The 12 Best Music Visualizer Websites and Apps (Free and Paid)

There are some great music visualizer websites and apps that allow you to quickly create cool and professional-looking videos.

Visualization in music has become an industry standard in recent years. While beforehand only the biggest bands had visualization on huge screens when playing in stadiums, nowadays everyone can get their own visualization while playing and for not that much money at that.

In this article, we’re going to present to you the top 12 music visualizer websites and apps out there on the market. Here you can find visualizations for both live performance and your music videos. We’ll present both what each website or app offers as well as the prices at which you can get those services, as they range quite a lot.

1. Renderforest

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Renderforest is an all-round design website that offers more than just plain visualizations. Here you can also design your logo, mockup for your product, or even a whole website if you need it. Also, you can edit your videos freely to get just the thing you want and do it online as well, without the need to install anything on your computer.

As far as the pricing goes, you can use the basic elements on this website for free, you just need to sign up for an account.

This includes just the basic stuff in low quality, so if you’re looking to get anything serious done, you’ll need to pay up a price. Prices can be paid annually or monthly, with annual prices going from 9.99$ to 49.99$ per month, and monthly 29$-99$. There are several different plans, so you can pick out the one that fits your needs the best.

2. Videobolt

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Videobolt is a website that offers online video editing as well as visualization creation. You don’t need to use any software apart from the online tools that are on the website.

On it you’ll find anything you need for your videos, from visualizations to background music and so on, all copyright infringement free.

There is no free version of this website, so you have to pay a fee to use it. Prices range from €5.99 to €22.49 and differ on whether you buy a monthly or yearly subscription. You can also ask for a custom plan to be made according to your needs, which is a great feature if you need a specific service that’s not included in existing plans.

3. Plane9

Plane9 is a quite cool piece of software that’s made just for the video visualization of music you’re playing. This is a program, so you need to install it on your computer.

The minimum requirement is to have a minimum OpenGL 3.3 graphic card or newer. It operates on Windows, macOS, as well as the most popular VR machines (Oculus Rift, HTCVive).

You can use this program as a screensaver, but also as a standalone window and a recording studio to get a video for your music. It can read and analyze sounds coming from different devices, automatically making a video. You can choose from 250 scenes to get more than 10000 unique scenes. The program is free, so it’s always worth trying it out.


A lot of people don’t need full-time editing software and don’t know how to use it, as it takes years to learn how to use something like Adobe Premiere or something similar.

So, people at VEED decided to make an online, easy-to-use, editing tool that fits all of the basic (and not so basic) needs you might have.

You can try it out through an available free version, but only in low-res and with a watermark. There are two paid plans, 12$ and 24$ per month, with annual or monthly payments (as always it’s more expensive to pay just one month). With it, you can get up to 2 hours of video, 100GB storage, unlimited exports, and 4K maximum resolution.

5. Synesthesia

If you’re looking for high-end visualization software to create breathtaking pieces of art, Synesthesia is the right pick for you.

This program allows you to manipulate and create visualizations that are just beautiful. You have full customization available, with more than 50 built-in scenes. This software is perfect for live performances, as it has Syphon/Spout integration with any other major VJ software, enabling you to go live and perfect your visualization while the music plays.

Note that you’ll need quite a high-end computer as well, with dedicated GPU units and Windows 10 or macOS to run this thing. The free version is available for testing out, with watermarks, and if you’re looking to buy a whole package it will cost you $299. If you’re serious about your videos and VJ performances, this is a top pick.

6. Magic Visuals

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Magic Visuals is another program that’s dedicated to visualization creation. It comes in two separate versions, Studio, and Performer. The difference is that the Performer is a Studio version with added options for live performance such as VJing.

You won’t need an internet connection with a studio version and in both, you can create and record 2D and 3D visuals, through a clean and simple interface, but with a lot of options.

As for the payment plans, you can buy this program for 44.95$ and 79.95$ with the option to save up money if you buy several pieces at once. This is a great tool for professionals looking to work on their art seriously.

7. AudioVision Music Player

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When on the Android platform, there’s no better visualization program than the AudioVision Music Player. This is a music player that allows you to have breathtaking visualizations on your screen while listening to music.

Even though it won’t record or export videos to your phone, you can still use it live with screen share to project visualizations for your music.

It automatically reads the sound input and creates different scenes. And it’s free! What more can you ask for?

8. Trapp

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Trapp is an iOS-only music visualizer that can both just serve as a visualizer on your phone and also record and share your creations with the world. It offers you unlimited control over the different aspects of the visualization, so you can tune it to be just right for your video. Also, you can record and export the video, without the need for a computer, straight from your phone.

To unlock the share feature you have to pay up though, choosing from three plans, depending on how long do you want them (1 month, 3 months, 1 year). But it’s not that much of a price to have a quality visualization program everywhere with you on your phone.

9. Motionbox Music Visualizer

Motionbox is another platform that offers music visualizer as a service and it’s completely free which is awesome. It is really easy to use and has a pretty straightforward design that is easily comprehensible for anyone.

The great thing about it is the versatility they offer and the many features that make this a good choice. You can try various templates and perform easy actions to add music visualizers to your projects.

It’s an online-based platform that is accessible anytime you want so that adds some points as well. Check it out and see what they offer from their promo videos that are on the website that give you a quick and closer look at the service.

10. Visualization Video Maker

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Visualization Video Maker is an incredible free app that caters to visualizer needs. It’s a very large app that requires quite a bit of CPU from your device, however, it is extremely worth it once you see all that it can do.

With a recording function and syncing music with visuals, this app pumps out high-quality and high-resolution results which is why the community has embraced this app immensely.

I need to mention the CPU usage once more because if your device does not meet the minimum requirements then chances are you will experience crashes. Many users report this but the description specifically calls for this and expects a minimum system requirement.

11. Specterr

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Specterr is an online music visualizer platform that allows for infinite storage of data and projects with fast rendering capabilities which is why most people instantly go for it. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows as many exports as you want.

The platform offers free services as well as paid ones. If you go with the free service you will have a maximum of 2 videos per day with other limited options as a way to try and out or simply use it like that if you do not need more.

Paid options are also available. You have the Pro and Premium package which also have differences between them. The Pro package costs €12/month with certain restrictions regarding the number of videos and time of videos, whereas the Premium package costs €36/month and offers almost all unlimited access.


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STAELLA is a free music visualizer app for iOS that also aids in creating videos and serves as an audio player as well. You can easily import your videos and further edit them with the aid of music visualizers through the app.

While the app itself is free of charge, there is a paid option with which you can upgrade it and unlock more features that will further improve the whole process and add variety. With additional effects that can be unlocked as well as new modes, this is something to consider if you enjoy the app.

Nevertheless, this app should cater to your needs and allow for easy editing for free with the option to upgrade if you choose.


There are many different tools for video visualization of your music. You can use it for live settings or just at your studio, to prepare for playing time or record a video you can then upload it to Youtube to reach more listeners. And all of that easily.

Of course, there are different types of these programs and we tried to present to you the best there are on the market at this moment. From free to paid versions, you’ll find something, whether you’re just an amateur looking to create a short video just for fun, or a professional looking to enhance his band’s visual image.

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