12 Great Places to Download Album Art

While music is abundant on our devices, the album art is sometimes an afterthought! Luckily, the internet has found more than a handful of ways to fix the conundrum of the missing album art. The best news is that most of them are free!

Here you will find 12 fantastic places to download album art. Be careful when downloading and installing any software and make sure to use an antivirus to protect against any malicious programs. We are not affiliated with any of the following resources.

1. Album Art Downloader

Free (OS: Windows)

The Album Art Downloader is a downloadable software program designed to make it easier for people to get the album art they want to add to their collection of music.

2. Discogs

Screenshot of www.discogs.com

Free (OS: Android and iOS)

Discogs is an ever-growing database of people looking to buy and sell records, CDs, and even tapes. It allows you to keep track of what you’re looking for and make a list of what you already have. Because it’s such a large collection of music, it makes it easy to find the art you’re looking for and you can right-click on the image you want to save, allowing you to manually upload it to your music library yourself.

3. iTunes

Screenshot of www.apple.com

Free (OS: Windows and Mac)

iTunes is one of the best tools to get official album art to go with your music. In order to find the album art you want, make sure your song title and album name have the exact same wording, spelling, and capitalization the actual song/album does. From there, right click it, select File, go to Library, and then select Get Album Artwork. If your song/album matches what’s in the database, the proper art will appear!

4. MusicBrainz

Screenshot of musicbrainz.org

Free (OS: Windows, Mac and Linux)

MusicBrainz is a public database of music made and edited by the public. Everything is free and available for download, be it albums or album art. While uploading, editing, or downloading songs can be a little tricky upon first glance, the website offers support and instructions. Downloading album art from this website is extremely easy. All the art is provided and labeled and only requires you to right-click and select save.

5. Cover Retriever

Screenshot of www.windows10download.com

Free (OS: Windows)

Cover Retriever is a program to fill in the correct covers for you. Once downloaded, select the mp3 files and Cover Retriever will go through the tags and select the correct album art and put it in place for you!

6. Album Art Grabber

Free (OS: Android)

Album Art Grabber is an app that will find and download the album art for you! Once installed, it will automatically download all your missing art, and you can routinely ask it to update the art. You can also set it up to find art as soon as you get new music!

7. Creevity MP3 Cover Art Downloader

Free (OS: Windows and Mac)

Creevity is downloadable software that will find album art for you once installed. Simply open your mp3 folder and select browse. The program will show you some options for cover art and you can click Apply to the one you want! If you don’t happen to find what you’re looking for, click Load Other Covers, and input the name and artist to find the specific album art and it will definitely come up with an answer.

8. Google Images

Free (OS: Windows, Mac and Linux)

Google Images is a quick and easy way to find album art you’re looking for. Simply search the artist and album and it should pop up immediately. Once you find the art you’re looking for, right-click on the image, and click Save Image. Once saved, you can manually apply it to your music.

9. Internet Archive

Screenshot of archive.org

Free (OS: Windows, Mac and Linux)

Internet Archive is exactly what it sounds like – an archive on the internet that is constantly being updated. You can easily download or upload things off the archives and this includes album art as well. When you find the album art you’re looking for, you can select it and it will give you a variety of download options, such as .jpeg, .png, torrent, and _file.xml.

10. Bliss

Screenshot of www.blisshq.com

Paid (OS: Windows, Mac and Linux)

Bliss is a downloadable program that will do all it can to find you the right album art, and so much more! Aside from finding and applying the album art to your music files, it uses tags and metadata from your files to sort, organize, and optimize your music collection for easier browsing and listening from the music library.

11. TidyMyMusic

Screenshot of www.wondershare.net

Free (OS: Windows and Mac)

TidyMyMusic is a free downloadable program that does exactly what it claims. It’ll find album art and apply it to your music library, as well as correcting any mislabeled file names, making sure your songs and albums are labeled correctly and in sync with the correct album art!

12. The Crab

Screenshot of thecrab.sourceforge.net

Free (OS: Windows)

The Crab, short for the Crab Refactors Albums Beautifully, is a free downloadable program that specializes in organizing your music folders, cleaning them up, and most importantly, finding the correct album art for them and applying it to the files, albums, and folders. If you don’t like the cover images it finds, or just want a different version, you have the option to manually edit and choose your own images.

These websites are a great and easy way to download album art and most of them help automatically go to the right files, folders, and songs in your music library. Follow the link that works for your OS so you can easily find the songs and albums you’re looking for and enjoy the music!

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