The 10 Best Bass Guitar Brands (2024)

This article goes over the 10 best bass guitar brands out there. These companies have put their mark on the music world by creating some great models of bass guitars over the years.

As a passionate bass guitarist who has plenty of experience recording and touring, I certainly want to make sure that other bassists get quality recommendations when choosing what bass to get. The brands below are certainly a good starting point!

1. Fender

Let’s get started!

Founded by the legendary Leo Fender in 1946, the number one spot pick is definitely Fender. Fender bass guitars definitely have the most impact on the music world as in every musical genre out there.

They provide a whole lineup of four-string, five-string, and six-string bass guitars with their more iconic products being the Jazz Bass and the Precision Bass.

They’ve set a high-quality standard for bass guitars that rarely a few can compare with. Over the past years, they have served as the definition of good bass guitars. What’s good about Fender bass guitars, is that they are available for all price ranges, so the customer can choose from a more affordable option to a more expensive option, nevertheless, quality is guaranteed.

Our Pick: Fender Player Precision Bass

The choice behind the Fender Player Series Precision Bass is that you get a vintage vibe with a modern sound. It’s very well-crafted with a smooth body and the versatility you require.

This bass is designed to cover all tonal preferences with a satisfying tone, usable for jazz, funk, rock, and many more. It has a maple neck with a really comfortable C shape, a trademark for its precision bass with excellent playability and a cool distinctive look.

2. Ibanez

Founded in 1908 by Hoshino Gakki and built by Salvador Ibanez. They have been a staple in music for decades now. Designing some great bass guitars that are loved by the metal community but also used in jazz and other genres.

They have a great lineup of bass guitars across all price ranges and they’re continuously getting better as the years go by. As each new model comes out, they continue to set the stage for what it means to craft a world-class bass guitar.

They have a really cool design with high-quality components that also offer really good affordable options for a good-quality bass guitar. Needless to say, it’s a good brand to go with whether you’re a beginner or a veteran-level player.

Our Pick: Ibanez TBM105 Bass Guitar

The reason behind the TMB105 is because of its affordable price, you get a five-string electric bass guitar with a mahogany body, maple neck with a jatoba fretboard, and good-quality pickups.

This bass guitar has the classic Ibanez look with a retro feel to it. With P and J single-coil pickups that bring out a really bright and modern sound, suitable for all bass players. It’s a really value-packed bass guitar with an extremely affordable price that is most suitable for beginners.

3. Yamaha

Founded in 1887, Yamaha started manufacturing guitars in 1940. Earning their spot as the oldest company on this list, Yamaha is still a highly respected company in the music world that’s provided us with an entry-level to world-class bass guitar.

While it may fall short of the quality and popularity of some of the other companies, it’s still a huge brand that’s responsible for crafting excellent bass guitars.

They also offer bass guitars ranging from affordable to expensive, offering choice and variety to their customers. Most notably, they have been known to design nearly every kind of pickup configuration for bass guitars which just accredits their accessibility as a brand. A Yamaha bass guitar is always a good pick.

Our Pick: Yamaha BB734A Bass Guitar

With the option to choose between a four-string and a five-string bass, this Yamaha product also comes with a really cool translucent matte black option as well as a dark coffee sunburst.

With an awesome look, this bass guitar features a maple body with a mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. It finds its place in every musical situation with two single-coil pickups and an active preamp, that just allows for better playability.

Its familiar construct with modern twists makes this a really good option for intermediate players out there.

4. Ernie Ball Music Man

Ernie Ball Music Man was founded by Tom Walker, Leo Fender, and Forest White in 1972. Then eventually went by Ernie Ball in 1984. Structured to cater to the needs of veteran-level players, offering high-quality bass guitars for a high price.

Where most companies fall short, Music Man really stands out with their big humbucking pickups. They produce a more fat tone and cancel any unwanted noise in the background. With their unique look, they also provide exceptional bass guitars that are fan favorites for a lot of people out there.

They are truly considered the best of the best, with their cool designs that are carefully crafted by masters at work.

Our Pick: Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special HH Bass Guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special HH Bass Guitar
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The Stingray is the most popular model in the collection, which comes at a really high price but offers really high-quality as well.

With its crisp look that consists of an ash body, maple neck, and fingerboard, you can’t go wrong with this choice. With two humbucking pickups that offer a really fat-sounding bass, the stingray has perfect balance combined with comfort and stability.

It also comes with stainless steel frets that allow for a long-lasting fretboard with an excellent tone. It really is a premium pick for bass players with high-level playing and provides an amazing sound for all genres and music styles.

5. Rickenbacker

Founded in 1931, Rickenbacker is considered a household name in the bass community. They offer a wide variety of really good bass guitars. With its long history of products that are considered to be at a world-class level, are just made better by their really unique and cool design that just stands out.

Each and every Rickenbacker creation is a work of art, with expert craftsmanship and creative genius displayed in every instrument. The bass guitars from this brand are among the best on the market.

Our Pick: Rickenbacker 4003W Stereo Bass Guitar

Rickenbacker 4003W Stereo Bass Guitar
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The reason behind this pick is its openness to all kinds of musical possibilities. It comes with a walnut body, maple neck, and fingerboard, that includes two outputs, one being a mono output and the second one a stereo that provides a separate signal.

