The 10 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify (2024)

Since its inception in 2006, Spotify has become the most popular music streaming platform in the world. It became the lifeblood of the music industry and quickly surpassed its competitors. This is largely due to its massive catalog of songs and easy-to-use interface.

As of 2022, Spotify has over 400 million active users and over 80 million songs available for streaming. Some of you might wonder what the most streamed songs on this platform are, so I made a list of the top 10 most streamed songs on Spotify!

1. Ed Sheeran – “Shape Of You” (3.19 B)

Yup, the most streamed song on Spotify is none other than Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”! This catchy tune was released in 2017 and quickly climbed the charts, becoming one of the most popular songs of all time. It sold over 40 million copies all over the world and has bagged the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

With over 3 billion streams, there’s no doubt that ‘Sheerios’ around the world just can’t get enough of this song! Even Billboard claimed that this is the 10th biggest hit song of all time. Ed Sheeran is definitely on a roll!

2. The Weeknd – “Blinding Lights”  (3 B)

Ranking in at #2 is The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”. This song was released in 2019 and quickly rose to popularity, also with 3 billion streams on Spotify. It was also recognized as Billboard’s Number 1 Greatest Hot 100 Hit of All Time!

It continued receiving more awards in 2021, including 3 awards from the iHeartRadio Music Awards. With The Weeknd’s immense success, it’s no wonder this song is one of the most streamed on Spotify.

3. Tones and I – “Dance Monkey” (2.61 B)

The third spot on the most streamed songs on Spotify goes to “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I. This upbeat track made the internet dance when it was released in 2019. With the help of some TikTok videos, the song quickly went viral amassing 2.61 billion streams on Spotify.

It is considered to be Tones and I’s breakout hit as it helped her gain popularity internationally. The song peaked at number one in various countries and has been certified diamond in France, Poland, Canada, and Brazil. If you need a pick-me-up, put on “Dance Monkey” and let the good vibes flow.

4. Post Malone ft. 21 Savage – “Rockstar” (2.46 B)

Owning the fourth spot on the list of most streamed songs on Spotify is “Rockstar” by Post Malone featuring 21 Savage. The track was released in 2017 as part of his “Beerbongs & Bentleys” album and has been streamed a whopping 2.46 billion times since.

It’s no surprise that this also topped the Billboard 100 charts as well as the Spotify Global Top 50 when it was released. The track is an instant bop with a catchy chorus and an iconic guitar riff. If you somehow haven’t listened to this one yet, you are missing out!

5. Lewis Capaldi – “Someone You Loved” (2.41 B)

The fifth spot on the list goes to Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi and his track “Someone You Loved.” The song was released in November of 2018 as part of his debut album, “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”. It’s been streamed over 2.41 billion times on Spotify.

The song is a heart-wrenching ballad about the loss of a loved one. It’s an instant tearjerker that will leave you reaching for the Kleenex. But despite its sad subject matter, the song will stay stuck in your head for days.

6. Drake – “One Dance” (2.36 B)

Next on the list is Canadian rapper Drake and his hit song “One Dance.” The track was released in April of 2016 as the lead single from his album “Views”. It has been streamed over 2.36 billion times on Spotify, making it his most streamed song on the platform.

“One Dance” is a summery, dancehall-infused track that features vocals from Wizkid and Kyla. It became an online sensation and quickly rose to the top of the charts. It’s the perfect song to get you up and moving, no matter where you are.

7. Post Malone – “Sunflower” (2.35 B)

This next track will probably get you singing along to its chorus. “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee is the seventh most streamed song on Spotify. The track was released in 2018 as the official soundtrack for the film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”.

This is Post Malone’s third track to top the charts but it’s still his most streamed song on Spotify. I wouldn’t be surprised if you added this to your playlist at least once in your life. With over 2.35 billion streams, Malone did something right with this track.

8. The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – “Closer” (2.32 B)

Do you remember being unable to get this song out of your head back in 2016? It was inescapable. It was on the radio, on TV, and everywhere in between. The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” was their first song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Together with Halsey, who is a singer and songwriter, they created a track that would ultimately become one of the most streamed songs on Spotify. As of now, it has been streamed over 2.32 billion times. You might want to give it another listen now that it’s been a few years.

9. Shawn Mendes ft. Camila Cabello – “Señorita” (2.18 B)

Ranking in at #9 is “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. This track was released in 2019 and quickly became a summer anthem. It even won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Collaboration. It was highly successful commercially as well, reaching number one in several countries.

What makes this song so special? Maybe it’s the sultry lyrics or the catchy beat. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that people can’t get enough of it. As of now, it has been streamed over 2.18 billion times on Spotify.

10. Imagine Dragons – “Believer” (2.15 B)

Last but not least is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. This track was released in 2017 and became a fan favorite. It was used in an advertising campaign for Apple and the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI commercial.

With over 2.15 billion streams, “Believer” is the tenth most streamed song on Spotify. It’s a great addition to your morning playlist to get you pumped up for the day. Imagine Dragons deserve all the streams they’ve gotten for this song and more!

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that streaming is the future of music consumption. And, with over 80 million tracks available on Spotify, there’s no shortage of listening options. These top 10 most streamed songs show that, while variety is the spice of life, some tunes are just plain irresistible.

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