What is Bandcamp Friday (And When is Bandcamp Friday?)

Bandcamp Friday, which happens on the first Friday of every month, is an initiative where Bandcamp waives its revenue share, allowing artists to receive the full proceeds from sales of their music and merchandise.

  • Bandcamp Friday occurs on the first Friday of each month (October 6th 2023, November 3rd 2023, and December 1st 2023)
  • Bandcamp Friday was introduced as a response to the challenges faced by artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing them with more significant earnings on these special days.
  • On Bandcamp Friday, Bandcamp waives its revenue share, allowing artists to receive full proceeds from music and merchandise sales.
  • Outside of Bandcamp Friday, the platform maintains its standard fee structure, taking a 15% revenue share on digital music sales and 10% on physical merchandise sales.
  • This monthly event has transformed the way many fans buy and engage with music, giving a great opportunity for them to show their support for independent artists and music scene.

Bandcamp Friday Dates in 2023:

In 2023, Bandcamp Friday will take place on the following dates:

  • January 6
  • February 3
  • March 3
  • April 7
  • May 5
  • June 2
  • July 7
  • August 4
  • September 1
  • October 6
  • November 3
  • December 1

Why Bandcamp Friday was Introduced

The inception of Bandcamp Friday was a response to the challenges faced by artists and creators, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bandcamp created a way to support artists by waiving its revenue share and leaving larger pieces to artists.

With live performances and tours canceled, musicians found themselves relying even more on digital sales. Bandcamp recognized this and decided to make a difference by giving artists a larger piece of the pie on these special days. This move gained widespread appreciation for its solidarity with the struggling music community.

Bandcamp Commissions Outside of Bandcamp Friday

It’s important to note that while Bandcamp Friday offers a significant boost to artists, the platform still maintains its standard fee structure outside of these designated days. Typically, Bandcamp takes a 15% revenue share on digital music sales and 10% on physical merchandise sales. 

This makes Bandcamp Friday an exceptional opportunity for fans to maximize their support for artists.


Bandcamp Friday has become a beacon of hope and support for the independent music scene. It’s a day when artists receive the lion’s share of sales revenue, enabling them to continue creating the music we love. 

In 2023, fans and musicians alike can mark their calendars for these monthly celebrations of music. By participating in Bandcamp Friday, you’re not only adding new gems to your music collection but also directly contributing to the sustainability and growth of the artists who enrich our lives through their creativity and talent.

Berk Oztuna

Berk Oztuna

Berk Öztuna is a handpan player, percussionist, and guitarist. He has been playing multiple instruments over the last 10 years. He started his music career as a guitarist, playing with several bands before putting his main focus into playing the handpan.

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