With two single-coil pickups that produce the sound of a really high-quality bass that’s designed for advanced-level players. Producing a ringing sustain with a good punchy treble, this bass guitar is forged for musical mastery. It has been played by the likes of Chris Squire and Paul McCartney.

6. Warwick

Warwick was founded in 1982 by Hans-Peter Wilfer who designed three core bass body shapes. You might have noticed the brand name come up in conversations while discussing some of the best brands for bass guitars. Considered to produce a top-quality product with really innovative and unique designs.

Their creativity dates back even further to 1982, to Hans-Peter’s father back in 1946 who founded Framus, which was responsible for really important guitar manufacturers based in Europe.

Our Pick: Warwick Pro Series Thumb BO 4 NTS

Warwick Pro Series Thumb BO 4 NTS
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This beautiful bass guitar comes at a really high price but also offers really high-quality sound, suitable for veteran-level players out there. With its unique shape and body, this long-scale bass comes with two single-coil pickups.

They offer really effortless playability to the player and it’s considered one of the top-tier bass guitars, which is why It made the pick in this article and you truly can’t go wrong with it.

7. Squier

Squier was founded in 1890 and was first a manufacturer of strings, for instruments like the violin, the banjo, and guitars. In 1965, It was acquired by Fender, and 10 years later it became its own brand name for strings. In 1982 it was reactivated by Fender as a standalone brand for lower-priced versions of Fender Guitars.

I, myself, own a Squire jazz bass and as a proud owner, I definitely approve of Squire being on this list. They offer low to medium-priced bass guitars suitable for beginner to intermediate players with good value and good quality, given the price, it’s been a fan favorite for many.

Our Pick: Squier Classic Vibe ’70s Jazz Bass

Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass
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The Squier Classic Vibe ’70s Jazz Bass is a well-rounded bass guitar targeted for beginner to intermediate players. With its classic look, it’s one of the most played and recorded bass guitars in modern music history.

With its crisp look that comes with a soft maple body, maple neck, and fingerboard, it provides smooth playability and good tone quality. With two single-coil pickups, this jazz bass delivers a punchy bass sound which is also designed to be really comfortable.

8. Spector

The company was founded in 1976 in Brooklyn, New York, by Stuart Spector and Alan Charney. It’s a well-respected company that’s behind some of the world-class bass guitars we know today.

Considering the excellent craftsmanship and lineup that they offer, it’s no secret why Spector bass guitars are fan-favorite choices for veteran-level players.

The great thing about Spector is, that today, they only focus on manufacturing bass guitars, which results in being one of the top choices for bassists all around the world. With its playability being suitable for all musical genres, a Spector bass guitar is always a good choice.

Our Pick: Spector USA NS-5XL Bass Guitar

Spector USA NS-5XL Bass Guitar
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This is truly a top-tier bass guitar as it comes with a really high price. Coming in with a really cool and unique look, this bass guitar offers a wide tonal range and delivers a really high-performance experience to players.

With a quilt maple top, reclaimed redwood body, and a maple neck. It also comes with a Pau Ferro fretboard. So, high-quality sound is guaranteed as it also has two active humbucking pickups. This just offers easy playing and results in an excellent product by Spector.

9. Peavey

Peavey was founded in 1965 by Hartley Peavey and is considered one of the largest audio equipment manufacturers in the world. This is a company that does just about everything when it comes to music. They’re responsible for crafting some really good guitar amps and bass guitars as well.

They’ve successfully targeted beginner to intermediate players and as far as their product goes, they’re known for their product durability and are always worth the price you’re paying.

OurPick: Peavey Cirrus 5

Peavey Cirrus 5
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This bass comes at a reasonable price and it’s also a five-string bass guitar. There is a really high demand on the internet because of the satisfaction it brings customers.

With the maple neck, mahogany stringers, and rosewood fingerboard, it provides a good-quality sound that’s standard for Peavey bass guitars. It has a really cool look and being a five-string bass guitar, it offers an increased sustain without allowing any unnecessary noise to filter through the background. It’s definitely a good choice for all customers.

10. Lakland

The company was founded in 1994 by Dan Lakin and Hugh McFarland. It’s definitely considered a newcomer in the bass guitar world but it’s also gained a substantial following and reputation in that short timeframe.

Lakland bass guitars also come at a high price but offer quality nonetheless. They also have affordable options which are their Skyline lineup, which features classic designs and is a go-to for sure.

Our Pick: Lakland Skyline 44-01 Standard Bass Guitar

Lakland Skyline 44-01 Standard Bass Guitar
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This bass guitar is from Lakland’s Skyline series and comes at a reasonable price.

Its really cool-looking features come with an ash body, maple neck, and an active equalizer. Its distinct aesthetics feature two Bartolini pickups that result in a good-sounding bass for a reasonable price.

This is considered an affordable custom bass, specifically crafted for comfort during long gigs, and can also be played in any musical genre. Needless to say, this is a great choice all around.


This list features some top-tier bass guitars, as well as some affordable, good-value basses as well. However, keep in mind that the brand name is not always a definitive factor to go by when choosing a bass guitar, as the quality can certainly vary depending on the model that you’re choosing. That said, bass guitars for any of the above brands have a good chance of being solid options!

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