Best DJ Booths – Portable, Sturdy, and Great-Looking Options (2021)

When you’re DJing you need a good booth that looks great and performs its function well. Even though some clubs have fixed DJ spots with enough room for holding everything you need, if you’re going to a smaller club or outside, you’re going to need a DJ booth.

It’s not just about having a simple table with your mixers and laptops on, but you want it to look like a DJ booth and make it more eye-catching and presentable.

In this article, we’re going to present to you the top 6 DJ booths on the market today, to suit all budgets!

The Best DJ Booths

1. DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth
Editor's Choice - A perfect mix of everything, sturdy metal mesh DJ booth
Affordable Option - An affordable, folding table that’s easy to carry around
3. Odyssey FZF5437T Flight Zone
Bigger, foldable DJ table, great for touring DJ’s
4. ADJ Pro Event Table II
High-end, beautifully designed, professional booth
5. BEAST-8 by Cedarslink
High-quality DJ booth with additional arch for lights and special effects to improve your show
6. Sound Town 14U PA DJ Rack
Foldable, top-quality DJ table, and booth, with lots of space.

1. DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth

If you’re looking for a full-time booth, and not just the folding table, the Cedarlinks DJ event facade is the right pick for you. This is full metal, heavy-duty DJ booth that’s made all the way out of flat mesh metal. It’s completely foldable so you can easily transport it with carrying bags that are provided with the booth.

It measures 40” wide and 45” tall, with a removable tabletop. Also, you get two packs of four lycra panels which you can attach easily with Velcro tape and rivets to the front and side panels of the booth. This gives you a fresh look, without the need for additional making up of the booth. All in all, this is a great booth for anyone looking for a sturdy, easily transportable booth that’s versatile and will last you for a long time.


If you’re a beginner looking to get his first DJ table or just someone looking to buy an additional, cheaper option item to get some additional space, this might be a perfect pick for you. DEEJAYLED TBH is a nice, foldable table. It packs up into a suitcase which is designed for longer traveling and meets all of the industry standards for safe traveling for your table.

The table itself is an open edge, with heavy-duty steel edges and rivets in the paneling. Size-wise, it’s 30” high and 36” wide, with a depth of 26”. Even though this is not the biggest table on the market, it’s big enough to pack up most of your equipment. And if you’re a beginner you’re not having tons of stuff yet, right? This is a great pick for anyone looking to get an easy to use, light, and durable table.

3. Odyssey FZF5437T Flight Zone

FZF5437T is a beautiful, heavy-duty DJ stand that comes together with a casing in which it can travel. It should folds into a big suitcase. It will easily fit into your car behind the front seat or you can lay it down in the trunk. When unfolded, you get a three-sided panel, which you mount on top of the suitcase which acts as a holder at the same time.

When the open, tabletop is 54” wide and 20” long and can hold up to 100 lbs of weight. All this space and weight it can hold means that you can easily stack up all of your equipment on it without worries that it will collapse or crack. They are sturdily built out of laminate ply with aluminum and steel edges. Great buy for someone looking to get a quality made booth that travels easily.

4. ADJ Pro Event Table II

If you’re a pro, you know that you don’t need to use cheap foldable tables covered with cloths or rely on events to provide you with everything on location. Touring as a DJ, you need a reliable, quality made and cool designed table that will give you the same performance night after night.

ADJ Pro Event Table II is just the thing for you. It’s really beautifully designed with chromed roll bars giving you a really cool look. It also has a large panel at the front center of it, which you can fit with your own design, making it a unique piece of equipment. As for the size, it’s 45,5” high and 50” wide, so you’ll have enough space for all the equipment you can imagine. This is a top-quality item that’s meant to be used by professionals who know what they want and why they need it.

5. BEAST-8 by Cedarslink

Another pro item on this list, BEAST-8 is another item from Cedarslink. This is a DJ booth with an additional arch above it. It’s made out of steel, with framed bars surrounding the table itself. On these bars, you can easily attach lights or some other effects that can elevate your show to some new heights.

The arch is at 6’6”, so you won’t bang your head on it when you use this booth. It rests on two bases, which have 2” diameter tubes on it. The tabletop is attached to these tubes and its height is adjustable, as you just have to screw the holders in place to the tubes, giving you maximum versatility. The table is 47” wide and made out of mesh metal, which included two-colored paneling for the front.

This is a great item for anyone working as a DJ professionally, but not working at clubs or other standardized places where there’s all the equipment you need, but more as a ceremonies DJ (weddings, parties, etc.)

6. Sound Town 14U PA DJ Rack

We finish off this list with another high-end item for the pros. Sound Town 14U is a great, everyday DJ table. It folds itself into a box, which is safe and easy to carry around. It also has wheels on the bottom, making it so much easier to move around when on the road.

In it, you’ll find two separate tables. One folds on the side of the main box, giving you a standard foldable table on one side, while the box itself becomes the second table. Here you’ll have an adjustable top of the box, which acts as a laptop (or some other equipment) holder, with enough space inside the box for all the things you might want to have by your side while performing. All in all, this is a great, sturdy, quality-made item that’s meant to be on the road and can take that lifestyle perfectly well.


Whether you’re a professional DJ or a just a beginner looking to buy a stand to keep his gear at home in one place, there’s something for you on this list.

From easily foldable tables to the full-sized booths with lightning and effects space on top, you are sure to find something new on the market.

We hope this list has served to give you some fresh ideas for your DJ booth.

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