more space to operate with your other equipment, while also keep your laptop from danger.

Laptops are often at the core of many live music performances, but they are also relatively fragile pieces of equipment. A laptop stand gives it a bit of isolation from other equipment while putting it in a good position to operate and view.

The Best DJ Laptop Stands – Our Pick

1. Odyssey DJ Gear Stand (LSTAND360)
Great Adjustable L Shaped Stand
2. Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand
Affordable Quality Light Metal Stand
3. CRANE Stand Classic Universal Stand
Stylish Z Shaped Quality Stand
4. Pro 28"- 46" Universal Device Stand
Affordable Low-End Tripod Stand
5. Hola! Music HPS-300B
Mid-Range Quality Floor Tripod DJ Stand
6. MAGMA MGA75527
Z Shaped Heavy - Duty Laptop Stand
7. Nulaxy Laptop Stand
Fashionable Z Shaped Aluminum Stand

1. Odyssey DJ Gear Stand (LSTAND360)

The Odyssey LSTAND360 is a successor to the famous L stand from the same maker which was one of the most popular laptops stands ever. This item has 360 degrees rotating arm and base, allowing it to be modeled just to your needs.

This stand is made out of light aluminum and plastic and weighs only 2 lbs! It can be folded flat and those characteristics are very important if you’re on the road a lot. With it, you will get a light neoprene case to carry it around and not just a nylon bag as most of the others come with. Most importantly this is a very sturdy stand that will endure anything you throw at it and because it’s highly flexible you can use it for both your laptop and/or tablet if need be.

It’s not the cheapest on this list, but you get good quality for your money.

2. Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand

We continue the list with our top affordable pick. Pyle’s laptop stand is a good cheap stand that will do its job and have no other fancy additions and abilities. It’s an L shaped stand with two racks, one for the laptop and the other is a versatile storage rack.

It’s made out of metal and assembles and disassembles quickly, so you don’t need to worry about that when traveling. It has a weight capacity of up to 8 lbs and 10” of shelf width so you can accommodate most of the standard laptops on the market. All in all, this is a great, low-end, affordable option if you’re looking for a cheap and sturdy laptop stand with no-nonsense additions to it.

3. CRANE Stand Classic Universal Stand

This Crane stand is a great looking, great quality stand. It’s made out of aluminum and it has a Z shape, with one rack. It’s height-adjustable and its maximum height is 13”. This leaves you enough space underneath to store all of your equipment when you’re working as a DJ.

The great thing about this stand is that it comes in several different colors. It looks fashionable, but it’s also really sturdy and will keep your laptop safe and sound. The price is in the midrange, but for that, you will get a great quality product.

4. Pro 28″- 46″ Universal Device Stand

Pyle’s Pro tripod stand is one of the best and most sold out there on the market. It’s a low-price, good quality product that’s reliable and sturdy. It’s a tripod with a tray of 20×16” size. Tripod is made out of metal and is really easy to set up, adjust or dismantle when you’re leaving. The height of this product is ranging from 24” to 48” so you can easily set it up however you might need your laptop to be positioned.

Because it has a tripod it’s reliable and will endure hits that can knock over standard stands. It’s also lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about weight when traveling with it.

5. Hola! Music HPS-300B

Another tripod on this list, HPS-300B is pretty much the same as the previous one but larger and more stable and durable. This stand has the same tripod design with an adjustable tray on top of it, which can hold anything up to 11 lbs of weight. The plate has lips on both sides to keep anything from falling down. This is a floor-mounted tripod and you can maneuver with it any way you want.

It’s built out of steel and has safety pins on joints to prevent the stand from collapsing on itself. It’s really well built and strong, so if you’re looking for great security this is your choice. However, this also comes at a price. You should be aware that this stand is a bit heavier than the others, so if you’re looking for something light you should skip this name on the list. All in all, this is a great, mid-range, secure tripod stand that comes at a great price.

6. MAGMA MGA75527

Magma MGA75527 is another sleek looking, L shaped metal DJ laptop stand. It can be folded to a flat. It’s got height ranging from 8.5” to 14” and it can be adjustable in all ways – bottom, side by side and up and down on the tray side of the stand.

This stand comes with a stylish looking black color and red rubber details that also help to keep the laptop in place.  The great thing about this stand is that it’s really easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s a high-end option on this list.

7. NulaxyLaptop Stand

We’ve kept the fanciest-looking for last. The nulaxy laptop stand is an ergonomic, great looking, adjustable laptop stand. Its Z shaped and made out of aluminum. It also has rubber ends to help prevent slippage of your laptop. You can adjust the height from 2” to 21”, which should be enough to cover all of your needs.

This stand is really sturdy and for this price, you will get a really good and stable stand. It’s also light and great for traveling if you’re planning on taking it on the road with you.


We hope that we’ve helped you with this article to make your choice when it comes to the laptop DJ stands. The most important points to think about when making a decision are sturdiness, dimensions, adjustability, weight, and of course, price!

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