10 Great Online Music Production Courses and Schools (2024)

The process of learning music production never stops, no matter what level you are at. Check out this list of great music production courses and schools to take your skills to the next level.

Understanding the creative process of developing music requires not only a passion but also a certain level of expertise, skill, and eagerness to learn.

In this guide, we explore the online music production courses and schools that are your time and add new techniques and knowledge to your skill set.

1. Point Blank Music School

Point Blank Music School has an online as well as physical presence internationally in major locations such as London, Ibiza, Mumbai, and China. They offer outstanding music production tuition.

The online music courses Point Blank school offers are suitable for individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in music. The school offers courses of varying duration and degrees.

From yearly & bi-yearly diploma or certificate courses to short duration month-long courses, the school offers something for everyone. It’s a coveted faculty that has expertise in areas of music production, DJ-ing, sound engineering, and mixing.

If you are looking for in-depth music production to establish a career in music, then Point Blank Music School is a great option.

2. Loopmasters Producertech

If you’re an aspiring music producer looking for ways to enhance and elevate your production skill, then Loopmasters Producertech course is a great choice.

The short modules Loopmasters offer are perfect for those individuals who are looking to amplify specific skills rather than going for courses that are lengthy and cost an arm and leg.

Producertech courses cover a variety of music skills such as sampling techniques, beginners & advanced level music theory, mastering, compression, and sound design at affordable prices.

3. Noiselab

Screenshot of www.noiselab.io

As a music producer in today’s time knowing the dynamic DAW can make or break your career, that’s where Noiselab comes into play.

It is an online resource that offers the best music production courses. What makes it stand apart from other online resources is their specialized courses on Ableton by professionally trained and certified instructors.

In addition to their paid courses, they also offer some free of cost courses. Updated course content, monthly subscriptions, and learning at your own pace are some of the many desirable features that Noiselab offers.

4. MasterClass.com

Screenshot of www.masterclass.com

Masterclass is a brand that has become synonymous with a learning platform that offers premium quality classes on a variety of topics.

It also hosts classes on music as well by some of the industry’s titans like for instance, the Grammy Award-winning producer, Timbaland who presented a course module on what it takes to produce music, make beats, and hook that stays on the charts.

Another great class for electronic music enthusiasts to aim for is the famous Canadian DJ Deadmau5’s masterclass where he teaches how to produce top-notch electronic music tracks.

If you are interested in producing music for movies then you should explore the masterclasses by legendary film score composers, Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. Movies like ‘Inception’ and ‘The Lion King’ on his credit, Hans Zimmer teaches you everything about creating compelling film score.

Danny Elfman, in his masterclass, takes you for a step-by-step guide of instrumentation, orchestration and other technical details to create a memorable film score and themes.

If learning from mega-giants of the industry is something that intrigues you, then enroll in any one of the masterclasses linked below.

Deadmau5’s Masterclass

Timbaland’s Masterclass

Hans Zimmer’s Masterclass

Danny Elfman’s Masterclass

5. SoundTraining.com

Screenshot of soundtraining.com

One of the best marketplaces to access courses on varied domains of music productions is the online source Sound Training.

The platform includes courses from the industry’s established name in EDM genre, production, and DJ-ing such as Martin Clancy, Full Tilt, and Timothy Gibson to enlist a few. Sound Training courses are particularly suitable for those who require one-on-one guidance and tutoring along with the courses.

The premium subscription on the platform offers guided feedback throughout the coursework. From mastering Ableton, Logic X Pro to sound design and vocal production, there is an endless array of courses to choose from.

6. EnvatoTut+

Screenshot of music.tutsplus.com

EnvatoTut+ is an online educational platform offering easy tutorials and courses on all sorts of paradigms; therefore, music is no exception as well.

The platform offers subscription-based service where you can pick and choose your desired courses to amp up the knowledge of audio production and skills to develop a sample library.

7. Udemy

In recent years, there has been immense growth in platforms that offer skill and knowledge at affordable prices and Udemy is one of them. For aspiring musicians who are looking for ways to get a head start on their careers, Udemy offers a plethora of courses on various aspects of music production.

From courses on understanding DAWs such as Ableton, FL, Garage band to learning the fundamentals of EDM production., Udemy has it all covered. With instructors like Tomas George and Jason Allen having enrollments of above 100,000 students, we are sure you will find courses tailored to your requirements.

8. Skillshare

Screenshot of www.skillshare.com

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers short and concise courses on the music production process in addition to many other domains.

This platform is a great option for those who are interested in short-term courses to level up their production skills and learn new techniques without investing too much time and effort.

From a 44-minutes long course in audio recording to a 5-hour long course based on music theory, Skillshare has something for everyone.

9. Lynda

Screenshot of www.linkedin.com

Another learning platform Lynda now associated with LinkedIn offers professional quality courses for beginner and advanced level music producers.

The subscription-based service offers the first month free as a trial as well.

The courses vary in terms of content and time duration. You can find courses on comprehensive mastering and mixing to training on various software and music-related applications to enhance your production skills.

10. Coursera

Screenshot of www.coursera.org

If you are interested in a career in music production and are passionate to learn from a credible source but attending school is not a viable option, then Coursera is what you need.

The online learning platform is affiliated with some of the best institutes around the world and offers certified courses that are recognized and accepted almost everywhere.

Coursera offers various specialization courses on the art of music production in affiliation with the reputable Berklee College of Music. The courses are meant to prepare and advance you to a career as a music producer in the industry.

It is a great source if you are looking for courses that will help boost your career in music.


As a music producer, it is important to evolve and improve over time. While there is so much content available on the internet, for instance, tutorials on YouTube, you may eventually want to sink your teeth into well structured courses organised by professionals.

Therefore, if you are serious about learning or enhancing your skills then it may be better to opt for courses available on online learning platforms. We’re sure any of these online sources will help you understand the intricacies of music production and will allow you to hone your craft.

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